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Awkward Shojo Rochi

An easy-going webcomic loosely based on my adventures in high school when I liked this one guy. Most of the events in this story are true, just a bit exaggerated. //orz

Read R to L. Thank you and I hope you enjoy!


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H-how come... How come you had similar situation to me?! O.o that's so weird lol

Me and my (kinda)best friend liked this same guy and that guy liked me. Lol but ehh. Lolz. I figured out he was a little of a jerk, so I stopped. Although I still love him. Hahaha
I understand how you feel, after I had to switch schools, I forced myself to get over this guy from my grade, I knew it would never happen anyways we didn't have anything in common and I can't flirt. He probably preferred my friend anyways back then, but he is with someone different.

I am happy I'm not with him, since I'm a bit geeky, and he isn't. It still hurts a bit though. :/
this was really good.
I would buy this. and if I may ask, how are things going for you?
lol. at that point I would've been like. YES i'm fucking jealous, I love you!
YES... you are awesome!
Wow... thats an interesting way to make up lol.
Nice comic
I really liked your comic,everything is pretty amazing, from the art to the way you told your story.

I want to see your next proyect & hope you have new adventures in college.
it's such a cute story. :)
but what if he did find this comic
*dun dun duuun*
May 27th, 2014
WOW that would've made me so mad lol
This seems so bittersweet...
>_> Those middle three panels... Story of my life...
Oh no no no! Stick to the stuff you know! If you wanna be cool, follow one simple rule, don't mess with the flow~ No no! Stick to the status quo!
@PKComics~ lol, I'm more concerned with the fact that you said twenty babies than whether Rochi and her HS crush ever got together~
Was this one of those exaggerated moments, or did you really think those things? Cause if you did for real... >w>
I love the last panel... Is that weird? <3
@ROCHi: I thought it was okay.. but he would not agree... -___-
._. I always did wonder that... o.o??
I understand the feels... XD
March 25th, 2014
Such a beautiful ending;^; I loved it. I feel like my story is similar in a way to your story. I mean maybe not with the ages and stuff but in a way I can feel your pain. Gah! Sorry for this random post... i'll stop now. =.=;;
@larad555: Yeah, in a way, it is! I made this cause I finally realized I'm "soooo" over him lol.

Hahaha! Thank you!////