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Comic tales of a (mostly) fearless adventurer in a land of many dangers and little adult supervision.


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@Luminous Lead: More like quick to change the subject so she doesn't have to admit that she assumed Nikol wouldn't keep her word about not fighting, simply because another Yuman of the same race was attending a huge convention.
Debbie bounces back quickly!
@Judge Hodor MD: That would have been awesome!

But, hey, whatever gets Lance's clock cleaned is okay by me :-)
@Destrustor: Personally I’d rather see 1000 Blades vs 1000 Fists
A thousand weapons Vs One good shield.
Dead man standing.
@Karl: Or it could very well come out as predicted. Either way, how would we know? Just sit back and enjoy the fights.
Stellar bodyguard job there Kenner.

Time for Willa to wipe that smugness from Lances face.
S (Guest)
April 20th, 2018
@Common Sense: That’s going a bit far. You don’t have sympathy for the guys who regularly risk their lives to protect everyone from horrific monstrosities if they make the wrong call about someone similar to the sort of thing they usually fight.

It’s actually pretty safe to assume Rose’s kind is pretty dangerous at birth. Odds are that there have been a lot of misunderstandings. The sort of thing where both sides assume the other is the evil doppelgänger. If things don’t get sorted out or if the community can’t accept the shadow, things could easily stay nasty.

And if they don’t know the details of the case they might assume that by twin sister, they meant that Rose copied and killed a sister of Wila’s before convincing everyone that she is the original...
@Aeon#3547: It's both. Orphan was originally supposed to fight Lance in the upcoming match, which would mean that Rose and Willa would fight each other in the semifinals. Now, the fights have been swapped around, so Willa is fighting Lance next, and Rose is up against Orphan in the match afterwards.
Wrong Move
With that one (okay, two) move(s), the Pyre Knights just lost any sympathy or empathy I may have once felt for them.
Go get'em, Rose honey. Please hand those bigots and fixers their collective butts.
@Char89: "Also, the bottom of her shoe looks like a drumstick." I do NOT want to eat at your haus. What type of mutated pullets are you consuming?
{edit] Oh, the BEETLE's shoe/boot. I see. I was looking at Rose's classy peds. Somehow doidn't think of Beetle as a "She". Sorry. assumptions.
Pretty sure that he means Willa not rose.
@Judge Hodor MD: I think he wants to show the crowd how the pyre knights can deal with yumunculi like rose
@Judge Hodor MD:
I hope that he just wants Rose to face someone with more suitable skills and Jalak to experience combat with a wild murderbeast that isn't actually going to go wild nor murdery.

But he probably just wants to see a knight versus monster fight.

Either way it doesn't feel like a bribery situation, but when you have huge wads of cash and want something, I guess every situation is a bribery situation...
That's one smug Jericho.

Here's hoping that this is just gonna be a show of Pyre Knight superiority and not an execution.
Here’s the question
Does he want things to get murdery? Or does he just want Rose to get knocked out before she hurts someone (he assumes)?

Wila should be relatively safe fighting her sister, so does this mean he’s not confident Jalak can beat Lance?
April 18th, 2018
I'm a bit mad about this.

Come on at least try to get more if your gonna accept a bribe
April 17th, 2018
Hang on. Where does it say in the official rulebook for commentators to accept bribes from a peasant?