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World of Equestria

A comic centered around My Little Pony Friendship is Magic.

WARNING: Contains violence, blood, gore, and ideologically sensitive material.

Recent Comments

i keep rereading this hoping there is more i hope they come back to this soon :(
Just painting out in the torture scenes, feathers dont bleed.
looks like articuno
it does
I could imagine this as a book .. When is the next update? Will Selena and Helios still have some hostility in them? Is their lives still scared for what has happened to our three heroes? How does the Celestial Spirits even spare their lives? Wait- don't answer those, I will wait patiently for the update...
I like how everything got so serious...
This is absolutely amazing, I love it.
@Fiora Aroura: hey your right but best still keep their guard up
Her eyes are different...
*gets in a fighting stance* if them two try to attack the moment they get up ill take them down and i dont need to worry they must of been weaken to that of raditz in dragonball z level which in other words i could beat them blind folded and one hand behind my back
Oh my goodness
we need to see this finished it's so good!
its not deeeed....

So I was listening to MLP songs, and the next thing I knew, this page magically got itself done 8\ So yaay, some ponies ^_^
Oh lookie that, they weren't blasted into oblivion, they're just layin on the ground..... they alive?
Is that it? Is this the end?
September 16th, 2015
good thing i have my sun glasses on
Well. They have a LOT of explaining to do
A lot of dark magic has been undone. Someone has been set free...
September 3rd, 2015
They still need to rescue Celestia and Luna when this "epic battle" is over.
September 3rd, 2015
good thing im wearing sunglass's
One down, one to go
curse your dumb whining, more like

Slice of Life was great for a one time thing, and I'm honestly glad they did it.
And the season's not done yet, so I can't be disappointed yet!

I really want to see the endddd
will they be merciful or banish them again?
Been a long time since I updated ^^; I know I was all excited to continue on when season 5 started and all, but to tell ya the truth... this season wasn't really doing it for me. *coughsliceoflifecough* So I didn't have any inspiration for a while. However, after listening to some music and thinking about the future storyline, I got a little excited again, and started working on this page. Then suddenly it was done XD So that's good. Hopefully I can get it updating again, as long as you guys still want to read it :)

So, looks like Selena's been put down. What's gunna happen now?