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Latchkey Kingdom

Comic tales of a (mostly) fearless adventurer in a land of many dangers and little adult supervision.


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I know the feeling. I started a new game in Okami 6 years ago.

I’m halfway through the opening narration.
Well now we know why they all will look similar to Willa now
Awesome game title and graphics
@SlothfulCobra: I can't make it out, but I can see that the second letter is X and the last one is A, and that it's probably 6 letters long. The first letter is either an E or an L
I can read movies and virtual reality videogames, but I have no idea what the real name for Fairyland is.
So the quarters from The Cussjar are the true heroes? Aren't the heroes supposed to survive up to the finale? How context-sensitive must the censoring be to trigger on "game"? Do Yumans not have a concept of "fun" that is compatible with "harmless"?
August 17th, 2019
Wait... maybe I'm not supposed to mention the game.
Ash has some sick burns in the fifth panel!
So if everyone else is link, is Willa going to be Vaati? Or Zelda?
If that's 8 tokens per player per life that swear jar of coins isn't going to last long if they die often. Better hope friendly fire is off with Ash in the game.
8?! tokens? What a ripoff. This had better be at least 4 times better than any other game or give me 4 times as many lives.
Nice work condensing exposition.

Bridget seems to have gotten a lot more relaxed about the prime directive. Then again, it isn’t actually fairy tech.
I really hope Jane's "girlfriend" isn't Veronica. I'm also thankful that this isn't a psyche-split plot and Willa doesn't have a part of her personality that's just like Rosaline. Lastly, is Bridget's speech impediment fading or most of the words legible just for reader convenience?
Svana hs gotten very good at translating Censor bars.
@Fittik : Or the VR machine has a sense of humor and gives them all totally unsuitable classes.
So I'm guessing the orange one is gonna be Ash, blue is gonna be Jane, Zander is yellow, and Rosaline is the pink.
Yeeesss~! You've already done my favourite plot device from the games and now you're doing my second (and my favourite from the manga~!). Thank you!

Hopefully this'll go better for them, (and, I assume, their dark counterpart) than it did for the Zelda manga characters though ^^
@Sudux: I actually hadn't considered the possibility that these four characters might all be different sides of Willa's personality. If that is the case, the orange one that looks like Jalak and the pink one that looks like Rosaline worry me deeply.
@Drifter: Oh snap! I'll take your word for it and agree, 'cause I was NES / SNES / PS1 player and skipped the gamecube entirely.