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Rainbow Mansion

A webcomic about a fake reality show about gay dudes in a house. It strives to be as tacky as possible. Usually updates Friday nights.

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Justin, to whom Dildoman had not even occured: I just had great idea.
@JesBelle: Capes are a superhero fashion essential. If you don't have a billowing cape behind you as you powerwalk into a room, then no one will respect you.
September 7th, 2019
I hope Adri's like the anti-Edna Mode -- just running around going, "Needs more cape!"
For those who follow my books, you might be like 'who tf is this'. This is Adri from the currently named Between Leather and Lace (I want to change the name tho). You can check out my Tumblr for more art/info. Book summary is here. I'm gonna write it eventually, I swear.

Oh, also, there probably won't be an update next week, cuz I'm gonna be on a brief road trip with my dad and then in Denver with family.

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How to make a supervillain loveable
@JesBelle: I just imagine Miguel having a fancy elevator and intense music, only for your elevator to end at a very disappointing cramped attic, lol.
His secret lair is a garret.
@Slayernice: Teo, for sure.
Who will dress like a stripper though
@YukixKaname1: Is cake bread? Stay tuned to never find out the truth, lol.
@Yumimarie: I am positive their superpowers will be either stupid or very gay, or both lol.
@JesBelle: That or pity. The puppy eyes do people in every time.
Peaches' superpower is invisibility.
Super Rainbow!
I can't wait to see how this goes and what everyone's special powers are!
@WandaWalker: Lmao damn I would've loved to hear more, I'm all for any kind of similarity food discourse.