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Aww, Feathers!

Aww, Feathers!

Aww, Feathers! follows anthropomorphic characters as they struggle through college and beyond, forge relationships, and get a life. Because fur, scales, fins, or feathers, everyone has a story!
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Aww, Feathers!

Aww, Feathers! follows anthropomorphic characters as they struggle through college and beyond, forge relationships, and get a life. Because fur, scales, fins, or feathers, everyone has a story!

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August 14th, 2018
Gotta admit, I like that she was really getting into it. I haven't done that with a song in a while.

...and it totally wasn't because I was worried about being judged by my family.

August 14th, 2018
I like the way she is just standing there looking at her dance and sing. to see that side of here rather then the tough trainer side
ashamed or not ashamed
Been in this spot repeatedly; sometimes I step up and sometimes I step out. Don't want to be hitting people with a cross, but its worth it to speak up for someone you love.
Rockin Michelle
No LOL on these lyrics, they're good stuff! Showing Michelle kick off her self-consciousness and loosin' up is also great. Terrific page!!
If Lia can tease Michelle about this, she'll have no issue with leaving her cross out now. ๐Ÿ˜œ
no matter where you go in this world there is music. where there is music, I will dance to it, with or without people watching me.
August 2nd, 2018
I know what it's like to be like that, to be ashamed. I know what it's like not to be. It sometimes takes a while to get over that shame. But it's definitely worth it.
Ever had one of those "Oh! You're home early!" moments? Care to share in the comments? (So long as they're clean. ๐Ÿ˜‰)
So, I found out recently that I'm not much of a lyricist, lol! Still, it was lots of fun to invent this song and show Michelle totally rocking out to it! ๐Ÿ˜‚
What's a song that you love to dance to when no one's watching? (Or... when you think no one's watching...)
Are you heading to AWU (Anthro Weekend Utah) this year? I am! I'll have a table in the Dealers Den once again! This year I won't be hosting a panel, but I wanted to give a shout out to a good friend of mine, Scarbo the Black Sheep, who will be doing one of his own. Scarbo is a talented musician and composer. You might remember him as the one who created the Aww, Feathers Chiptune album (which you should listen to now if you haven't heard before!) He's going to be playing a variety of songs and styles on the piano during his panel, some of which you may recognize and others you may have never heard before. Hope to see some of you there!
She should leave it out, but I have a feeling she'll hide it again.
@Casanova: The church she attends is a non-denominational Christian church.
Whichever situation she's in, it can be hard to feel like the odd one out.
Which denomination is implied here?

I'm also curious if Lia's situation is like a "Christian in a Secular" society, or a "Catholic in a Mormon" society.
Romans 1:16. It seems Lia is a bit uncomfortable being open about her faith in front of her roommate. Why would that be?

Nearly ready to place the book order for Book 2! You can still preorder it at!
Think she'll leave it out or go back to hiding it?

Still hard at work getting things ready for the book. Don't forget you can still preorder a copy at while we're preparing for the print run.
Ahhh, an evangelical chee.
Hmm wonder if thereโ€™s a reason she kept that to herself. One thought is even if there are people that wonโ€™t judge her there might be that will.
This page features a whole bunch of cameos! More than we've ever had in one page! A warm welcome to Starshine, Ian, Sleet, Tom, Ondin, and Riley! Thanks for your support! If you'd like to make a cameo in a future page, consider subscribing to Aww, Feathers! on Patreon, and you'll also get access to exclusive bonus content!

And a reminder that you can still order a copy of the new book at
That street corner actually closely resembles one I've seen many times. Including both the church and the mattress store. ๐Ÿ˜‚

The campaign for Book 2 was a success! Thank you all so much for those who backed the project and those who shared it with others! And the even more good news is because it reached its funding goal, it's eligible for Indiegogo On Demand, meaning you can still order a copy even though the campaign has ended. Not all of the perks are available, and the stretch goals have been closed. But you can still get a copy of the book if you like. Head to to order!
man, cassette . that was a while ago. Thanks for the updates.