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A zombie, a monster, a demon, and a ghost, not to mention the zombie's truck and the demon's pet cerberus, work as mercenaries. Whether it's for money, for glory, for entertainment, or for the sake of finding a purpose, they take on dangerous missions and constantly put their lives in danger.

We'd be a lot more worried about them if they weren't basically already dead.

Updates whenever.

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October 20th, 2016
@Shard: Why are there so many Enriques dying might be a better question.
October 20th, 2016
@ted the saiyanfox: Comic relief is clearly the demon with a small child on his head.
October 20th, 2016
@Jayfrost: I come for the bickering in the story.
Then everything changed when the fire nation attack
July 14th, 2016
Good things never last with the Paranormal Knights. If they did, we wouldn't be telling this story.
No update this week due to illness. Update will appear when it appears.
Are we going to ignore that their sense of fashion never changed over a centery and a half
@Whip the Rabbit- By our standards, yeah. But Sanctum mentioned his kind does not die from aging - meaning he could, theoretically, be millennia old, making 150 years pass by rather quickly from his perspective.
After being inseperable for 150 years, I'm pretty sure the marriage is already implied Sanctum. I wouldn't be surprised if she hadn't noticed you never got married at any point. c:
o dear
@Whip the Rabbit- He meant in the sense of "We're both far away from home with no real way back."
Happy July!

also suddenwhen an art
"You are an angel and I am a Demon. We are like kin"
I don't know if you uh. Get. What you just said. >v>;
At all. <v<;
And thus, our doom tale truly begins
Or just "Ally" for short.
Firmly grasp it
Well, he tried to warn her.
Darn it Sanctum. You are the worst physician I s2g.
Aaaaand there goes his hand.
little does she know

theres more where that came from