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Deidre Adams hates her job and her life...Stuck working Nightfill at Better Off, a small grocery store, Deidre deals with annoying customers, slightly less annoying workmates and dimensional monstrosities...

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"This is super dorky"

"Magic generally is"

Hey look a page is up!
Wow it was almost a regular post aswell...


Happy Chocolate and Dead Martyr weekend everyone!
Sorry it's so late guys
Again, super busy and havn't had a chance to upload... didn't realize it had been so long though...
Anyway here's another page.
Sweet, glad to see a new page! I love this comic. :)
... Yeaaaahhhh.... this will end well...
...Better late then never
So It's been a while guys, I've been busy with tattoo apprenticeships and a full time job which has cut into comic time unfortunately. I'll still be working on it but unfortunately life gets in the way of things.
Anyway let me know what you guys think!
Every seance session should include the words "conjure up some spirits in this bitch".
WOO P100! (also sorry its late)
Hey people, Sorry for the lack of comic the last week and a bit got sidetracked. Anyway WOO 100 pages I'm about a 3rd or so though the story now so it's coming along.
Hey Guys
Sorry People, Been busy with work this weekend and didn't get a chance to upload.
and another update
Well the next chapters thumbnails are all done, hopefully I'll have it ready in time.
September 17th, 2016
Sorry about all the IRL troubles you've been having. I must say, this page looks amazing, though. It's good to have you back.
Badass manager.
September 16th, 2016
Back to retail hell! :)
...sorry for the delay
Hey people, if you're all still there, 7 months since an update jeez, time and life just kinda got away from me and unfortunately my comic suffered for it. It been a dull and depressing tale of new jobs, loosing new jobs and now being back at my own nightfill job when I believed I was ever so close to no longer needing it. Plus side is I have more time now, so I can start working more consistently on my comic again and get back to a regular updating schedule.

and sorry guys.
February 22nd, 2016
Don't worry too much about it. That's what RSS and comic aggregators are for.
Back Guys
Hey people, So unfortunately going forward Nightfill is going to update pretty sporadically. Between my part time job, house chores and freelance graphic design work, I'm struggling to find more then a few mins a day to actually work on my comic which is incredibly frustrating. I will be continuing to update my PATREON with the new pages first, then posting them here after. So if you wanna read the new pages earlier and see some work in progress for just $1 head to my Patreon page. The more money I make though that means more time I can spend updating the comics.

Chapter 9 Wrapped up!
Hey Guys, bit of a slower chapter I know but Hope you guys enjoyed it. Gonna take a couple of weeks off updating to get ready for the Chapter 10, Be sure to check out my Patreon page for sneak peaks and updates!
January 12th, 2016
It always hurts when the connect the nerves.
I like max. she is bubbly as fuck
I know this post is from a year ago but I agree.the 2014 version looks like you. the 2013 looks like you trying to do daria or something but I dunno.