Pokemon Alpha

Nielle is a young girl who have a secret : she is hiding a mysterious pokemon from Team Rocket...

NOTE : This comic is not a Nuzlocke and it won't necessarily follows game rules.

I am French (and I'm not confortable with english T^T), so I apologize in advance if I make mistakes. Feel free to notice me!

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Grimm you butterfingers you let it get away ;w;
Yay! Its here :D
@Liokora: spelling looks good to me.
This page is not corrected yet, but I will do as soon as my corrector will correct me :D
@Liokora: How...GRAND! du-dun tsh! XDXD
@troblsomtwins829: Hihi yeah! He got.. a grand son! xD
@42Meep: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=buifCKc9RNU

Yay! \('^')/
omg, Surge junior! That is adorable!!
*Plays battle music*
Let the battle beggins!!!
@PossumFlavored: Hehe I thought I could be fun this way! Even if it's false ears, using them to express emotion could be cute so.. xD
@Liokora: YAY!
Yay! I'm back on the Internet!! Pokemon alpha can continue now :3
You dun fucked up
And then Pokegod appeared and said
"Leave Pokejesus alone, jackass."
I find it funny how the plastic ears are moving like real ones to express emotions.
Adorable Jolteon is Adorable
*yaaarrnnn* >o<
Hey there! This page will be the last update for a while! I'm moving home (again) and I won't have internet until, at least the end of March ToT It will be hard.. I hope to survive to this.. ._.
February 26th, 2017
@Liokora: Also recently got a Mimikyu of the opposite gender from a different region of the world through wondertrade. Guess that's fate's way of telling me to get back to shiny breeding. (or trying anyway...)
February 25th, 2017
@3jaustin: Ahah! Sometimes you're lucky and you don't even know you are :D
@Guest: Jeez man calm yourself.

Also before Gen 5 poison DID indeed make pokemon loose all their hp outside of battle. God if you were doing a nuzlocke every step you took was terrifying as you ran your ass to the pokecenter.