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Dump of Many People

An art dump among authors, upload as you please.

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And then Mania happened, and the peasants rejoiced.
Okay, all the cringy shit aside, this one was kinda cute.
hey here's a dumb crappy comic i made that's a redraw of this. i'm sorry
August 11th, 2017
How is this place still being posted to btw
BIT HUMAN リンカーン#7461
who the fuck is responsible for this
@Nekotive: but i drew this
I'll join if it's still going. Doubt anyone remembers me but eh. Also, since Discord's mentioned, I'll drop my tag again. Probably a furry#2709
August 6th, 2017
@collaborational: Nice!
August 6th, 2017
Been a while...
In case anyone remembers me, I used to come here occasionally... maybe two years ago or so? Longer even? It seems a lot of the crew has long since left. If anyone is interested in getting ahold of me, my Discord is "Probably a furry#2709". I run a Chatzy room now and am a Media Arts major, so my art has vastly improved, though still nowhere near what I'd like.

PS: Shakes, your art is adorable <3
@Shakes: i will if you dont set your discord invites to expire so fast
its a good comic
I would like to join but I don't think I'm on the best terms with everyone for some reason... *Sob*
@Deuce3210: yeah the art was fatphobic and transphobic but people don't deserve death threats for that kind of stuff,
i heard about an artist getting death threats from the fandom of this game for genderbending the dads from the game

anyways, nice drwaing
i havent played dream daddy yet all i know is that i love damien and i hate joseph