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A Moderately Funny Comic

A Moderately Funny Comic

It's a comic involving a bunch of Authors.

And a bunch of homicidal Butterfrees, a Oshawott from the moon, a rather fancy Koffing and many, many more characters.
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4 Years Ago

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join or die

(Must have atleast slightly-decent drawing skills or more)
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A Moderately Funny Comic

It's a comic involving a bunch of Authors.

And a bunch of homicidal Butterfrees, a Oshawott from the moon, a rather fancy Koffing and many, many more characters.

Recent Comments

July 11th, 2015
We're doing plugs?? Okay here I go

I do the tumbles as well on occasion
sometimes I even...
*pause for dramatic effect*
but if random sporadic personal posts and even more sporadic drawing is boring I also make video games

bye bye, webcomic making
September 29th, 2014
how am i even still on this site
September 18th, 2014
hey guys we're not dead woot woot
and apparently neither is JDRBB
or paranoia
man does anybody actually die
Always? No matter what he's doing? Kinky
July 9th, 2014
Haha XD Just float away koffing
Of course now you have to call JDBB grimreaperghostjudgedoctorbutterboom.
July 5th, 2014
that is pretty much the exact opposite of grape juice. a solid ocean of pain

Also the comic looks fine, your style looks pretty cool in a program that's not paint.
Wow. Wow this page looks bad. Sorry.

Okay so that's the end of me abusing the "crowd is an ocean" joke thing. But is it the end of my disgustingly rampant color blindness? Nope. Is this comic going somewhere anytime soon? Maybe. For the time being, I'll wait for a bit more direction and maybe some more general organization of authors or something before I try making another page.
I did it
I posted a comic

It's very clear that my drawing style is quite a bit different (better? worse?) than before, primarily because I'm using a new drawing program with like fifty billion stabilizers to offset the fact that I still can only draw with a mouse. Maybe my added experience since the last time I drew here shows. Maybe it can't yet with only one lazy page. Who knows.

Anyways, as my brother, the original creator of Burey, has gotten a bit more possessive of his character (and rightfully so), I'm sending him off in favor of another character who has yet to be used for anything. Here's what he looks like, in sprite form, for reference.
Sergeant Bosin (I switched the o and i in "bison" around how creative is that) is a bipolar military-type guy who uses a variety of silly cow-patterned weaponry, such as a machine gun that shoots pellets, this particular missile that moos when it explodes, and grenades that generally don't actually blow up. His highly unprofessional bull hat thing changes expression with his current mood swings.
Well it's kind of an end?

Also enjoy waiting for the next time I can think of something to draw :P

May 12th, 2014
Oooh, this comic. I had forgotten. Well, even though I suddenly feel motivated to make a page for this, my brother (the original creator of Burey) has reclaimed his rightful full control of his character, so I suppose I'll have to start with getting someone new.
May 12th, 2014
a wild update appeared
Was in the middle of clearing out my photoshop files until I discovered a two-thirds-done comic for this. So I finished it off for uploading.

Enjoy, because i don't even know when we're next updating

Exits are to your top, but please don't fall into that infinate mass of Butterbooms.

They will devour you.
Comic is here:

I experimented with different methods of trying to get a slow moving elevator effect, making a gif by hand took forever, trying to use flash to make a set of still images to then turn into a gif made my computer cry, and turning it into an avi and uploading it to youtube caused letter shrinkage.

At least I finally got music working in Flash.
Original post by Diamors
August 9th, 2013
WAIT! Before you think "holy butts, these dudes update a whole bunch!" Be aware this is the archive uploaded! Don't get your hopes up for a 5 minute comic posting all the time.

I'll letcha know when the archive train ends, don'tcha worry