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Don't eat the demon-infested sandwiches, no matter how tasty.


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July 28th, 2015
A page! YAY!
October 18th, 2014
Still climbing
If it was me, I would have gone to wing long ago. Who has time to climb this many steps? Grendel, I love you so!
September 24th, 2014
I'm back!
Sorry for the long delay! I've graduated, moved, and am now searching for a job. It turns out that being unemployed is a lot of work - at least, it is when you are trying to turn a grown-over homestead back into a functioning farm :-)
Ladies with cleavage!
I'm pushing my art in a new direction - cleavage!
January 5th, 2014
This year, think Sweater Vests for all of your cool dude heroes!