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Join Napo, Foxpuff and Syogren on an adventure to discover the Elbow Exploder.

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@Syogren: They're just recolors so they deserve it.
I can't believe everyone's f**king dead.
Foxpuff drowns.
Muddy gets electrocuted.
Napo gets crushed by two giant spinning Hydro Spheres, which are damaging him and forcing out his oxygen. He also gets electrocuted.


So I win, right?
Two to three years, huh? Heh... to say that I've missed my friends here wouldn't really make much sense since I never bothered to keep in touch with anyone.
Not until recently with my co-authors, though.
And also that time I smashed Justin maybe a year ago. Man, that was fun.
Today is... a special day, in which I want to do as much as I can. So I decided to finally finish this battle that was nearing its end.
I mean, well, this battle was supposed to be longer, but I found the opportunity to wrap it up, and so I did.
Also... I guess my spriting skills haven't decreased that much over the years, huh?
@Napo, Unlaunched Cannon: Done. And. Done.
@Syogren: Speaking of college, read your massages.
Meanwhile I'm lucky if I can update ANYTHING AT ALL EVER. College life, man...
All right, I'm done my little break from Smack Jeeves.

Time to spread the Napo virus once again.

Starting with Kirby Dream Team.
This may look big, but I had to make it this size; I keep my charts on my smartphone so it's easy to look at while I'm playing on my 3DS, and so I don't have to use internet. I made it so big so that words don't look all blurry when I zoom in, which I need to do when looking at the blue letters, or when I just need to read the berry names in bigger letters.

Have you ever seen someone with a 3DS in one hand, a 2DS in another, and a smartphone nearby with the occasional tapping of the screen? That might be me.
Tomorrow's the first day of school. Sophomore year, here I come.

Over the Summer, my Pokémon attitude shifted from fun to serious competetiveness. I made this chart as a result of me playing for weeks on end. Seriously. This isn't even the only chart I made.

… Huh? What? You want to see more Napo vs Foxpuff vs Muddy? Oh, okay. No one's interested in my worldly life I see how it is.
@Napo, Unlaunched Cannon: Wait a minute, Napo's A RECOLOR? A R-E-C-O-L-O-R?


You said the first person to talk loses, right?


I may just have an idea...
@Syogren: Remember when I was depressed? That is no longer the case.

Let's just say... I've moved on, to another.
March 14th, 2014
@Syogren: Whateves, bro. *throws hands in the air*
March 14th, 2014
>It's Foxpuff's Birthday
>Completely forgot

BRB depression
To one of my former-closest friends, happy birthday to our dear Michy! Also known as the "Foxpuff".

Sorry I couldn't bring this out to my absolute potential, but I hope you have a great day.
@Napo, Unlaunched Cannon: Electric attacks are your best friend when fighting Muddy underwater.
@Syogren: What move shall Napo use next? Fire Stream? Sparks Dispenser? Sonic Boom? Chaos Wind? Homing Attack?