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We like people who post often, are nice to others, have sprites, and get to know the characters before using them in comics. Also, people who are good with effects, art, and plotlines would be nice. Rules for joining: Post your character's sprites, so they can be used. Always follow the rules, and don't make other people's characters be out of character or anything. Only applies if you actually want to make comics instead of sh!tposts or drawings, which this comic mostly consists of these days.
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Green Eggs and Spam

A comic that became a spam dump. Co-founded by ForestFire and JollyRancher44.

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Again, no mature content. Images, names, certain words, etc.
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@Guest: Are you Sachiko or something
Technically I know the context of this from the game, but I don't recall it looking this casual. Made this for my blog a lil while ago, but I decided to post it here because Plasma and the DELET Guest seem to like this sort of content.
This is the most badass thing I've seen all day. Kudos!
@Guest: Just pick a tortured nerd god damn it
The sad thing is how accurate this is to Corpse Party: Blood Covered.
Most of these were funny.
(especially Naomi and Seiko)

But putting "Exploding with Love" for Mayonnaise, keeping in mind what happened in the game...

You clever motherfucker.
For those who don't know how these work, all you gotta do is put the one or two characters that best describes you in the comments. You probably knew that already, but hey, I can't just assume everything.
Ooh, pretty
@Guest: oops :^)
@plasma_knight303: jesus McFucking christ what are you a necromancer this shit is DEAD
@plasma_knight303: I've already done that, my dude. That's why I'm here so rarely. Stelth.
March 4th, 2017
@plasma_knight303: DELET not already a meme? That's the point lmfao
Psycho girl is gonna cut a bitch.