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Beetle Girl OneShot

A oneshot I'm currently working on.:)
Haven't been here for a while. will try coming back!

I'd like to also mention beware! this comic is graphical. so if your not used to excessive gore and violence I suggest not reading.

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@Phasmid: indeed!
@zacksims123: hey thanks a lot!:) sorry for my late reply i've been working on a new webcomic called spiral of nightmares which you can also find here.:)
September 24th, 2014
another story
if you enjoyed this story I'd appreciate it if you kept on the look out for more of my stories.^^ I'm currently working on another oneshot called "Chaos Cancel" which will be posted here soon also! I hope you look forward to it!^^ thank you so much again for reading!
thank you so much for keeping up and reading this oneshot! it was really fun to do and maybe in the future I'll actually turn this into an actually long-term story. but as of now I have other stories I'd like to share with you all. I really hope you enjoyed and feel free to give feedback if needed. thank you so much again!
almost over
I decided to go ahead and finish this up and post the last 3 pages...:)
@zacksims123: heey thank you!^^
@Zaymm10: thank you!^^
i really like the way you draw her eyes.
What could that be...?
@jonasfx: The shadow separated and now is returning to the shadows.
September 7th, 2014
whoa what's going on!
September 7th, 2014
@jonasfx: Thank you!^^
decided to give out 2 pages since I didn't have time to update it on Thursday or Friday like I was going to. I felt bad so I gave 2 pages.
the error was his arm and I had to redit the picture.
September 4th, 2014
@Tentakustar134: opps! okay I'll look back later then :)
September 3rd, 2014
hey guys sorry about that!^^; no update today because I just discovered a huge error I made on this next page whoops! so I'm currently trying to fix it. if anything it there should be one Thursday or Friday. sorry for the inconvenience..
late night update today! sorry it was a busy day!
<3 <3