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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - RAD

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - RAD

When human-turned-Pokemon Avis is unceremoniously transformed and flung into the Pokemon world, she really has no clue what the heck she is supposed to do, and the weird dreams aren't helping! With the assistance of a friendly Oshawott, a mysterious Gengar, and a handful of other pokemon, Avis must get her rear in gear and get down to business before time runs out.

Warnings: some blood, mild language.
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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - RAD

When human-turned-Pokemon Avis is unceremoniously transformed and flung into the Pokemon world, she really has no clue what the heck she is supposed to do, and the weird dreams aren't helping! With the assistance of a friendly Oshawott, a mysterious Gengar, and a handful of other pokemon, Avis must get her rear in gear and get down to business before time runs out.

Warnings: some blood, mild language.

Recent Comments

I loved this comic while it lasted thankes for the great read <3
We still have victory fire
I know this sounds ungrateful but why can’t Rodney and Avis be together? Could you maybe do one more comic on that?
@PhantomCat: alright i understand. you're being too hard on yourself though. i would hardly call this a failure. more of an... incomplete masterpiece. it was filled with good ideas, plot twists, likeable characters and some damn good art. seriously though. pokemon i used to dislike for their looks alone. you managed to make them look very appealing and even lovable.

you're good at what you do and i sure as hell hope that you can somehow turn comic making into a valid career. you deserve it
Oh pardon, I just read the rest of your description. There was more to it than I thought. Thanks for the future compilation, I look forward to seeing what you had in store.
I do get why you are doing what you do, it is a lot of work for essentially nothing and I wish you the best of luck on future endeavors. But a lot of people here have really gotten attached to the characters and story. Is there any way you can give us the sequence of events that would have happened so that we can close our own chapter on this story?
I'm sorry this is over but I can't help but feel that picture is Del telling Rodney Avis's secret
D:"So Avis is basically human."
R:"..." A:"Rodney?" R:"WHAT!!!"
(Del and Avis crack up)
Francis's pinkie hold with the cup just cracks me up!
I’ll be excited to see the new comic, and am happy for you furthering your career, but I’ll greatly miss Rodney and Avis...
@Titadou: Dude if you're that pressed about an artist making a decision they thought a lot about because you don't like it then I'm pretty sure the creator can thrive quite well without your support lmao.
Bye and thanks for a great story and beautiful artwork, even if it remains unfinished.
I'd like to add onto this to talk about a few things:

1. I want to make it perfectly clear that I'm not dropping RAD JUST because I can't make money off of it. The reality is that I probably wont be able to make money of my next comic either for at least a few years, but i want to be able to do that if i felt so inclined. My goal isn't to break into the comic book industry. It's just a nice option to have at your disposal if you want to publish books or pins or other fun stuff for the people that like what you're doing. It's also fun to think about having a table at a convention full of Your Own Stuff where you can meet and talk to fans, which is another thing I've always wanted to experience but couldnt with RAD. All of these things are things I can't do with RAD, even if I wanted to, and if im gonna spend so much time on something, time that i'll never get back for as long as I live, I should just go ahead and put it into something that i have complete freedom over. That's what it's about. Freedom, more than anything else.
I will still keep posting comics to Jeeves for free. My desire is simply to have something that is mine and only mine without having to worry about someone bringing the law hammer on me if i do Whatever I Want with it.

2. I am trying to compile a summary of the story onwards, which I will post when it's ready. My work notes for the comic were done in a simple but very extensive outline, and with all of the different arcs i had planned, its a lot of stuff to condense into something of reasonable length and detail.

3. I have no plans to release my comic to anybody to continue. I'm not interested in having anyone come on board to take over my work, since i'm very particular about the portrayal of my characters and I honestly don't think a new guy would be able to do them any justice whatsoever. there's also the fact that inherently, having a comic that's semi-popular on the internet is bound to attract people who are fame-hungry mooches, and that was never the point of RAD in the first place.
So, that said, any copies or "continuations" you might see pop up are unauthorized and I would ask that you ignore them if you see them.

Most of you have been very understanding and respectful of my decision, and I'm touched by all the supportive comments you've all left. I hope this answers a few questions ad clarifies some things that may have come off awkward or ambiguous in the first post.

Thank you again. Most of you are lovely people, and those that are, I'm legitimately humbled by you.
It's completely understandable to want or need to end a story, because it isn't fulfilling in the way you need it to be, or you just don't have the drive for it anymore, or whatever. I completely understand that, and I'm sure a lot of other readers do as well. Do what's best for you <3

While I'm sad to see the comic ending, I respect your decision and I wish you well in future endeavors - I'll gladly follow whatever else you have to give, if you plan on posting anymore here or if you have any other sites where you're active.

If you don't mind me asking, will we ever be able to read a breakdown/summary of the rest of the story anywhere, or is this the true end of it all here?
Is there anything you can tell us about how it would've ended or at least more about the plot? I understand completely why you're not making any more of the comic, especially considering the lack of a profit, though the story is really great as well as the characters! I would love to know more about what would've been had it continued
Welp, it is pretty sad to see this amazing comic leave, but I respect that. While it does hurt after reading this comic for almost 2 years (I think), I can't wait to see what your both writing and artistic talent will go towards now. In any case, I'll support you all the way!
@PhantomCat: np, thanks for a great ride
@LordGimsbury: I don't have a script. I have an outline, all the scripting and dialogue happened mostly on the fly, since I work better that way.

As I told someone else, I don't really want anyone to continue my work. There's a whole lot more to comics than just drawing and writing, and I shouldn't pass my failures off to the next guy to deal with.
That said, thank you for reading my work and liking it enough.
So many things to say
I have to admit I was one of the believers. I didn't think that the comic was going to end like this, or even remain in permanent stasis.

I remember the first webcomic I read ending, and gosh, it's all coming back now. It's a terrible feeling; I'm a real baby and getting choked up over this. But that's neither here nor there. Thanks for the journey while it lasted, Phantom. The story and characters were all beautiful.

I know you said you want to release a script of what would have happened, and of course, that's up to you. But what I think is that you shouldn't. Good ideas; good, well-executed plots and character arcs as defined as these are hard to come by in web comics nowadays. Save the ammunition.

...Heck, save some of the character designs! Del and Rodney look far enough deviated from their original designs that with a few tweaks, Old Man Nintendo probably wouldn't bat an eye.

Anyway, I came to the same realization you are now, like most other people are saying. Fan works are all well and good, but at some point, you just have to make it your own. Even if you keep the art style, or use the designs as jumping-off points, it's possible to make an ode to what you love while at the same time still making your own characters. Lord knows I draw enough stuff based off the games I love that I could re-create every franchise!

Let me wrap this up already; you are a wonderful artist and storyteller, and I'm going to miss this comic like no tomorrow. Even though it's over, I'm still going to keep it in my web comic folder! Don't let that make you think I won't also keep my eyes peeled for your next endeavor, though. Best wishes to you, Phantom.
@Titadou: She said that she's probably going to write a summary, she just needs some time to clear her head first.
hmm... the way i read it you still have quite a bit of script... perhaps it might be possible to hand it down… to find a succeser. someone who would be willing to continue the comic, in your place it might be a different art style, yes, but if it's still you're script, your ideas then it would still hold the same spirit. i don't know, honestly i hardly know anything about the making of comics, but it would still be a relief to see this comic go on even if it's through another artist.