Trainer Wants to Fight!

All-ages Pokemon comic riffing on in-game dialogue.

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@Sanji: You're welcome! It's been fun!
@Sanji: Thanks. :) Better to end on a high note, I think. At least then, we'll always have positive memories of the project and not "it was great at first and then went downhill".
So cute! Thanks for all the adventures! ^0^
I'm sad to hear that there probably won't be a Book 3, but I understand. It's been to end things short and sweet than to keep going and make bitter results (...what kind of pun was that?). Anyway, I will definitely follow you on deviantart and tumblr. ^^
I hope the residents had lava insurance.
@Nashew: Thank you so much for the kind words! I hope you enjoy my tumblr ramblings!
@Shard: I tried to keep to a maximum of six like in the last game, but I needed a Pokemon that could learn Waterfall and Dratini sounded like a good idea. And then I stumbled upon Suicune while I was traversing Johto and couldn't think of anything better to use my Master Ball on.
@Torkie: Wow, that does sound like a ton of work! And then to restart it... phew, you've certainly got something to keep you busy for quite a while, it sounds like!

If you want to take the idea behind TWTF and turn it into your own project (under a different name, of course), I say go for it! Part of the fun of this comic was showing in what other ways the Pokemon games can be comic-fied besides Nuzlocke runs.
June 23rd, 2017
A sincere congratulations on finishing your project! It's quite the accomplishment! I wish you all the best on future projects, and I've already followed you Tumblr art blog so I can keep up with them~

Thanks for making this! It's been a blast to read. =D
@Surfersquid: Well, you could say that It's A Long Story for my unlucky Adept. ;3

Like you worked in TWTF with the text from Pokémon games, my story arcs work with the text of the /Golden Sun: The Lost Age/ (and the prequel) and of the MegaMan games (or rather… the Alternative Interpretation that the MEGAS present in their songs). There's just so much ground to cover. As of right now, there are about 70 chapters of the latter and 50 chapters of the former complete.

I got about 40% through IALS over the course of five years, and I've decided to restart it based on a new understanding of the setting and the world mechanics. We'll see how it goes, heh.

Your invitation to continue on from here for Hoenn and Book III is certainly tempting, and could prove quite amusing. I can't draw very well, though, so it would be just text-based. And I am already working on three other (similar) projects. xD

Maybe someday! Hoenn IS my favorite!
June 23rd, 2017
When you're the savior of Johto and Kanto, who got rid of that Pokemon Professor Menace, no one cares that you have more than six pokemon on your team.
@Alienoid: Thank you! I'm so glad you've enjoyed it! It's nice to know I've made such a contribution.

And it made TVTropes, which is... incredible.

On to more fun stuff!
@Torkie: Thanks for your understanding. :) Yes, webcomics are definitely an immense amount of work, even if it's only twice weekly and the art is as simple as this. It does pile up.

I'm glad you've enjoyed the comic over the years, and I wish you the best with your stories! I think you'll be able to finish them someday as long as you don't give up. ^^
@Ultizeta: That's true. Just thinking about all of the towns, routes, NPCs, and trainers in the later games is overwhelming, haha. The first two gens were simpler times.
@Golb989: That's true. I couldn't really find anything in his dialogue in the game that inspired me. As much as I love GSC, I feel like its script just wasn't as odd as RBY's, and it gave me less to work with.
Definitely a contender for one of my favourite comics on this website. The humour was amazing, the art is adorable, and I'm definitely gonna miss this comic. But hey, best of luck with whatever you take a spin at next and keep up the amazing work!
All Good Things
I had a lot of fun reading this comic over the years, and I'm happy you made a Book II. Creative work takes a lot of energy, and doing this on a consistent basis must be exhausting. It was fantastic of us to get this treat in the first place. If you feel like the project is done, though, then rejoice!

Squidster, I've never fully finished any of my long-term, story arc type creative writing pieces. Reaching a finishing point is a big deal, and can be very satisfying. Being able to be satisfied with your work after having seen it to completion… that's great. :3

I'll probably be lurking through the archives for quite a while. The comics are very fun to use as references to show other people.

Thanks for the good times!
@Surfersquid: (Actually, you cut Blue out too...)

That's too bad, but it was great till it lasted.

In fact, this was one of the very few ongoing comics that made my profile here on Jeeves have any sense.
The Game Boy Advance games is when the translation got better and dialogue started being more complicated and fleshed out anyway, so it makes perfect sense to stop with Johto. Good luck with your future projects.