Body Swap

Yuki Fukazawa is a normal 16 year old boy, until he
finds the book of wishes in a mysterious book shop.
After making a wish, he wakes up the next morning, looking a little different that usual. How will Yuki handle his new appearance and his relationships to his class mates?


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Thanks for the info at the bottom
The seagull
This reminds me of a part from the anime Lovely Complex.
This reminds me of Boku girl.
@Vaeldara: Yeah, thanks. I fixed it.
Don't know how I managed that :P
Wrong character?
Was the wrong character put in on this page? where did haruto go?
this is killing me
omg with is getting real suspenseful. I just read through the whole thing in one day. i just really can't wait to see where it goes.
KashiMashi fan perhaps
this reminds me of a scene from Kashimashi Girl meets girl.
the cracks in your armor are starting to show, my dear yuki-chan
(i've fixed your errors)
Last panel mutch to much
Panel 4 collage to college
Panel 5 returant to restaurant
Really good comic by the way!
*whispers loudly* JEALOUS . XD Hehe
@Player Z: Yup. If that got into the wrong hands, it'd start WW3.
Agreed, I'm pretty sure this actually goes right after page 11.
The page number on this seems off.
That is a face of horror and fear. like she is hearing the voice of her death. (a lot like what I feel when mom screams my full name across the house and tell me to "come here") ;-)
That's not blush. That is proof that she thinks Haruto is so hot , that she got a sun burn just thinking about him. lol
lmao. :-D

This is going to be good. lol