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Entertain yourself with the futile struggles of the common man.

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Whats in that special cake, Ben?
Can I have some-I'll stop
for fuck sake ben smh
@Valigarmander: looks kinda like "Ho, Ho, Hops" as well which would also make sense for a beer
awwww this his sweet af
@warren1965: so much this
@ColdFusion: not really tbh, my secondry school had this level of variation in income
I love that he has somehow purchased an expensive, elaborate RealDoll type doll, but with the classic 'inflatable pool raft' facial expression.
You've discovered the brilliant secret behind this comic's title! It's definitely, absolutely not a lazy placeholder I ended up using permanently because I'm too stupid to think of a more clever or memorable title, no sir.
@Kumata: Maybe, but I think Diego's co-workers are V and A.
August 3rd, 2017
@DaBrokor: I may be wrong, but I'm fairly certain the other minor characters have all had names beginning with different letters of the alphabet too.
I just realized that the title (BCDE) stands for Ben, Chel, Diego, Eve (respectively), and that it goes in alphabetical order, and that it skips A because A stands for Ada, Diego's wife, who died.

You, sir, are a clever motherf**ker.
July 24th, 2017
this is so unfortunately accurate
So close and yet so far....
Aw no, they're gonna blame it on Diego aren't they.
That's so fucked up but I can't stop laughing.
o shit ma nigga gon die
I must be healthier than I thought, I have the opposite problem.. I get terrified and anxious anytime I'm overlooking the food court at the mall or.. one of those crazy.. walkway things in a fancy office building..
Ian Evans
June 4th, 2017
@ColdFusion: his name is Diego