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by supercomputer276
Have a question about nearly anything? Then just drop SC276 the pink kitsune a scemail and see what he has to say! Ask your question today!

Instructions for posting a SCemail are in the first comic.
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9 Years Ago
Have a question about nearly anything? Then just drop SC276 the pink kitsune a scemail and see what he has to say! Ask your question today!

Instructions for posting a SCemail are in the first comic.

Recent Comments

why won't you update it's getting near 3 years
Anyone notice panels 4 and 5 (or 5 and 6 if you include the answering machine paper) has a Falcon Punch reference?
December 28th, 2010
...the sad part is, that's how both her and I would react to being insulted.
December 20th, 2010
Holy S*** an UPDATE!!
The Crying Game
I should be careful. Otherwise, most of my work would end up like this rubbish heap.
January 14th, 2010
Technically Sally Alicia Acorn is a comic character not a VG character.
._. Wat.
I can't tell which parts are reality, and which are storytelling.
Finally, an update.
Forever Doesn't Last
To be clear, SC will continue to mention Shard in future SCemails if the subject calls for it, but you can forget her ever appearing in person again.
To SuperComputer(Numbers),
What happened in the Trailer park of authors? There seems to have been unseen-by-me events that occurred that caused shard to leave a dramatic goodbye to the comic. I'd like to know what events happened.

Typing big words,

have you ever considered improving mettols armor and giving them shields along with upgradeing their core to increase their capabiltys granting them the abilaty to do multiple things at once and giving them basicly complete invlornabilty

from a fan with a mettol army and multiple forms uinxguy
mast laverick was rere
hed is a loser
red was here
last maverick is a loser
@ rayz
OK, one, get an account.

Two, the "disappear" thing is a plot point where SC disappears off the face of the multiverse so he could train to become stronger. Part of his time is shown in Kirby battle arena ( However, SCemails takes place out of continuality, so he'll still be there.

Three, the mouth isn't hanging open, it's supposed to be in motion, more or less. But it's a comic strip, so it only gets one pose per panel.
YAY!!!! RESPONSE!!! Thanks~!

You dropped off of the face of the earth? When did this happen?!?! Why did I not hear of this before? No, I do not live under a rock.

Talking about Panchico, as a computer program, she could use a learning algorithm, or at the very least modify her own behavior code, so that it accounts for her changing behavior. Parallel piping will also help create a multitrack mind (or neural network simulation)... Yes, you're right. I'm just babbling.

Are you kidding me? I love you because you're pink! Well... not really... but you get the idea!

I am rejoicing!

...Just one thing. Your mouth is hanging open while you read my email. Is this because you are in a state of shock?

...Is this the first user comment?

...Ok. I'll shut up now.
The Storywriting Process
Finally, an email worth answering! You might notice that SC's reflection now has a legendary MOUTH, so rejoice or something.

Note to self: NEVER have a JPG as the wallpaper of the BL Compy EVER AGAIN.
Feburary 22, 2009
From the laptop of rayz
(email hidden)

Dear supercomputer276,

Hi! Name's rayz.

Speaking to supercomputer276 in real life, how do you manage so many different characters at once? You would need to establish different identities and personalities for each character that you create, and make each character dynamic so that the character can change over time in reaction to whatever happens to him/her, especially because your characters do not fall into some stereotypes, nor are they static.

I also realize that this also needs to apply to every storyline that you create-- you need to forecast plot advancements, introduction of characters, events, prevent possible plot holes, etc. I can barely keep track of my own life: college, friends, life... it must be much more difficult to keep track of many characters in totally different settings with different personalities! How do you do it?

Speaking to the supercomputer276 in the in-comic reality: You're pink! PINK! *tries to glomp compy and smashes it to bits*

...Whoa, long scemail.

...Ok. I'll stop typing now.


Dear Supercomputer,

Why do you reject me?

Tapika, Captain of the S.S. Good and Master of the Obvious
Dear SC

why so serious?

The joker
O.o.I just translated it and what it said was...disturbing.