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The Drifter

by Fidchell
Finding no other purpose in his life, a lone traveler drifts across the vast network of roads that line the continent. When he thought his journey would never meet an end, the traveler makes a stop at a small city in the tropical South coast. It is here he finds someone - a "sheep" in the midst of wolves. The drifter soon realizes his long journey has come to a close.


Rated R for language, sexual content, and strong bloody violence. Updates one to three times a week.


Inspirations for The Drifter include the works of Nicolas Winding Refn, 80s/90s America, and anthro characters in general.
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3 Years Ago
Finding no other purpose in his life, a lone traveler drifts across the vast network of roads that line the continent. When he thought his journey would never meet an end, the traveler makes a stop at a small city in the tropical South coast. It is here he finds someone - a "sheep" in the midst of wolves. The drifter soon realizes his long journey has come to a close.


Rated R for language, sexual content, and strong bloody violence. Updates one to three times a week.


Inspirations for The Drifter include the works of Nicolas Winding Refn, 80s/90s America, and anthro characters in general.


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When is the next chapter
@Levico: Thank you~ If I were to be perfectly honest, I hardly put any time into research for this comic, whether the subject is guns or cars. I definitely should be more knowledgeable about the geography of Florida though because I've lived there for about a year.
Hurry back, can't wait. Great chapter.
One critique on this page. Dunno if you've ever visited Florida, but we have pine trees and palmmetos, not so much leafy trees. Around the water, you'll find cypress. Just keep it in the back of your head, it'll add authenticity to any future pages in the woods
And finally, chapter six is completed! As I've stated before, I'm going to be taking another hiatus from this comic to work on my horror game. If you'd like to check it out, click this link: It's a very good game. Take it from me.

I will be working on the game until we can push out a demo, which may take a couple months or longer, I can't really tell, but we're more than halfway there, so please be patient with me~ I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter. There are two chapters left in the comic. I kind of regret starting this comic, as it turned out to be way too long - I would have preferred to make a smaller webcomic to prepare for a bigger project like this one, and my constant hiatuses must be really getting on your guys' nerves. But oh well. Again, this hiatus won't be as long as last time for sure.

If you haven't read my picture story Advocate yet, I really suggest you do so! This story is the reason that the last hiatus took so damn long, but I'm proud of this story:

'Til next time.
Philip is not going to let the bunnies go that easily. Looks like it's dawned fully in their minds that they have little choice in the matter and will have to do what the jackal tells them to.

So this page turned out to be pretty fun. Can you guess why that is? No, it isn't because of the earless bunny being ignored by his mates. Against all odds, the last panel actually made the page entertaining to create. And it's a background panel. You know? Those big panels that are meant to establish the current setting? Those are normally really tedious for me, as I don't like drawing backgrounds, but this one in particular was actually kinda fun! It may be because of the lighting and the overall composition, but I didn't find myself having unfun while drawing it, which is rare for a background scene.

Anyway, Chapter's almost done. One more page. I will be putting the comic on hiatus again after this OMG YES I KNOW I'M SORRY. :( The reason for this is because I want to focus on a game that I'm currently making and I wish to work on it until we can push out a demo. Our game is here: (The site appears to be down at the moment.) Until that is done, I will not be touching The Drifter again, but don't worry. The hiatus won't be nearly as long as last time.
April 25th, 2016
With Lisa being by his side, there's not much doubt Philip knows all about what happened with Maxine back at the condo. Now he wants Hans to hunt her down. With how much control he has of the city, there are not many other options for the bunny gangster right now.

There isn't much to say about the page. It allowed me to get some more interesting bubble arrangements here and there, and I decided to go with the shadow again on Philip in the last panel, just because I enjoyed how it looked a couple pages ago. Here, it's meant to give him a menacing look, as if we're seeing even darker sides of him. What does he plan to do with Maxine?
More talking. Are things easing down now? Don't blow your load just yet, folks, Hans may actually be getting to Philip now. But will he let them just walk off with any repercussions (other than the rabbit getting his ears cut off, but who cares about a random mook)?

Coming from the fun previous page, this page turned out to be not so fun. There is only so much you can do with pages filled with talking, but these pages are very necessary in a comic like this. I did my best to at least give it more flavor by changing up the angles for every consecutive panel, but that's all I could muster. A few more pages till this chapter's done. The twist with Lisa was actually something I thought up of only a few weeks ago, which means I have to now change up the script in future chapters to accommodate for her new role. Oh, and also for Hans and co. possibly living through this experience.
April 16th, 2016
Wow! This page was probably one of the most fun pages in this entire chapter. Here's why: First of all, Philip actually uses his sword for slicing flesh for once. When he does this, you know he's pissed since he's staining items he normally just collects for display. Second of all, rabbit ears. Third of all, this page gave me plenteous opportunities to set up interesting positions for the speech bubbles as well as the sounds, allowing me to make the page not just fun for myself, but for the reader as well, if you find violence fun that is. :]
April 11th, 2016
Philip loves his swords, but is he okay with staining them with rabbit blood? Well, we'll have to see if Hans can talk his way out of this one.

Not exactly a difficult page, though the first panel could definitely be seen as something that would offer a challenge. I'm not terribly satisfied with it, and despite all the people in it, it appears pretty empty. I should've at least added in some odds and ends, but I was itching to just move on from that panel. Everything else wasn't so bad, though Lisa pointing the pistol is a rather common pose it turns out~ I think I'm slightly improving on the whole foreshortening firearms thing, but I have to step back and wonder if so many of these poses are necessary. They're cool, but they can get exhausting, both to me and the reader.
Well I'll be damned ,I didn't see that coming
A big reveal is here! Lisa is actually in cahoots with Philip Sizemore and the jackals! So Lisa has hardly ever really been given any screen time (or panel time?), but hopefully you guys still remember her somewhat. So if she's with the gang, then Maxine is in bigger trouble than initially implied. How much has Maxine shared with Lisa? Well hopefully not much if she's a good cop.

This was a tough page. We're getting back into the thick of it, folks: Foreshortening, perspective and size relations. The third panel in particular could have been done so much better if I just took my time during the sketch, but unfortunately while the sketch was being made, I was in a state of no motivation and frustration. But, hey, I got myself a door mirror so I can now more easily observe my sexy body and make some poses if I'm in a bind!
April 2nd, 2016
So it would appear that the Lagos are in the shit right now. With how the Mesomelas approached them, guns pointing and all, perhaps they did have something to do with the attack. Or did they? Either way, Hans will probably get his wish to see Philip and try to set things straight.

As you might expect, I found the first panel to be pretty tough, but thankfully not as tough as I originally thought it would be. With the slanted perspective, things are a lot weirder to draw if you want everything to compliment each other. I kept in mind the importance of lines and the concept of parallelism between them and it actually turned out relatively fine. I was too lazy to look up pictures of guns, so I kinda just winged it and drew whatever came to memory. What resulted were firearms that you'll probably never find existing in any form in real life. But sometimes I have to be lazy in order to get these out to you guys in a decent pace.
Back to Hans and the few remaining members of the Lagos gang.

This wasn't an especially hard page, but it gave me plenty of opportunities to try some interesting things, such as the transition between first and second panel, gazing through the gang's point of view. Some blur effects also became handy here, to give an impression of a glass surface in a sense. This page overall has a theme of smooth pacing going on, so there's not a huge amount of progression to be found here and thus not much more to talk about. Canine girls are cute.
March 24th, 2016
Something really fishy is going on. Maxine may suspect the jackals because she knows that their stash (or at least one of them) was located in Lisa's cafe. Is that the only lead?

Not a bad page. The second panel, though it may seem a tad difficult, actually turned out decent. I didn't find myself having much trouble, and even the strange curved perspective on the sign in that last panel didn't quite phase me, thankfully.
March 19th, 2016
We're back to Maxine. We haven't seen her since she had the rather bloody encounter back at her apartment and got chewed out. It seems she hasn't gotten into too much trouble, though, as she is out and about, but something seems to be up with Lisa now (we haven't seen her in an even LONGER time).

I am a firm believer that backgrounds should really only be drawn when you are trying to establish a new setting. This is especially important for a comic run by a single person so it doesn't take forever for a page to come out. The first couple panels turned out to be lazy, but I only did it that way because of the amount of background stuff I had to work through. They weren't too difficult, but let me tell you, that SIGN gave me some trouble. I have issues with the transform tool for some reason and don't know how to keep the words in good perspective in conjunction with the sign they're on.
March 15th, 2016
And so that's a villain down. Is that all for David, or does the cat lust for more blood? Well, who could he possibly confront to sate it at this point?

I know I'm going to miss this setting, particularly because the backgrounds are hardly a challenge. Well, that's unfortunately going to change very soon. I've already reached the end of my script so I have to set aside some time to write the layout for the rest of the pages.

I figured that choking someone out with a dismembered tail would be kinda hard, so I just had David finish this struggle off nice and clean... well, at least THIS portion was clean. Just as a trivia, I was actually going to have PB die like a bitch from Hans's gun, but I think I like this outcome a lot better. Chapter's not over just yet, though. What's Hans and the gang's current situation?
March 11th, 2016
Looks like it's going to over soon. No, not the comic. I have two more chapters to do, damnit!!

So there's a bunch of space that doesn't appear to be filled up here, but I am perfectly content about that, in fact, I'd prefer if it was always like that. Yeah, this was a relatively simple page, obviously, though I didn't know how to draw the last panel. So many poses I've never had a chance to draw very often at all~ Anyways, make sure you get your hands looking right in the sketch, or you'll be tearing your hair out trying to get it right in the lineart phase. HUE HUE HUE! David's using his detached tail for something useful. Was this expected? Honestly, PB had nothing to do with that whole deal, but David just sees him as one of the Lagos, so I guess it's appropriate in a way. If he has to kill them in style, let the cat do what he pleases.
March 7th, 2016

David finally gets the upper hand. Imagine having a bullet wound behind your leg, then getting the leg dislocated. Goddayum, David.

The last half of the page gave me the most trouble. It's not often I have to draw characters with only their lower half showing. It's a LOT harder than it seems. Try it out. I spent at least over 30 minutes working on the last two panels. I was having issues trying to get good consistency between them, from the time he lifts his leg to where he launches it forward. Moving your eyes from that one panel to the next should offer a smoother transition. Also shoes are hard for some reason.
Finally things are turning around for David, and he seems to notice a weak point. Are the effects of the drug in PB fading away?

This is a relatively simple page that hasn't given me much trouble. The second panel was the toughest because I was not sure how I was going to draw it. I was hoping I could think up of a nice angle from the floor, but I had to make the hand grabbing his leg clear, and to emphasize that he was starting to feel the pain return. Basically there were a lot of parts in this page that wound up being easy to draw because of all the things obscured. I can't feel bad about this outcome because I still feel I've communicated what I needed to without going too far in terms of work.
@Fidchell: The hell? Where did these 4000+ pageviews come from?