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Rainbow Mansion

A webcomic about a fake reality show about gay dudes in a house. It strives to be as tacky as possible. Usually updates Friday nights.

Recent Comments

@Captain Apricot: I mean, Thad's gotta leave for med school at some point, lol
And here I was thinking it would be TJ or Thad.... Go get him Essie!
Another episode ending and leaving myself going livid for wanting more
@JesBelle: Some scented candles too.
@WandaWalker: It's my roommate's reading nook now. Maybe I should get him an Easy Bake oven for it.
@JesBelle: It's no wonder it took Essie so long to come out, lol
That is a really nice closet. I've lived in one myself, so I should know.
Now Essie will never get rid of him.

Anyway, this marks the beginning of my hiatus, which will last as long as it takes me to create the interlude pages. Once those are all done, they'll go up a page a day for however many weeks it takes. I hope everyone's had a good time this episode.

If you really get a hankering for the daily Wanda opinion pages, check out my links below. Thanks!

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@Slayernice: It'll probably smell like lavender and have a little fountain in the corner.
Living in a walk-in closet sounds awesome though
@JesBelle: Then she will have performed a miracle.
What if Essie promises to only make good closet jokes?
Honestly didn't see that coming
@YukixKaname1: Peaches is probably a better name for a dog, lol
Damn you people really did Peaches dirty tsk tsk. (Fun fact: My dog's name is Peaches)
@Slayernice: It honestly came down to who's the funniest. The least favorite people are still my comedy powerhouses. Someone had to take the fall.
@JesBelle: I love him but he's not a comedian, lol.
Noooo! Not Peaches!