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Latchkey Kingdom

Comic tales of a (mostly) fearless adventurer in a land of many dangers and little adult supervision.


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She’s been talking plenty to Lance recently... *raises eyebrow suspiciously*
@dracone: You are not the first person (nor i think the last) to say that, many times before in past chapters people say stuff like "OMG, i think this is the first time/this is the most Willa have said in a chapter so far!" When ever Willa says something in LK.
I think that's first time Willa has actually said something over the entire course of the comic, it's hard to recall due to the fact she's pretty quiet most of the time. She's gone entire chapters without saying a word
Dont worry guys he is totally talking about the diet/healthy eating thing he is trying to do, tbh she is only making it harder by eating that in front of him
@Karl: If I remember right, the last time we saw them he found out she was lying to him through the entire relationship.

I can’t exactly blame him things don’t keep going like nothing happened.
Karl (Guest)
August 18th, 2018
GASP! Are Bridget and Rex breaking up? The bird sums up my feelings about that quite succinctly.
Seems like everything was some kind of big misunderstanding. Hopefully the damage Galondria will bring before things get cleared up won't be too severe.
@MrZJunior: From the looks of it, just a *bit* more than his helmet came off...!
Wait, did helmet guy's head just come off?
@Karl: Nick's art is always fantastic!
That's some great scenery.

In fact, all of Cursed Clover has really pretty backgrounds.
We have a name for those, Holden. It's "Redshirts".
He should try being more like the pot bellied monster eater guy. No one asks him to go slipping into dangerous holes.

He may be smarter than he looks >w>
She's fine. I'm sure Hilde has had heavier things dropped on her before.
@SlothfulCobra: That is a fig leaf.
Huh, that feather's placement in front of that dog is kinda...
@TimeSceo: "she", you mean.
He’s just a dog
Treachery without an o, unless Hilde has a weird accent only on certain words.
@Psych: The way I see it, it takes a massive amount of time and effort to put out a webcomic, on top of the creator’s work and life and so forth. Definitely more then I could personally handle.

You already update far more then I expect for a typical full colored comic. If stuff comes up I understand. If I’m too invested in what’s going on I might not be happy about it, but I don’t have grounds to complain and I’m not going to ask anyone to sacrifice personal stuff or kill themselves just to entertain me.

Thanks for the quality work. I appreciate what you do and I’m not going to stress it if you have to cut back every now and again.