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Cut Man... a robot who was originally created for tree trimming work, will prove himself that he is not a Robot Master to be messed with.

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Whatever feels right for you. I'll be a fan :-)
Yeah, I let this comic not get updated for a whole year. I already done this two other times with two other comics mostly because there is a lack of motivation for updating a comic that I feel nobody cares about. However I am going to remake the comic all over just so it's better and to sync up with my better skills at making comics with GIMP.

I have no set date for when the remake takes over but I will try to at least make things better by having a script to plan things out ahead before making comics and use the knowledge I have with GIMP at the moment to make the comic better.
Here is another comic which is 27 minutes late.

Also yesterday, I updated my Computer to Windows 8.1 thanks to a free store update. The result didn't do a lot except... I can't make Beveled Speech Boxes and speech tails at the same time because it registers the speech box as "nothing". Should I keep the Tails on speech boxes or keep it beveled until I find a fix for this?
November 10th, 2013
<img src=" y55fe.png" />
And this is the start of Cut Man's Misadventures!