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詩 shi, the poetic words.

士 shi, the love fighter.

紫 shi, the color purple, a mixture of love(red) and sorrow(blue).


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That was such an intriguing cliffhanger... Oh wait, if it's cliffhanger then it's bound to be intriguing. Lol

I Don't know if you're still up to continue this manga but I'd love to read more if you ever will.

(just hoping it wasnt a BL to start with... Lol or did I miss any warnings, I wonder.)
Posting on Tapastic from now on...
and Pixiv.

Because Smackjeeves's file size limit is smaller. this long format is huge in size and I have to spend time re-saving the file at a smaller size and sacrifice image quality just to post on Smackjeeves : (

If you're interested in following this story, please visit:


Thank you^__^
I really like your art and the opening quote sets for a thoughtful introduction. I'm intrigued to see where this comic goes. +Faved