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A comic that we fight in here!!!
Battle and PVP together!!!

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@MaXtream: You are now my friend.
Yes, that is butter stuff.
No, I'm not giving it to you.

I think I might've done this wrong.
@Brawlitup99: Guys. this WILL NOT WORK.
We need a new plan.
You look like cupa.
October 21st, 2013
@Alienoid: great, now i've gotta update my skin so it's better.
October 20th, 2013
I kind of rushed this. Still, it's done.
@wolfmist38: you were excluded? in what way?
Hey, woah woah woah. Why have I been excluded? >:(
@EpicGames20: In this fight he could
@Brawlitup99: how can you know??? XD
*is always ignored by these tournament things*
@Crash guy: what the...?
@Brawlitup99: 私は理解していない
@Crash guy: i think he said "troll" in japanese, so i assumed he was confused.
but why you are telling this to epicgames?
@Crash guy: read my 1st post.
@Brawlitup: ??? What are you mean by ,,First we post the 1st 4 comics, ok?''???
Slime: That's only recolor
Enderman: I will never get him. And I have no idea how to make him.
Skeleton: What? Crash canot use bows so he can't