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The arrival of a new happy-go-lucky demon worker in King Beldiarus' castle sets up a bizarre chain of events that “unknowingly” lead to the demon world's downfall.


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So much for Aashiq's plans. Wonder what they're going to do with the chimp now...
@Hunter_de_Verre: Thank you so much!! ;w; I'm happy to know you're excited for their return! I hope my future updates don't disappoint. ♥
Oh gosh, that’s a WONDERFUL NEWS!! I missed this comic so much, those derps are so adorable <3 Can’t wait to see more and welcome back!!
I'm baaaack~!
Can you believe it?! I haven't touched this comic in forever, but I'm finally coming back to it. I missed these guys and their antics so much, and I can't wait to update with more pages. I can't guarantee the style will be the same, but at this point, anything is better than nothing at all!

If you're still interested in Demonarchy, I wanna thank you so much for sticking with me and cheering me on!! You're amazing and you're one of the big reasons for me coming back and continuing my story. So thank you again. It means the world to me. ♥
Numair has a limit to what he'll put up with?
Unpredictable is another good thing about this -- that way the plot(s) can go on forever & change w/o warning ... since most of the characters seem to be >60,000 y/o, they won't get bored easily :)
PS-- does he always throw his friends under the bus like that? The stuff that politicians & statesmen are made of! :D
King Beldiarus looks forbidding & sexy both -- can't decide if Azazel is lucky or not to be summoned. On 2nd thought, from how his sharp teeth are showing, Aza might be in for a hard time ...
Well Aashiq really does look better with his hair grown out -- balances his big horns really nicely :)
Numair is so patient with Aza ... Aashiq would have tied him up & carried him off to his room ... if he'd been able to stay awake :p
I'm glad you have Demonarchy here at SJ, this way I can give it even more 5 star ratings! :-)
*LMAO* Aza is beyond priceless :D
I know it might be a while before this gets going again, but am sure the wait will be worth it :))
Aza isn't going study political science, is he? He'd be a good politician, with his talent for ducking questions :P
This is really a great comic, would love to see it continue forever :)
Where did you go!
Only 19 pages, but 19 pages of awesome! Your art is great and I must know more about these adorable dorks!
Why did it stop? I want more! Nooo!*melts away in frustration*
The actions in this comic are a little hard to follow and I apologize!

Numair suddenly appears in front of Aza, who is sitting on the floor playing Go Fish with Mr. Thomas (the chimp). Numair crouches down at Aza's level, his arms wide open to protect him, and begins to pour his heart out to his best friend.

Aza is confused.
You can just see the disappointment and embarrassment between them leaking out from the edges of the panels.

Also, friendly reminder that Numair and Aza were homeless before residing in Beldiarus' castle.
November 7th, 2013
@Anon: Thank you! Despite how much I have planned and written out for the story, "unpredictable" is the best possible way to describe it, I would believe. :'D