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Comic tales of a (mostly) fearless adventurer in a land of many dangers and little adult supervision.


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Love the moon pretending not to see anything and the cultists being embarrassed about being discovered.
"These ears aren't just for show, you know!"
@Destrustor: I'm guessing she has a good racial bonus too.
Man, she put a lot of points into perception.
Haha reverse psychology!

Commonly, Homeopathy is more of "natural medicine" approach. A typical example would be eating a plant that produces the medicine you need instead of taking a pill that has a concentrated version. It is considered "New Age" and is generally looked down upon by most scientist and medical practitioners. Often lumped together with "healing crystals" and other alternative medicine scams. My brother is a biochemist and he's against the practice as natural sources of medicine are at usually 1% the strength of the synthesized version. While it was a decent choice back in the Colonial period, it is a practice that has not aged well.
@TomTomy: It is diluted so much that there is not a single molecule of the original substance left. So homeopathy can't hurt, it is just clean water or sugar.

Of course it hurts your wallet and people make big money with it.
More precisely
@Jay: To be more precise, homeopathy assert that water has a "memory" and will have an effect resembling the medecine that is diluted into it. I think the initial basis was like "fight fire with fire" so if something cause diarrhea, it can cure diarrhea. Obviously didn't work, but if it's diluted enough, it at least doesn't worsen the condition (other than not getting real treatment) and can have some measure of placebo effect to go on.
@myIDID: So a placebo, okay thanks for the info.
@Jay: It's someone who practices Homeopathy, a practice which literal believes that less is more. Homeopathic medicine is shit that they claim taking in smaller doses might have greater effect.
Might be a little less… insane in Hilla, but probably not.
Sorry if I offend anyone, but homeopathy has a very bad reputation where I'm from.

(WTFH is a Homeopath?)
Homeopath? He wouldn't!
@myIDID: Heh, must've been a BlackBlood.
That is one very odd certificate of credit there, Scribble Scrawl the Ninth.
Please, no 'first' posting.
@Bizkit: In the future everybody has fursonas.
yachris (Guest)
April 25th, 2017
@Drifter: No one knows... he just kind of... disappeared.
Drifter (Guest)
April 25th, 2017
Oh, this reminds me of that 70-Seas Extended comic about that jewel thief who was incredibly successful because no one could ever remember his name or face. His name was Tom, right? Whatever happened to that guy?
Karl (Guest)
April 25th, 2017
Phanny is making a splash in high-society. Not that I blame them since she is quite the lady.
Should I get the shovel and Headstones now?