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Rainbow Mansion

A webcomic about a fake reality show about gay dudes in a house. It strives to be as tacky as possible. Usually updates Friday nights.

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@Slayernice: No straight men read this comic, so I can make jokes at their expense as much as I like, lol.
@WandaWalker: Are you saying she might be faking it?
@JesBelle: Since she sleeps with men too, she's learned to be as obvious and over-the-top as possible or else someone might pout at her.
Rachel is a woman who knows the value of giving feedback.
@Slayernice: Dot means what she says, lol.

Justin is a BLOODHOUND for sluts, man. Takes one to know one.
@JesBelle: When parties flatline, Boozy Floozey is there! With him he brings his herd of slutty friends, to make sure everyone has a good time!*

*morning cleanup not included.
Did she really call her Ratchet?! Justin can really smell sluts!? HAHAHAHHAAHA
Boozy Floozey. His superpower is sniffing out slutty friends.
Dot not caring about anything is a joke that keeps on being funny to me, I don't know.

Anyway, Inktober is in full swing now. My coworker informed me that there are themes you should follow, and I'm like WHAT. I will draw my lifeless headshots as I like, ok.

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I'm starting to love Kasha more and more as the show progresses lmfaooooo
@shadowpen: Thanks! Kasha can't be a snob about opera or harpsichord or painting in these modern times, so he chooses wine.
@JesBelle: It's almost like they came onto a show full of easy people and are shocked by how easy everyone is.
September 29th, 2017
I love Kasha's pose in the first panel! ...and, well, the others. Having read the books makes this page even funnier, too
September 29th, 2017
Kasha's easy. TJ's easy. They have so much in common!
I understand that Maura also said she is turned on by women who can kick her ass. Turns out everyone is turned on by people who can kick their ass. Show me a person who isn't.

Except me. I am only turned on by tacos.

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@Slayernice: He'd be lying if he said no.
September 23rd, 2017
Peaches, is you telling me you wouldn't kiss Essie's beautiful cocktail-flavored face? >:o