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Latchkey Kingdom

Comic tales of a (mostly) fearless adventurer in a land of many dangers and little adult supervision.


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And this is why you don't hide the details of The Plan from The Marshmallow. They get all flustered right in the middle of everything and then someone panics and then everything is on fire.
And now the fun begins.
@Drifter: The safe bet is that he assumes he’s the target.
I'm honestly not sure how to interpret eyepatch's reaction. Does he fear that the brand is for him? Is he concerned that he was doing business with a to-be-branded individual? or is letting the brand touch the ground some sort of cultural sacrilege among Dilloes?
Brands for everyone!
Okay, of all ways to deal with this situation, pushing probably wasn't the best.
@Anna: That’s just how the world works.

This actually is important here. A group of merchants set up a system that greatly facilitates trade and yet could easily be abused. If it wasn’t strictly defended it wouldn’t take long to completely collapse. Unfortunately, I don’t think they have the technology to make things hack proof and from what I know of that world it should be easy enough to run to a place with uncooperative laws. Branding people’s bodies is probably the nicest workable option.
But what the cartel doing is totally legal, right?

It's funny how cartel's shady stuff and illegal branding is okay to her, but not alcohol.
By my read of the situation, Semira is being pushed into a wall, not into a canal. That said, do dillos float?
This is why you stick to the plan! Investigate uncertainties later, but don’t let them get in the way of the here and now. P.S. While this applicable to this scene I’m primarily referring to them giving into their compassion, and sparing the guy in the first place.
I feel bad for Semira getting betrayed by her own kin, but at the same time, they were doing business with a guy who has goons and an eye-patch. She had to have suspected it on some level.
Oh Semira. However do you know what alcohol tastes like?
(Conveniently ignores that Semira is a travelling merchant, and has, no doubt, seen more than her share)
I think a good indication that it isn't milk is that you can see through it, if dimly.
@Guest: 1. Aqa and jenaab are honorifics, not names. 2. He popped off the cap with his eye socket.
@Guest: I thought the same thing! The positioning of the cap really does make it look like it is attached to/part of the eyepatch (especially with where the fingers are and the motion lines).
Did Jenaab open that with his eyepatch?
Yeah it's definitely non-alcoholic of course. Totally is legitimate doogh and nothing else. Obviously. It's not at all actually booze. Why wouldn't a cartful of mundane, normal, legal drink be exchanged under a bridge on the outskirts an evening for enough money to cover a cartel guy's debts?
October 16th, 2018
@Guest: It's non-alcoholic, though. They established on the previous page that alcohol is illegal in Dilloland.