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Ember struggles to avoid her family's cult history, while trying to unravel why magic is slowly fading away


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Comment on Christmas Filler 2013
Stanger7, 21 Sep 2014 08:53 am
Well, that completely changed the mood of the story.
Comment on PG 11
Stanger7, 21 Sep 2014 08:29 am
Oh no! Don't kill it. It's too adorable to die!
Comment on PG 61
w0lfmare, 04 Jul 2014 01:32 pm
@zerdaralle: Like I said this week's been crazy, forgot to double check the spelling.
Comment on PG 61
zerdaralle (Guest), 03 Jul 2014 07:27 am
Don't mean to be rude...
But did you mean "allies" at the top there, rather than "alles"?
Comment on PG 61
w0lfmare, 03 Jul 2014 01:16 am
Sorry about the lack of shading, this week has been crazy!
Comment on PG 57
w0lfmare, 05 Jun 2014 01:00 am
Hey guys! Just a heads up, at the end of chapter 1 Bloodline's switch to Xepher will be complete, and I'll no longer be posting updates here. For those who don't know, Xepher is a webcomic host that's of course free to everyone, and will allow me much more creative freedom! The new site can be found here: http://w0lfmare.xepher.net/
Comment on PG 55
Zachire, 25 May 2014 02:05 am
Reading books is always relaxing...
Comment on PG 52
w0lfmare, 01 May 2014 08:29 pm
Just another reminder that Bloodline's main site is located at http://w0lfmare.xepher.net/

The pages are much bigger, better layout, archive and character pages, and everything else you'd expect ^^
Comment on PG 48
w0lfmare, 03 Apr 2014 01:32 am
Sorry about the delay! I think I finally fixed the fog problem
Comment on PG 46
w0lfmare, 20 Mar 2014 05:03 pm
@DaidHax: Yeah there are still a few extras that need to be finished for the site, but it's certainly ready.


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