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Aww, Feathers!

Aww, Feathers!

Aww, Feathers! follows anthropomorphic characters as they struggle through college and beyond, forge relationships, and get a life. Because fur, scales, fins, or feathers, everyone has a story!
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Aww, Feathers!

Aww, Feathers! follows anthropomorphic characters as they struggle through college and beyond, forge relationships, and get a life. Because fur, scales, fins, or feathers, everyone has a story!

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And we're back! Now that Chris has FINALLY finished that batch of milk-free fish cookies, let's finish up this chapter, shall we?
August 7th, 2019
@bscruffy: Thank you kindly! ^^
August 7th, 2019
@Casanova : Sorry for the delayed response! There will be an official guide for which cards correspond with which colored pieces of the official game. And the full set will be available after the final cards are revealed, which will be next week!
The names and weapons are pretty amusing; well done!
August 13th, 2019
There you have it folks! That's the last of them! If you'd like to have your own set of Aww, Feathers! Clue cards to play with, follow these instructions:

1. Download the cards by right-clicking each of these links and choosing "Save As": [Set 1] [Set 2]
2. Print out the cards. I recommend using cardstock or some other similarly heavy paper.
3. Cut out the cards.
4. Take a standard game of Clue/Cluedo and replace all of the original suspect cards with the Aww, Feathers! characters and replace all of the weapon cards with the prank cards. (Leave the room cards.)
5. Follow the instructions included with each set to make the appropriate piece substitutions. For example, the red pawn represents Sir Ine, the spanner (monkey wrench) represents the rubber chicken, etc.
6. Play the game according to the normal rules, but using the replacement cards to determine who the prankster is, what prank they pulled, and what room of the mansion they pulled off the prank. Note that since the printed cards will have a different back than the normal room cards, you'll need some way to keep them hidden from other players. For example, you could draw them from a bag and keep your hand hidden in your lap. Or you could use card sleeves with opaque backs if you're feeling fancy!

My money's on Dr. Dilawar, in the Library, with the Squirting Flower! (Have fun!)
August 6th, 2019
Good grief, but it's been hot lately! I daresay hot enough to melt a rubber chicken!
"But wait," I hear someone cry, "can't she just shoot water out of her blowhole?" No. Cuz that would be gross. Like, super gross. 😝
① Any word on an official coloration for these cards?

② Will the full set be uploaded before the next comic page update? 😜
So AWU was a blast! Thanks for everyone who came to both of my panels! (I'll have a video posted soon of my presentation.)
Quick reminder that I'll be at AWU this weekend! Come and see me if you're going to be in town!
Thanks for your patience during this intermission while I prep for Anthro Weekend Utah (the local furry convention I'm going to). To go along with this year's theme of "Furlock Holmes," I've made a set of Aww, Feathers! themed cards for the board game Clue! (Cluedo if you live across the pond.) As an added bonus, after all the cards have been released, you can print them out and use them in place of the original cards that come with the board game! And you totally should, because solving a murder mystery is kind of a bummer compared to deducing who was the prankster and what joke prop they used!

(Obligatory disclaimer: These cards are unofficial. Aww, Feathers! is in no way affiliated with the board game Clue or Hasbro, Inc. Cuz I mean, if it were, you can bet I'd have the scratch to do this full time!)
@bscruffy: lol thanks ! I don't mind ;) besides when your in the comedic and comic world you kinda have to be able to use yourself in these situations, and now i can have Ice cream... Uno bar desert to be exact! so good!
Wifey is a good sport to let her pain be comic fodder; I'm sure you wore the ice cream well.
@Ryker Malone: thats what happens when you get a root canal :/ p.s cold stuff kills right after ( for me anyways)
I can see why she needed to see the dentist. She has a tennis ball stuck in her cheek :P
I know the feeling of a painful dentist visit but I got a dentist place out here called Advantage Dental and they do everything you leave with no pain and feel comfy XD
Shoulda quit when I was ahead... 😅

My sweet wife had a not so sweet dentist visit over the weekend, so in addition to prepping for AWU, I helped take care of her and the kids over the weekend while she recovered, hence another delay.

By the way, check out this recent news post for updates on the comic schedule for this and coming months.
@Mardozer: "Better to ask forgiveness than permission," as they say. 😈🍪
@Little Creeper: Oh, a belated happy birthday to you! :D
And no worries. Reading and sharing the comic is also a valuable form of support. ^^
Honestly if my roommate baked cookies I would be sneakin some, then deal with the consequences later