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No Context

You want context? You don't get context.

Go awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.


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Let's be honest here, Kirby's friends aren't that smart...

(Ba ndana Waddle Dee by game-boyo9)
GDI, I forgot a textbox tail in panel 1.

Ugh, I am not going through the painful process of fixing that.

Soon...I will have Photoshop...soon...I will have styles options that make this easier...and more shape options...and the textboxes won't turn to pixels the second I click out...

God I hate making comics in That's it. That's the point I'm making.
I'm so sorry.
Today I watched this Maplemation that someone did, like, almost a year ago, and suddenly I was inspired to...

I spent basically all day making this. Why? Don't I have better things to do?

Yes. Yes I do. Hence the "Why".
welcome back, syo~
Phew. That was rough. College can go fuck itself tbh.

To those of you who don't know the context behind what I just said, the reason I've been so inactive for the past four years or so is because of college. I just had a really big workload that didn't give me much time for sprites or comics, so I just...didn't get to do much in the way of either of the previously mentioned things. I wanted to. Believe me, I really wanted to. But that's just the way the cookie crumbles.

Or does it? How does a cookie crumble, exactly? ...mmmmmmm...cookies...

Huh what was I talking about? Oh right, college.

So yeah I graduated college yesterday, and in the interest of being able to attach an actual comic page to the announcement in the way that I did not for my high school graduation, I uh, made this.

BTW, this is my new author avatar character sprite thingy, and it's more or less what I look like irl. I was annoyed by how short my sprite was before, because just...why!?

So right, what can you expect from me in the future? Well, basically everything you could expect from me from before, such as...

The 4Shades Advance Project

For awhile now, my goal has been to edit the sprites of Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, and Cream from the Advance games and Battle so that they're more in line with the kinds of sprites a lot of us use nowadays, i.e. Advanced-like sprites with colored outlines.

I'll also be adding shades to the palates where I feel they're necessary, such as Amy's dress: it only has two colored shades, while most other colors on the palate have three. This was likely done to save palate space on the GBA games, but it makes her sprites irritating to look at, so too bad!

The project will also include Cheese the Chao, as he(?) and Cream are inseparable.

It won't, however, include Super Sonic...yet. See, I'm doing this in several rounds, including more and more characters, objects, forms, etc. as I go along. Hopefully this means that the rest of the Battle cast (including Shadow, Rouge, Chaos, etc.) will get the same treatment. So Super Sonic will be done later.

But that's not coming for awhile.

Current progress: Trying to figure out where each piece of the character starts and ends. This is taking awhile, and that's the main reason I'm doing this in the first place: I never want to have to do it again.

Heart of Crystal

This is my comic that I tried to start in late 2016 before college shot down my hopes and dreams again. It's not canceled though, and will begin the moment I'm ready. Hopefully late 2018 / early-to-mid 2019, but don't get your hopes up.


Uh...maybe I'll do an actual Sonic and/or Kirby comic at some point? I have a lot of potential ideas, so I probably have enough material to work with.

There's also a special project on the way that I'm doing with a friend. You wouldn't know him. At least I don't think you would, I don't believe he's on SmackJeeves. Anyway can't tell you much about it, but hopefully you'll think it's cool! You know, when it's actually done and all. So give it a decade or so.

I probably forgot like a bajillion other things. Oh well, we'll see what they are eventually, right?

May I not die again any time soon!

- Syogren

p.s. I also posted this very same page here because reasons: syogren/
@FieryExplosion: That's true! Thanks, needed to hear that.

Also whoops didn't notice the reply for almost three months. Woo!
don't worry they'll probably start noticing upon looking at the favs list and going "WAIT WHAT"
Nah you're fine
Maybe I should notify people that I exist again...
No, I don't care if anyone comments on this shit or not.
Yes I know it's getting boring to read text. Gimme like, six decades to actually sprite characters.

Man I don't even know what Alicia should even look like. Probably a rabbit-like thing like Bluey, seeing as they're siblings. Yeah I'll do that.
October 3rd, 2017
Because Alicia cannot give Starky a break...
This one was actually made on May 25, 2017, but I guess I didn't remember that I had a comic that I could post this kinda shit to. So here you go. :)

Also, no, Alicia isn't Starky's mom.

Starky's mom is much worse.
Question: Would you guys be interested in seeing me ransack my older sandbox comments for more content while I'm still on hiatus?
Because plagiarizing my old work is fun.
This one is actually from one of my older comics, The Problem with Starlo. I think it still holds up pretty well, and a lot of newcomers probably haven't seen it yet, so I figured I might as well.

The original Author Comment:
"I intended for this to be funny. I'm starting to doubt it."

Plot twist, I still think it's funny.

Here's the original, if you care. There really isn't much else to see though.
Doesn't it look sweet? It looks sweet to me.
I put a few references to previous strips on it. Perhaps as we move on, you'll be seeing more of them. Eventually the cover will look like a scrapbook montage.
I need to seriously make a cover page for this thing. BRB.
Starky never catches a break. Though with such a baitable personality, wouldn't anyone deserve it?

I actually had to Photoshop two images together to make this. So you can't actually have a screenshot like this on your real phone. Sucks to be yooooou!

Again, made with this thingy: