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DaT Nuzlocke: A HG/SS Pokemon Gijinka Nuzlocke Comic

A Pokemon gijinka nuzlocke comic based on Pokemon Heartgold and Soulsilver.


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Well...I found this comic cause I was trolling for Nuzlocke comics, and I AM LOVING THIS (but RIP Momo...). I'm conveniently doing a Soulsilver nuzlocke right now and I already have...4 deaths (Rattata, hoothoot, wooper, and dratini) and 3 badges, making my way to 4th.
Please Update!!!!
It's getting SO interesting!!!!!!!
@Marcos: Whoa, is that a Grimgar profile pic?
who?... wha!... why?!... I have so many questions!!!

haha ahh.... this is nice. thanks nyapapa, you always know how to get my mind all abuzz. ;)
Not Momo... The feels...
hello hello i'm back with a short part of page 21! tbh i didn't plan on splitting this page into parts, but realizing that this page might exceed over 40,000/50,000 again i just think that i should upload this part first while i work on the rest of the page this month.
sorry if you expected a longer page tho but i'm working on the second part as quickly as i can (and it's like 3 times as long as this one hgofdg)-- thank you for being patient!

i will try to refrain from answering questions/theories regarding this page but still feel free to post those!

also to patrons-- i will charge for this page but for the next extra page, i will not charge for that one due to the short length of this page. thank you for understanding.
Yeah no that miltanks dead.
Well, imma curl into a ball and be more depressed than usual. Hell of a way to go tho
Is it just me or is Noah's hair getting longer... is he evolving?
AW DAM!! D: But Momo was so cool! Whyyyyyy?????
Poor Leda...where is she gonna go now??
gosh i dunno what to say. But on another note you should try to get this web series into a tv show.
holy shit...
This was heart wrenching. 100% full credit to you Nyapapa. beautiful. I had shivers all over and actually shed a tear. daym. i don't know what to say. Keep up the fantastic work! <3
c r y
omg no momo no no no please be okay no nononononono I'm crying omf please-

I'm addicted to this art style and comic hs
Im not allergies are acting up! alot of people want to tap a Miltank
Wow her older bro is HOT
O.O why the sharp pointy teeth? WHY?