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The StarBrats

by Xailenrath
Led by the neglected daughter of the world's most famous retired superhero, The StarBrats are young California metahumans who eschew the Hollywood-drenched practices of modern heroes and the media machine that fuels them.
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Led by the neglected daughter of the world's most famous retired superhero, The StarBrats are young California metahumans who eschew the Hollywood-drenched practices of modern heroes and the media machine that fuels them.


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October 31st, 2013
Diamond Jim seems to have Neutrino cornered.
Good thing Brahma's so tough!
For those who didn't already know, Armada has, aside from the enhanced strength, speed and agility, my favorite superpower: self-replication. D-Formation just found that out.
Somewhere, just off-panel, Furball is having an aneurysm... or an erection.
August 27th, 2013
I posted this on my DeviantArt over a year ago. A frequent commenter noted that I am "not afraid to let [my] characters get fucked up".
He's right.
Mind you, aside from the "gore" factor, here's my thinking:

It always kinda bugged me how all these superstrong people who can topple buildings with one punch are always smacking each other around, but no one ever seems to even get a bloody nose that lasts for more than 2 panels.
I can understand 'healing factor' on SOME folks, but, it seems like EVERYONE has one.

That gets me to thinking... does Batman have a mouthful of false teeth?
Does Daredevil have a seriously deviated septum?
How many of those lovely, supermodel caliber superheroines that we all love and lust after would have faces like ex-convict MEN in real life due to all the constant beatings they'd take?

I like my supers a bit less traditional most times. People forget, what with all the hype and gimmicks and pandering to the younger readers and fans, that, if superheroism existed, it would be the most dangerous, physically stressful/harmful job in the world. It would make being a cop or a soldier look like being a kindergarten teacher. That sort of thing doesn't come without scars.. mental, emotional and DEFINITELY physical.

I admit, 2 or 3 of the StarBrats have 'healing factors' of their own and will, more often than not, start a storyline looking pretty, but not ALL of them, and I will explore the medical side of fighting for one's life as the story progresses.
August 27th, 2013
Thug Interrupted
Brahma is, before all things, a lady.
Please watch your language.
August 27th, 2013
Squint and his eyebeams seem to be no match for the acrobatic Brit.
Scabb seems to be getting fed up!
Furball's secondary power, the Pheromone Phog.
Aside from having enhanced strength, speed, agility and senses, (and being a naked psycho-perv), Furball emits a powerful mind/emotion/physiology altering fog from his lungs.
Powerful as it is, it's no match for Armada's twisted logic and pragmatism.
August 27th, 2013
Why yes, Armada IS off her rocker... and perhaps Furball isn't as dumb or as low powered as he seems.
August 24th, 2013
Furball Vs. Armada
August 24th, 2013
Other little surprises in store for the Brats:
A group of misshapen super-mercs that I created as a parody of he works of a certain "professional comic creator" or 2 whose works/opinions I have issues with.
D-Formation are: The twins, Squint and Sneer; their leader, Scabb; Furball...
Not directly pictured, but seen in shadow in panel one are also Enigma, the flying lass with the prehensile ribbons, and the enormous, bubble-muscled strong man, Roid Rage.

Now, guess which creators I was thinking of when I made them.
August 24th, 2013
Haywire and Virgil "Firehazard" Maxwell haven't always been the best of friends, despite being on the same team.
Mainly due to the fact that Firehazard and Neutrino used to date, and Haywire was mighty jealous.
But, when times are tough, teammates stick together.
August 24th, 2013
Haywire, aka Kyle Graham.
Neutrino's neighbor, oldest and best friend.
he has a huge crush on her that everyone can see, but him.
He's a good hero, but not necessarily a good fighter.
Diamond Jim, Kraken, Dollface, Bombadier, Ogrr & Viscera were hired to track down the StarBrats... but by whom?
I'm not a fan of "super hero" stories. Having said that, I think this is well thought out and the characters have depth without hitting you over the head with angst!
Love From Above
Brahma, despite being the youngest of the StarBrats, has had the most superhero experience.
She used to live in NYC, where she (and current teammate, Armada) ran with the teenage superheroes known as the Wyld Angels, back when her powers first manifested at age 12. The Wyld Angels disbanded when their battle with the halfbreed alien would-be conqueror known as Tyrannis Max
crashed his warship into the Hudson River.
Now, years later, the plucky amazonian heroine has moved to the West Coast, and been invited to join the StarBrats by her old friend, Armada.
Trying (and failing) to live a normal life despite her large frame, and itching for the action of her youth, Brahma makes a valuable addition to the new team.
Just ask the metahuman mercenaries that are attacking the 'Brats right now.
The downside of practicing moves is that they seem to create their own traditions... like bad sports metaphors. 'Diamond Jim', the leader of these mercenaries is mentioned by name.
By the way, did I mention that Brahma REALLY loves this whole superhero gig?
August 10th, 2013
Long drive to Third!
SunDevil's malleable plasmatic constructs are very durable.
I don't care WHO you are, or what your powers are, getting swatted by a gigantic solidified energy baseball bat has GOT to hurt.
Batter UP!
Lydia is the daughter of the aforementioned Sir Simon Church,
The British lad who grew up to be Universe 99101-X's first official superhero.
It's a lot to live up to, especially when daddy dearest doesn't exactly give his support.
At this point in this particular story, The StarBrats have been together for about 3 months, or so.
Everyone knows their parts, and, as you can see, they have at least a FEW special moves worked out.
Everyone here is serious about being a superhero, despite their young
ages, but, more than anyone, Brahma (the superstrong, amazon blonde)
loves her job!
August 10th, 2013
Neutrino is the daughter of Sir Simon Church, aka Captain Cannon, the first and most famous superhero in the world.
Looking to pass his legacy down to his young son, 18 year old David Paul Church, Simon, in his long-lived, chauvinistic fashion, never even considered his powerful and capable, if somewhat rebellious daughter, Lydia, for the role.
Enraged, Lydia decided to get even with her once loving, now distant and dismissive father by forming a superhero team of her own, and showing up her dad and little brother.
Lydia, who has tactile gravity manipulation abilities, calls herself Neutrino.
Her team, The StarBrats, consists of a few other legacy superheroes, as well as former metahuman gangmembers, and expatriate former heroes from the other side of the country.