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Solia Eld

A young girl living in the woods finds herself caught in a war between two empires


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September 7th, 2017
100th page
Not counting title pages this is the 100th page. I hope the next hundred goes faster
@Linn: the afro must feeed!!!
@Linn: yeah I redrew this page like 4 times and I'm still certain I could draw it more clearly but once a week updates are already too slow. So I posted it a hoped it would be clear enough based on context...
August 18th, 2017
It could make a good weapon.
I love his head drowns in her affro XD
August 18th, 2017
Haha had to go back and forth with this and the last page since I noticed he had a blue eye, now this makes alot of sense XD
I think i would maybe drawn his hands on the sword on sword in one of the first panels so its easier to see she's fighting him, but it was easily resolved. Just a tip for next time you do a scene with a first-person view.
@Linn: these are nice thanks!
@rougey: totally get you haha, doing the same, but its super good practice. I can recommend this page its super good since you can draw from every second of a pose. You get more familiar with the movement of the body. If not there's alot of good poses/references on I usually try get down a few quick 1 minute poses a day but cant always be bothered, but its great practice.
@Linn: Well it is the most popular book series in the land. I am frantically trying to learn how to draw fight scenes if that tells you anything >_>
I love how all the girls in this comic read yuri things xD
I wonder where this is going, no seriously, she learns how to fight... Means there will be fighting, yes?
Naww her adorable little face in the second-to-last panel!
It looks like it would hurt.
Curious, how her ability to dance makes her a good smith! Though maybe they got something else in mind. Very beautiful page!
I feel like this is something I could've done...
@Linn: I'm sure there probably is a reason
I'm with Solia on the last panel there. XD
Aw that last panel :D
I wish she'd stay longer I like her. Love the subtle tail-wiggles.
@Linn: what else would they read when they're bored?
Aw no :( I like her! Hope to see her back soon... Also, Solia is so cute with her growling tummy.
Wait are they reading lesbian fiction?! XD
Haha her hair! She admires her fro. :D
@Linn: the way Solia reacts to things amuses me so much