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Various failed comics projects, random shots, pin-ups, fanarts and other things that may or may not fit into the "real" comics projects of scatterbrained cartoonist know as Xailenrath.
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Various failed comics projects, random shots, pin-ups, fanarts and other things that may or may not fit into the "real" comics projects of scatterbrained cartoonist know as Xailenrath.


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July 18th, 2014
In keeping with the most current project that I am working on and cross-referencing what's current in pop culture, Ellie Grey is dressed as Batgirl of Burnside.
(Burnside? Suburb of Gotham, I guess?)
A girl and her beloved pet
In an effort to make something a bit less cynical and misanthropic than most of my stuff, I am working on an all-ages comic.

This story revolves around a little girl named Ellie.
She is the child of a rock star bassist and an Action-Adventuring scientist.
So, one year, er dad comes back from their universes version of the Savage Land/Dinosaur Island and gives her a baby pterodactyl as a pet/Christmas present.

When mom and dad are out doing what they do, (which is the majority of the year, Ellie and her pterodactyl, who she names "Bennie" fly all across their (admittedly magical) world having cutesy adventures that one has in a magical world when one has a pterodactyl for a pet and no real parental supervision.

Giant beanstalks, talking unicorns, evil wizards, Santa Claus, time travel, woodland elves, secret societies that control the world through soda pop... Y'know, the normal stuff.

Bennie is usually 'pulled back to earth' by her shrewish older sister, Keisha and the stern but caring family butler, Mr. Beagle.
Her dad, in one of his adventures, befriended Bigfoot, who lives in the forestry on the outskirts of the family's property, and teaches Ellie about nature and eco-friendly things.
Her dad will impart wisdom about fantastical things, using one's imagination and chasing one's dreams.
Mom will teach her music, common sense/street smartsy things and finding joy in the simple things.
Her favorite teacher, Ms. Brewer does what a good teacher is supposed to do and makes book learning fun, and her
best friend, Jordana does what best friends do, and helps her see the world and herself through the eyes of another child.

I don't have a official name for the project just yet, other than "Bennie and Ellie", but i am still brainstorming.
There will be more to come later, but it will probably all go up in my upcoming website.
June 8th, 2014
Zed & Zaria
Another prospective comic idea that I had rattling around in my skull for a while.
Zed Hudson, the protagonist, is an insomniac who, with just the right amount of lack of sleep,
can see, hear and communicate with the supernatural.
His ghostly ex girlfriend, Xaria Kirby serves as his conscience and guide when he gets too far gone (i.e. batshit insane from lack of sleep).

(I made a "typo" in the comic. Xaria is to be spelled with an X, but, at first, I did spell it with a Z, as "Zed & Zaria" reads more... cute when spelled that way. But, the person she's based on spelled her name with an X.) I think Z will be canon from now on, though.
Mass Hysteria!
Today marks the 30th anniversary of my favorite movie of all time!
This pic was drawn almost 9 years ago, just after I started my Shrimp Fried Riot comic.
That's Yours Truly, Jonathan Sodt, Eric Iverson and our pal, Clarence Harper as the Boys in Grey.

I started today off right at midnight, by watching Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters 2 while doing late night laundry.
Got some sleep, got up and watched both again.
I am wearing my glow in the dark Ghostbusters t-shirt. (one of 2 that I own).
I played with my Real Ghostbusters mini-mates and felt just like a kid again for 20 minutes, then hung my
laminated Ecto-1 lithograph on my bedroom wall. (Something I should have done long ago.)
NOW, I'm at the coffeeshop, perusing all the GB sites and art that I can.
Later, I am gonna go home and reread my entire collection of IDW's Ghostbusters comic, drawn by the phenomenal
Dan Schoening, have dinner, then draw something Ghostbusters related while watching the Real Ghostbusters DVDs that my pal, Jonathan Lawson got me at ECCC a bazillion years ago.
I will end the day by watching the original one more time.

...Can ya tell I'm a Ghostbusters fan?
Never mention explosives around Inky.
Squid Country
A second Aquapolis strip, bringing back Charybdis and introducing her friend, Beluga, aka "Bel".
Also, a reference to a certain movie.
As per usual with my projects, I eventually decided to do things somewhat comedically.
Here, I "normalled" up Charybdis from her original, more 'alien' look, and henceforth, the other mermaids.
Still, I can't decide whether I want to do this project chibi-ish-ly, or with some modicum of realness.
This look is somewhere in between.

meet Charybdis and Kissandra. 2 of the mermaids of Aquapolis.
February 24th, 2014
A special relationship.
Makes you wonder where the REAL adventures happen, eh?
February 24th, 2014
Meet Barrage
Barrage is a living capacitor for ionic energies.
He can project destructive blasts from his body, focus them through his eyes like lasers, or internalize the energy to boost his strength and stamina.
February 24th, 2014
Meet Crush
Crush can fly, has superstrength, enhanced toughness, endurance and stamina, and has a latent telepathic power that has yet to be fully developed.
February 24th, 2014
Meet LongArm
LongArm is a teleporting superhero martial artist from Chicago with a proficiency in escrima sticks and other handheld weaponry.
Butterfly's Pumpkin
Happy Halloween, everyone!
September 2nd, 2013
Crash landing
Butterfly and her magic broom, Woodroe, find out the hard way that even witches should carry parachutes... just in case.
Butterfly likes to take vacations and sabbaticals on other planets.

(Peace on Earth is harder to attain than the Christmassy folk would have you believe.)

However, sometimes her spells are a bit... off. Particularly when travelling to other planets.
Maybe because alien magic is different from Earth magic. Dunno.
Anywho, every time she tries to go to another planet, she usually accidentally ends up in Purgatory. More often than not, something from the other side accidentally gets pulled in with her. This time, that something is a someone.

Sclera Irisanian (the alien princess) is a creation of the artist known as DJ Rusty E.
September 2nd, 2013
A shot of Butterfly at Stonehenge, to enhance the arcane-ness.
September 2nd, 2013
After the JoyLand pic was made, I was gonna make another JoyLand character to pal around with Rhubarb Joy.
I came up with a witch, who, was initially going to be lemon-flavored (if that makes any sense.)
I decided that I didn't like the yellow coloring and redid it.

I liked the character, though I admit I did kinda hypersexualize her in this initial picture. Later shots would have smaller breasts and no 'accidental' panty shots. So, totally taking her out of JoyLand, I found that I enjoyed the semi-chibi style and started to do other little one-panel pics of her.

I named her "Butterfly MacCobb". Later on, I would wind up using the last name MacCobb for another "creepy" project, so that's no longer her last name at present. I will have to think of something new.
September 2nd, 2013
Rhubarb Joy:

the protagonist for a comic idea I had, wherein a 'Strawberry Shortcake/MLP type of girls toy/toon from the '80s gets cancelled and the characters have to grow up and get real jobs in real life.
However, the real world is less than hospitable to toons, so, she winds up an alcoholic stripper and part-time roller derby girl.
After a few years of Hollywood raping the childhoods of 80s kids with stuff like the Transformers movies and those CGI Smurfbominations, some TV pro-douche-er gets the brilliant idea to make a 'where are they now' type documentary on a few lesser known 80's toons. Rhubarb Joy and her former co-stars are such a collective trainwreck that the documentary leads to a full scale reality show on JoyLand.
Get ready to bleep F-Bombs and blur out wardrobe malfunctions.
Another design upgrade for the Action Pac'd project.
Clyde now has freckles, and the android eyes have been refined a bit.
in prepping Action Pac'd, I did a goodly amount of old school Pac-Man fanart.

Clyde, Pinky, Inky, Blinky and Sue.
Apparently, that fat yellow guy they were chasing is about to eat a glowing orb.

Blinky, Inky, Clyde, Pinky and Sue are ┬ęthe 80's by Namco and Hanna-Barbera, and the prodigious vocal talents of
Neil Ross, Chuck McCann (twice), Barry Gordon and Susan Silo.
A proto-scribble of the Action Pac'd idea.
I still hadn't nailed Pepper's look down just yet, so I gave her a close approximation of what I thought she'd wear in the simplest terms.