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Dump of Many People

An art dump among authors, upload as you please.

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Splat game this is a good comic now read it updates at least daily so far but don't count on it
1000 years later
there is no proof that the universe exists or if it doesn't exist. and there is no proof that i exist. i am a timeless, ethereal entity. or am i not? there are two possibilities: the universe is not real, or free will is not real. either way who cares since nothing changes once you determine it? i wish to exit reality, but the only way to do that is if there is a God who will allow you to do it. there is no way to prove whether or not God exists. or what is god. maybe I am god. if i were god, i would allow infinite gateways to open to new realities so that existence could once again have meaning. in 5-d space, you could be 1 millimeter away from another universe. but you will not ever reach it, even if you moved for an infinite amount of time. an infinite amount of time passes in every moment. however, i will never find the truth
hey!!! HEY!!!!!!!! i love this
March 20th, 2018
Life begets life, and hope begets hope.
And then Mania happened, and the peasants rejoiced.
February 24th, 2018
Okay, all the cringy shit aside, this one was kinda cute.
February 24th, 2018
hey here's a dumb crappy comic i made that's a redraw of this. i'm sorry
August 11th, 2017
How is this place still being posted to btw
who the fuck is responsible for this
@Nekotive: but i drew this
I'll join if it's still going. Doubt anyone remembers me but eh. Also, since Discord's mentioned, I'll drop my tag again. Probably a furry#2709
August 6th, 2017
@collaborational: Nice!
August 6th, 2017
Been a while...
In case anyone remembers me, I used to come here occasionally... maybe two years ago or so? Longer even? It seems a lot of the crew has long since left. If anyone is interested in getting ahold of me, my Discord is "Probably a furry#2709". I run a Chatzy room now and am a Media Arts major, so my art has vastly improved, though still nowhere near what I'd like.

PS: Shakes, your art is adorable <3
@Shakes: i will if you dont set your discord invites to expire so fast