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Entertain yourself with the futile struggles of the common man.

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Man, that's dark.
Shit, they're onto me.
Sometimes I think you're worried he's getting too sympathetic.
Heh! I like the 'Calvin and Hobbes' reference. This is a very well done comic.The characters are well rendered and hilarious. I've bookmarked it for future reading.
Ian Evans
January 9th, 2018
BCDE is the best comic to ever exist on the face of the internet
Well at least he got sleep finally
(Is eve reading the first comic?)
December 29th, 2017
@Valigarmander: makes sense
@ZSnazzy: She works as a zookeeper, a great career choice for anyone who loves animals and hates people.
December 28th, 2017
Where does she work again?
Well, you nailed it
Every freakin' time..
of course I'm posting this at 2:30 AM so tonight I have nobody else to blame..
Ian Evans
November 26th, 2017
November 21st, 2017
Me, I'd pick "Things Can Only Get Better"
Ian Evans
November 19th, 2017
Real talk lol. someone's got good taste in music
November 19th, 2017
Highway to Hell all the way baby.
November 12th, 2017
Swell you have threatened her with death though, so don't get on any kind of high horse there.
November 12th, 2017
Seriously man, this is a serial killer in the making.
This is what happens when you threaten a child with a near death experience whenever they mildly irritate you.
November 11th, 2017
Dude, that's your daughter.
Cold as solid air, man.
November 11th, 2017
Did he just call her a mistake, too?