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Take Universal Precautions.

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I love your art style.
This image is amazing! o.o so cool
@Notation: Thanks! I usually try to stick to a traditional 9-panel layout but I thought it called for something special on this page.
Especially like the panel break at the bottom, very strong. Love your art!
@nocuddletime: I tend to be a little lazy with the backgrounds when it comes to comics, but I do feel like a drawing without a background isn't done, and I just dub it a doodle...
@Creppzuzette: Ha! I'm definitely a detail monster. I used to be really lazy about the details (especially hands and backgrounds and such) so I forced myself to practice them like crazy, now I feel a bit lost without them! Funny how that works isn't it?
@nocuddletime: Ahh, I sense another detail monster over here! I too get anxious and feel like a drawing is not complete if it's not full of details.
@Creppzuzette: Thanks! This is actually the hardest type of page for me to do. Details seem so easy compared to the sparseness the next couple of pages require. I end up trying to detail out every little drift of sand and stuff like an idiot.
Give me hand tendons and heating vents any day!
Even though I like the usual pages littered with so many details, this one has a sense of calmness to it, mainly style-wise.
Keep up the good work! :)

It's deliberately surreal at the moment. The mystery and detective work is supposed to be part of the story development. I assure you it is all written and will all come together eventually (although, I'll admit that more timely and consistent updates couldn't hurt - the constant struggle!)

Stop back by in a while and let me know how I'm doing unfolding this story.
The hell is this comic supposed to be about? The art style is incredible, but I have no idea what's going on, aside from the main being some crazy old man gone toddler upstairs... if you know what I mean.
@Spacepegasus: Thanks so much. I'm definitely going for atmosphere.
@Spacepegasus: I love Dave McKean; his early stuff especially is a big influence. I'm taking that as a compliment!
Lost indeed, aw. (Love the last panel! Gorgeous atmosphere.)
Pretty liiiines.
Generally your style is very cool, it reminds me of Dave McKean.
The last few weeks have been a real drag.

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@Notation: Thanks so much. I'm supposed to be updating a lot more than I am but I've got all this other stuff precluding it. Typical! Also, you always have the best avas.
As usual, the art works really well for the subject. The panel division is working really nicely on this page too. Love seeing you update!!
@iseelight: Great compliment, thanks! I promise the story will all make sense eventually...
The expression and dynamic in your art is incredible, and the almost disjointedness of the story gives it so much character and keeps me constantly curious. Can't wait for more!