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Latchkey Kingdom

Comic tales of a (mostly) fearless adventurer in a land of many dangers and little adult supervision.


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I appreciate that they gave Rose a tank top and skirt for the sake of modesty. They clearly don't want her to strain herself by shape-shifting herself an outfit.
It took me a minute to figure it out, but I love how Rose is answering the question :-)
Sorry Orphan, but her fist was poisoned, and you'll be dead in twenty minutes. Oh, the poison would have taken three hours, but Rosaline wanted to see you after the match...
@Inktail Nekogami: Hopefully... he looks a little abashed, but will probably do the same thing (or something worse) once it all starts again.
Something is telling me that knight boy is gonna get penalized for illegal choke holding
Yep. Looks like the ref is extremely upset with Rose's opponent.
Panel 4 is noteworthy for having an obscenely adorable Rose and a... Christine who has clearly not fought enough amorphs. That is not the expression of someone with perfect clarity of their current circumstances...
@Ryku Foxthinker: Think it's more like the T-1000 terminators; she can reshape herself, but she can't expend mass. So no hydralisk spines or machine guns. Who knows though; she just figured out how do do stuff like this, so maybe she'll work that out sometime in the future.
@Ryku Foxthinker: I’m pretty sure conservation of mass is in play.

It’s already been established that if she has too many fists out they’ll be about as effective as hitting someone with feathers.
I get the feeling Rose just kinda wants to go home right now.
And the cooldown hug saves everyone from further trouble.
Yay Rose! Save that friend! Then smash Jalak when he's least expecting it :-)
@Childe_Roland: One problem, though. Rosaline didn't see this happen, she was kicked out. Sure, she can be told about it, but she would definitely order him executed if she had seen him in person.
If she can harden and detach her biomass, that is.
Has no one else considered the fact that Rose can supergenerate her own biomass to form bio versions of traditional weapons? Hell, she could theoretically form a hydralisk style spike spitter.
I somehow get the feeling that Jethro knew what the nerve cluster 'headlock' entailed, but that it's an extremely rare instance that the victim is allowed to recover to see what state it's left in.
I'm still waiting to see how hard the Ref chews out the kids in the ring.
That's the proclamation of a man who is not certain of his own claims.
@Drifter: Or maybe Jethro just wasn't sure if Jalak might still end up killing Rose while she was (safely) incapacitated? That is also a possibility.
Oh man, look at the sweat on Jethro's forehead! Even he wasn't sure if Rose was going to be okay! Nerve clusters must be extremely delicate organs.
@Childe_Roland: Good point! And seeing an angry Rosaline is always entertaining :-)