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All Kirby abilities (KSSU style)

All the kirby abilities' sprites you can find, right here, in KSSU style.
If you use any of these, rate them five stars.
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4 Years Ago
All the kirby abilities' sprites you can find, right here, in KSSU style.
If you use any of these, rate them five stars.

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November 19th, 2016
Can I be an author? I made a new Smash Bros. Kirby spritesheet that contains all of his attacks from Planet Robobot and a single other attack.

EDIT: I've also made a spritesheet of "Double-Bladed Laser Sword" (Spark + Cutter, Kirby 64).

ANOTHER EDIT: And now I've made a spritesheet of "Sword of Fire" (Cutter + Fire, Kirby 64).
@161616: I can see what I can do, I'm not the main author.
October 28th, 2016
Hey, could I be an author? I made a light kirby sprite sheet, but I don't know where to post it to show it to you.
Do more!
Make a leaf Kirby and a magic Kirby, please
February 11th, 2016
September 26th, 2015
Can you do Magic Kirby?
@Extremmefan: I am using the image editor that comes with Gamemaker Studio, which does in fact have a free version.

Recoloring something does NOT give ANYONE the right to claim it as their own in ANY way. If they don't ask the original creator for permission, it is stealing, plain and simple.

These sprites were not made to be recolored (and no, these are not edited in any way from the original FC's sprites, only recolored) to be "free to the world as long as they give credit". Me and my friends made these sprites for a friend's Kirby fan-character, not for anyone else. As one of the creators, I absolutely have the right to say that nobody else should be using them.

And once again, I am going to disagree with a resounding "no" to your apparent belief that recoloring is difficult. My software doesn't "do half the work for me", it only does the bare minimum that is to be expected from any spriting software. I never found recoloring to be difficult even before I started spriting on a professional level for this same reason. Paint is a bare-bones image editor and there are so many free alternatives out there that are actually intended to be used for spriting. If you or anyone else finds recoloring hard because of the software you use, that's your own problem.

I don't really understand why you think palettes are so hard to come up with, they're really not. Especially canon recolor ones, all you have to do is take a few shades directly from the source artwork. As for original ones, well, I did just show that .gif example of me recoloring a sprite using my own original palette that I came up with on the spot.

tl;dr, these sprites are stolen, none of the people who worked on them were told about this or credited here, recoloring is not hard at all, and nobody who steals sprites and recolors them deserves any credit whatsoever.
@Firecat1311: ... Then you've never tried doing it with a free program like Paint (on Windows XP), because trust me, It's NOT as easy as you make it look like here. Also, he credited the original character, but recolored it to a base character (A base character is the first character a certain kind of custom sprites should have been created on first... In this case, considering the custom sprites are Kirby abilities, It's Kirby), so he kind of contributed to it, making it free to the world as long as they give credit to both people who worked (whether it was hard or not). Besides, some of the sprites looks edited. Also, I didn't really disagree on the credit part, but since he recolored it to the main base character, I guess it's right for him to claim a little credit (besides, we should ALWAYS credit those who made us able to use these). Also, if you think it's easy to recolor, then you're using an all-around program doing half the work for you. Sure, simple recolors are easy, but original ones or canon ones? Not as easy as you may think, because you need to know the palette first.
@Extremmefan: First of all: No. Absolutely not. I don't know what kind of process you're using but it is legitimately the easiest thing to do in any kind of spritework, period. Here, I did this just right now, with no set color palette in mind: This process recolors the entire sprite sheet.
If you think picking out colors and slapping them on a sprite is really difficult, I'd hate to see you try to make your own original sprites from scratch.
Second of all: No matter how much effort it takes to recolor a sprite, it can never be enough to justify stealing someone else's work and taking any kind of credit for it.
@Firecat1311: I have to disagree there. Even recolors can be hard to do. ESPECIALLY if you do NOT have a set color palette in mind (and even then, the shading can be REALLY difficult).
August 13th, 2014
sorry but the shading and "animation" in these sprites are just awful
Okay well first of all, none of the people who did work on these sprites are actually credited here, me being one of them.
And this is just the sort of thing you ask for permission for first; especially since moves like the water bubble attacks here were made specifically for the Lucas character, and recoloring someone else's character is just... eugh.
Nobody really deserves credit for making recolors because, come on, that stuff is effortless.
@Green Kirby the Leaft: This is not in the original KSSU.
@Extremmefan: Well, It DOES say "64" in the title, y'know.
Kirby 64 was the first Kirby game in 34(64?)-bit.
@Umby-dee: He made them himself.
WOT!?!?!?!? AN UPDATE!?!?!?!?

Yes, an update, guys! Lightning Rod, a K64 mix by mixing Needle + Spark, IS POWAFALH! And fun t' use, to!
July 16th, 2014
Kirby and Mega Man got along so well. I mean, both are using their enemies' abilities!
@Omega Kirby: Yes... It's strange.
July 16th, 2014
@161616 and @Omega Kirby: Not to forgot to mention Bomberman, he can be hurt by his own bombs as well!