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Life is never quite normal in Bluewater Cove, California!

When high school students turn into super-powered freaks and go on a crime spree, the authorities are powerless to stop them.

But where did these super teens come from?

And how did they gain their god-like powers?

Determined to solve the mystery, 16 years old Kaci Bell enters a dark world of science gone mad.

With danger and death shadowing her every move, she may not live long enough to discover the shocking truth

Written by John Gatehouse with art by Dave Windett

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Dave Windett
December 24th, 2014
Happy Christmas

Rest assured we are working on a new adventure, but progress is slow and we won't upload any of it until the story is complete.
@Poppy: Not just yet, John and I are working on the next story but it's going to take a while. we won't post any of it until the story is complete and our paying work does tend to get in the way and slow things down. I will from time to time post some Kaci Bell related artwork and in the meantime there is always Lazarus lemming as you know :)
And thus begins.. the next chapter..dun..dun..dunnnnn
It's shameless plug time again!

You can get 15% off The Kaci Bell Mysteries print collection with this code FWD15 -
@Poppy: Thanks for all the comments, glad you enjoyed reading the strip.

Oddly enough John and I recently created a strip for the Beano. It was a newspaper style strip called Bottom Gear, loosely based on a well known T.V car show.

One of the strips can be seen towards the bottom of this page of my blog -
Very cute guys. I enjoyed the story, and the comic style though yours, reminds me a little of being a kid reading a 'beano' Great job XD
i love that her black hole 'slurps' ..hehe
yay! Go little salamander.. push that cage
Damn! Always the way.. cat sleeping beneath your opportunely placed Picasso vase! Damn the fates..hehe
hey if you're going to be a detective..what better than A. Christies, little old lady..hehe <3
No offense to Kaci..But i kind of agree with Buck right now. o_0
man she's harsh.. Not going to cut him any slack even after he says he's working to better
There we have it, the final episode of the first Kaci Bell Mysteries adventure, we hope you enjoyed reading strip as much as we did creating it.

Kaci and Robyn will return, but only when the next story is fully drawn.

Meanwhile please check out Lazarus Lemming, a comic strip that was originally produced for a British comics anthology called the DFC. The strip will be updated weekly.

Remember a print collection of the first Kaci Bell Mysteries adventure is available from Lulu at -
Hi Krusader, thanks for sticking with us so far. You'll find out soon enough!
Bad Feeling
For some reason, I've got a bad feeling about this. Maybe I'm just being paranoid, but my plot development senses are tingling.
@Kelgrinn Krusader: Well you'll find out tomorrow :)
Random Thought
I bet the one who grabbed her is the guy she was following.
Comics 411
The Kaci Bell Mysteries is webcomic of the week over on 411 Mania -
Welcome to the first episode of The Kaci Bell Mysteries.

When we decided to create this web strip, we did not want to get into a position where we had to leave it unfinished and disappoint potential readers.

All 141 episodes of the story have been drawn and the strip will be updated daily.

Completing the story also gave us the opportunity to put together a print collection, which is available now from

Enjoy the strip

Dave and John