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Latchkey Kingdom

Comic tales of a (mostly) fearless adventurer in a land of many dangers and little adult supervision.


Recent Comments

So the Underwater is worthy of being destroyed by the Yubikiri. That answers that question.
@Dryder: What are you talking about? The party is just about to begin!
@yachris: And in that case it deals less damage to the cave. Prepare to block with your torso Joe.
Let’s see how calm joe takes it.
"And if it just happens to coincidently, accidentally hit Calm Joe, I'll buy you two more."
Ferrah is really pretty in the first panel!

Also I'm really looking forward to seeing the results of the yubikiri going off in a cave...
Nuke the site from orbit. 'tis the only way to be certain.
Oh well, it was fun while it lasted
She just threw out a perfectly good handheld game. D:
Quick, Ash, yoink whatever that is!
Because he got it from a question mark block.
I’ve always found fishing boring, too
Because food is more important!
I don’t think he realizes people typically carry canoes upside down.
These last couple pages were priceless.
What it feels like being an introvert in a crowded room.
Don’t steal kids. Stealing is wrong.
And you might get beat up for it.
But the octopus was hungry!
Just another day at the office for Lenne
@Guya: Willa is a lag, presumably short for lagomorph. (Which would mean that rabbits and hares aren't considered discrete?)
Ash is a smeht, which doesn't help me at all.