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wahaha, fantastic. Though in a school like hers you'd think they'd be used to it.
January 9th, 2017
Makes http://www.bcdecomic.com/comics/2253490/on-darkness/ seem a lot worse in hindsight, considering Ben doesn't seem fazed at being caught here.
@Kumata: "Ho, Ho, Nope". Come now, why would Diego ever associate with hope in any way?
December 26th, 2016
I always like label gags, but I can't quite read that last bottle. Does it say "ho, ho, hope"?
I am wracking my brains trying to think of an amicable resolution to this situation! I don't know how this can possibly end well for Ben short of Jill choking to death on a crouton.
Am I the only one who has no trouble peeling a band-aid off slowly? If a hair gets caught, you can slowly reach in and pull the hair out of the glue.. doing it quickly is a lot more traumatic. Skin is okay with slow detaching.
looks like this "chel city" ( http://spongebob.wikia.com/wiki/Shell_City ) isn't ruled by a cyclops huh

unless chel loses one of her eyes
I'd follow the hell out of that!
*follows* 4 followers.
I just love these people.
That is some top quality black comedy.
October 23rd, 2016
Gold. Also, like the new colour tone you're trying out, although it could stand to be a shade or two darker IMO.
I love those zoology majors who think they know nature better than nature.
UGHH NO! Why would you!?
this comic really brings out the feels, y'know.
Then again, as much as she's foolish for making such a cliche and illogical mistake as thinking she can't tell her dad, he's equally clueless that he can't pick up the difference between guilt and fear
That bitch is severely underestimating the amount of trouble her dad is willing to get into to protect the one thing he actually cares about. money. I mean, his daughter.
That back to school Byte Me sale is a steal.
August 28th, 2016
this is what you get for showing emotions fool
even the BEST of men become monsters when woken up. being-woken-up is our PMS.
August 13th, 2016
lol too funny