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Latchkey Kingdom

Comic tales of a (mostly) fearless adventurer in a land of many dangers and little adult supervision.


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ZAWARUDO! *steamroller crushing sound*
Ah, Finally Someone Came Into The Super Protected Dungeon So I Can Eat My First Meal In 10 Years...
Hiding the ceiling mimic in plain sight is really clever!
That ceiling has a mouth!
October 18th, 2019
no, you gotta use AISUSTORMMMME!
@Joseph Richmond: Oh snap, you're right! Also, Facade's clever cousin anyone? Oh hey wait, they got bombs--...OH THIS THING'S SMART.
Did anybody else read all the text, go down the page as normal, and after the final panel go back and realize the ceiling has an eye and mouth in panel two? I'm genuinely impressed that the author managed a sleight of hand on both the adventuring party AND the readers with the same trick. My hat is off to him.
Ok, now we need to shoot an arrow at the giant eye. Get the archer.

Oh right, this could be a problem.
The oldest trick in the book.

All veteran role players know you check the ceiling first.
October 18th, 2019
What an interesting fountain with conspicuously colored orbs.
@Innit: You're ignoring a lot of character development. Unlike all of Rosaline's parents' sycophants, Zander's interest in Rosaline had nothing to do with inheriting the Angelonian throne. He never treated her badly and they became friends over the many adventures that have taken place since they first met. As for being "Lannistarkish" notice that her grief lasts only three panels.
@Innit: Yes, but how many of those were her friends
@ThatAnon: Because them silly dummies didn't bother learning any of the lore or 'how to dream' stuff XD
Not very Lannistarkish
Seems very out of character for Rosaline to get upset about some minor noble getting killed. I figure she's seen plenty of little lords die right in front of her back at her parents court.
“We killed Zander!!”
And then they just sweep him under the rug. They don't even check to see if be has a resurrection trinket or something.
Well at least their all on the same page now.. It only took a death to do it.
@orgostevani: Only 15 for Rose, as she lost 5 to Ash's burn attack after everyone got healed. (Then Zander was burned for 6, poisoned for 5, got eight more damage from lingering poison, and finally one from spider bite.)
Also, I checked, each of the remaining 3 should have 20 HP, since that's how many Zamder had before dying.
The second Zander died, I had a feeling the group dynamic was going to shift pretty heavily... I already miss him as the voice of reasoning. Also did they remember to take his remaining health potions?