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Rainbow Mansion

A webcomic about a fake reality show about gay dudes in a house. It strives to be as tacky as possible. Usually updates Friday nights.

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thad's accent emerges
literally though I crack up every time I read this. "We get to be the gay kids!" never change, Essie baby.
@Slayernice: Justin is both amused, horrified, and turned on.
When you see your bf tryna do the same style as yours
@Drew95: It's generally easier to do your own if you can. That way it's not some weird object you have no control over diving toward your eyes, aha.
@JesBelle: I have no clue how they are going to fit Thad into Justin's pants.
Aww, little sweeties gonna cosplay each other.
In sophomore year of high school, I auditioned for a play and got a part.

I thought I would simply have to memorize the lines and rehearse.

Well... I forgot that actors needed makeup. So, when the makeup artist approached my with the eyeliner pen... we found out real quick I twitch a lot when anything approaches my eyes, lol.
This was literally based on my own first experience with eyeliner. The struggle is real.

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The hype is real within me
Miguel looks sooo grown up!
I was gonna joke that TJ is the only one in the house to even know what a football is, but I remembered that Essie played football in high school too. Soooo... fun fact about Essie, I guess.

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Maura as a nerd is so cute
@you can probably guess: Some people were hard to place (like Asan and Kasha) but some were ridiculously easy, like Thad and Justin. Dasaf would have embraced any role he had, honestly. He's very competitive.
also lol dot's principal outfit
essie and teo <3
also Maura and Dasaf. I love how overenthusiastic they are about their assigned roles. also I love how appropriate some of these assignations are (though I think I remember who has what already?) and justin being a nerd is still hilarious.
@Celandine: Thanks! I do try.
@SOABS: Maura gets super excited about chemistry, but I'm not sure how gym or music class will go, lol.
@Drew95: You know, I'm kinda sad that I didn't think of the whole jockxnerd thing, because Asan is actually going to be offered to switch with someone, which he does. Ugh, this is why I should workshop this stuff. I've missed out on so many good tropes!
All the different facial expressions 😭💕👌💯 so good