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under construction =3

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September 16th, 2015
Because you are at the end.
I have stopped drawing this story for the moment.
Pouika (Guest)
September 5th, 2015
hi i'm french
Thank you for your story, but there is no next ?
I've been drawing... it just wasn't the manga .-.
Dakaria Wolf
November 30th, 2014
Holy FUCK that's beautiful
@Chibi: Planning on it but I cant make any promises x.x

Learning maya, zbrush, and unity so... busy xD
Just found this! I really like it so far I hope you update soon!
Can we just talk about how breathtaking this is. Please.

I love your style!!
He's so adorable I totally love him ~<3
@Trinkuh: It will be unblocked out when its revealed in the story. Just blocking the spoilers.
Why all the black out!?
god i love the teeth. wow i love the teeth..
@Nocta: Good, been trying to keep to a weekly update xD
June 22nd, 2014
How's the work going? ^~^ I loved the first pages and can't wait to see more.
June 9th, 2014
this comic is shaping up nicely. hope to see more updates soon <3
@rnr96: mk send me ur email through smackjeeves.
@Angry_Angel: that'll be my last resort. its not always accurate though it gets the message across id prefer the proper translation.
Google translator works wonders for that. Just giving you a lil advice.
March 10th, 2014
@SkulletteBones: I could help you if you'd like :)
no pages done sorry .-. im redrawing the first dozen pages or so. fixing the styles and make it so its more understandable. i have six sketched so far, all i need is the romanian for it and to finish. (then work on the next 6)

hope ill be able to continue the story soon .-.

msg me ur email if u want to translate for me ^_^

chibi jaden ftw
February 16th, 2014
added Jaden's blush xD