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Aww, Feathers!

Aww, Feathers!

Aww, Feathers! follows anthropomorphic characters as they struggle through college and beyond, forge relationships, and get a life. Because fur, scales, fins, or feathers, everyone has a story!
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Aww, Feathers!

Aww, Feathers! follows anthropomorphic characters as they struggle through college and beyond, forge relationships, and get a life. Because fur, scales, fins, or feathers, everyone has a story!

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i wish i could donate to you but i have no money); but 3 days ago was my birthday :D
It's true! Two panels this year! It's gonna be--!! ...Oh, the glasses thing...? Look, don't worry about it. Age comes for us all, right?

I'm taking a quick break this week to focus on preparing for the panels I'll be hosting at Anthro Weekend Utah this year! First off is a presentation on What I Wish I'd Known As A New Artist. "How do I improve my artistic skills? Should I try to make money from my art? How do I stay motivated?" Early in your artistic career is an exciting place to be, but often intimidating. There's a lot to figure out. I've learned a lot in the five years since I started a furry comic. While I still have so much to learn, I wanted to share a few things I've picked up about these early stages in the hopes that they'll be of help to others. Bring your own questions and tips to share as we chat about the crazy adventure it is getting started as a furry artist! This presentation will be Friday, July 19th at 7 p.m. in rooms Twilight 1 & 2 of the Davis Convention Center.

The next day I'll be hosting a Furry Comic Artist Meetup! Do you make furry comics or are you interested in their creation? Come hang out to share your work, swap tips, and participate in a "Pass the Comic" drawing activity! All skill levels are welcome! Meetup starts Saturday, July 20th at 6 p.m. in the Aurora Board Room of the Davis Convention Center.

I will, of course, also be suiting as Ine, cutting some rug at the dance, and having plenty of fun with friends! I will not be in the dealer's den this year, but I'll still have a few books, prints, and such on hand for those who are interested. If you're planning to be there and have anything in particular in mind that you'd like, let me know ahead of time and I'll bring it so you can save on shipping!

I hope to see a bunch of you there, but for those who can't make it, I plan on recording my presentation and posting it online. Cheers!

For more info about the convention, checkout
At BYU it doesn't have to mean anything. They'll still be engaged by next week.
@Guest: Thanks!!
June 11th, 2019
@mrjacob77: June and Chris' relationship is in Beta.
There's a joke I want to make about the beta still being in the beta testing phase, but I'm drawing nothing but blanks. Someone fill in for me while I sleep!
My family and I ate at Cinderella's castle for breakfast when we went to Disney world back in 2006. It was fun.
@DarknessShallFall : The stretchy dog knight comes from the game Undertale. :3

And I haven't encountered the ice shout phenomenon, but that game does have some truly legendary glitches! XD
I recognize most of these games, except the one with the stretchy dog knightt.

We got skyrim, portal and dont starve. XD

Also you ever done the ice shout on mobs in Skyrim and watch them fall? It's very funny what happens, they glitch out and start roating fast and flying around.
@inejwstine: Really good one though! :D
@Mardozer: If only Ine or Dil were there. Either one would probably be more than happy to do some punching. 🤜💢
@inejwstine: lol, honestly it's one of those moments where if your bro friend is there they would punch you on the arm and try to fill you in on the girl heh
@Aldred: ...Also, that fish pun was completely unintentional.
@Just a Guest: Both his sense of pride as a cook AND duty as a friend are on the line!
@Mardozer: He's like a dog chasing cars. And by cars, I mean cookies. And by chasing... Eh, maybe I'm not that good at metaphors. 😅
@Aldred: Yep. Last thing he wants is to feel like he left someone on the hook.
Well, Chris definitely has focus, gotta give him that. Maybe too much focus though.

And poor June, as soon as she musters up the courage to say what was on her mind, Chris was already focused on his next task.
Lol. sorry for the typos I just realized that. I always mess up