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Aw no, they're gonna blame it on Diego aren't they.
That's so fucked up but I can't stop laughing.
o shit ma nigga gon die
I must be healthier than I thought, I have the opposite problem.. I get terrified and anxious anytime I'm overlooking the food court at the mall or.. one of those crazy.. walkway things in a fancy office building..
Ian Evans
June 4th, 2017
@ColdFusion: his name is Diego
Huh. I dunno if it's the blonde daughter or what, but I never picked up on him being hispanic
dude, you reproduced, you succeeded. those of us who havent done squat in 30 years, WE have wasted our lives. this idea that your 20s is for partying is so insipid and destructive..
Fucking hell, "oreolas" got me
Rick and Morty motherfucker!
Wow didn't just assume that she met you before and knew you were legal? Just straight to "pissed off that she thinks you are old" stage?
You're already on negative presents. If you get any further in debt I'll have to raise your allowance. wait...
Joke backfired on me, I assumed she meant the movie in the first place
Heyyyy, it's another April Fool's comic exchange with my hombre Antisocial. Is this going to happen every year?

If you'd like, you can peruse his comic about anime girls, Shy Guys, and breaking the fourth wall here: http://www.vgf.com/forums/threads/konnichiwa-misanthropy-sensei-vol-vii.89864/
That's some nice referencin' right there
wahaha, fantastic. Though in a school like hers you'd think they'd be used to it.
January 9th, 2017
Makes http://www.bcdecomic.com/comics/2253490/on-darkness/ seem a lot worse in hindsight, considering Ben doesn't seem fazed at being caught here.
@Kumata: "Ho, Ho, Nope". Come now, why would Diego ever associate with hope in any way?