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Latchkey Kingdom

Comic tales of a (mostly) fearless adventurer in a land of many dangers and little adult supervision.


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@Drifter: My guess is that they’re not so much at the underwater as over it. There is some significant point of interest that can only be reached by diving. The lake itself isn’t really what they’re referring too, but it’s probably as far as most people go.
The Underwater what?
When Ash first mentioned it, I assumed Ferrah cut her off before she gave the full name of the place, now I'm super curious as to why it's called that. I thought this was some kind of super-rare fishing spot, but it can also be a network of caves? They didn't even go underwater at any point to get here, right?

Edit: Panel Two is the first time I can really see a family resemblance between Ferrah and Ash. Makes me wonder what Ash would look like if she was Ferrah's age.
@justsomeguy16: Ash has a simple choice. Fingers, or explosions. I begrudge not her noble values in this matter! But then stupid Ferrah had to go and be correct and now Ash doesn't get her firework...
I'm going to guess it's some safe haven for yomunculi, once it's discovered by Yumans they probably move on and create a new home.
Well dang, good thing ash didnt get the yubikiri, because when i translated it from japanese, it meant "Finger remover"
They've done quite a good work those yomunculi. Especially all that flora.
I love how...
Willa is correcting the term "Shadow" to Yomunculi. It feels like she's looking out for Rose by trying to keep people from casually vilifying Yomunculi so they can't think of Rose as a monster.
... I feel like we just got a tiny bit more context as to what the Underwater is, but I would have really preferred getting it earlier... and with a bit more info.
Its surprising to hear Willa mention her parents (aside from sir Dragonfly of course), might be the first time we hear it.
@Guest: Big choppers for being smol.
I think this chapter is the one where Willa has said more than any of the other chapters she spoke in.

That architecture looks like it might draw on Chinese, Korean, and Japanese architectural designs and sensibilities
@Cathode: i dont think it is a Bable Funch,but still, good advice
Look out for that bird! Don't let it translate anything you say!
Wow, Psych, your art is always great but this scene is just fantastic!

@Karl: Statue, or graffiti on the cave roof?
@Lazloz: Her mouth IS a rare sight...

Smol Ash is smol.
This looks really great. Just noticed the big demon statue in the back in the upper right corner.
I dunno... Frog legs and hot sauce are also something not to be missed...
I'm getting a Shisui of the Violet Tides vibe.
That’s some epic level gardening.

Do we have plants that grow in darkness? Sun strength bioluminescent mushrooms? Fake plants that aren’t actually alive?

Probably just an idiot overthinking things.
I swear this is the clearest angle Ash's face has been shown, and she is outraged.