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Sixteen years ago, mankind faced a terrible disaster. In order to protect his daughter, Hinata, from danger, Shinsuke Akao retreated deep into the forest. He secluded himself, never leaving the forest while he reared and educated Hinata, never allowing her to leave either. On the morning after her sixteenth birthday, Hinata wakes up to find her father missing. With no clues as to where he went, Hinata casts aside the safety of the forest and forges out for the first time into the world, only to find it much different than her father described.

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April 20th, 2017
He seems to always leave one survivor.....I wonder why that is
April 7th, 2017
Ah, trauma flashback.
April 7th, 2017
Death flashback? Kazuma is about to go in. Or attempt to and get his ass handed to him.
C'mon, Hinata... Just finish sequencing the dino DNA already so you can transform into a badass T-Rex and save everyone!
April 7th, 2017
Bro, don't do. DON'T DO IT.
March 31st, 2017
This guy would put Mario to shame.
Well, fuck.

Hey, just realized that this is the 666th comic, the devil's number!
Jin, idiot.
A continuation of why I love it. And look at Hinata's face! She's probably the only person there to have seen 'Alien' the movie. =) They really should return to her house and find all the treasures that it holds. It is probably the most important historical relic in this world. =)
This page sort of speaks to me of why I love this comic. It is a reminder that Hinata is, as we are, new to this world. And that something we find mundane is seen as alien and unusual. It points out that we are reading a sci-fi story here, and I really, really want to learn more about the world this way. Through progression and culture shock. =)
Her face is all like "I'm gonna seduce some men"
This one, seems like he is about to die though.
Page 234 and page 355. This is a serious threat. I just hope that Hinata can beat him, even as a dinosaur. =S

I hope that we'll see more of the HQ though, so hopefully, everyone will come out of this alive.
March 21st, 2017
Did Rin also steal his eyes? Eye for an eye literally?

Or does he actually have Rin's eyes under those belts and there's something special about them?
March 20th, 2017
For some reason, he reminds me of Psycho Mantis- but with more sanity and sadism.
caine (Guest)
March 20th, 2017
wait is he also blind?
March 20th, 2017
... ok nope. no about face from what I thought.
March 19th, 2017
March 17th, 2017
Do I sense a complete atmosphere break next page with the reveal of the big bad hugging Hinata?

I think I'm sensing such an event.