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Liars Go To Paradise?

Liars Go To Paradise?

by AvianSkies
Jason "Key" Sterling is a liar, and he knows that liars don't go to Paradise. So when he's pushed into a puddle and wakes up in a fantastical world called just that, he knows there's a catch. This Paradise is hardly heavenly.

Updates every other Friday (for now).
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Liars Go To Paradise?

Jason "Key" Sterling is a liar, and he knows that liars don't go to Paradise. So when he's pushed into a puddle and wakes up in a fantastical world called just that, he knows there's a catch. This Paradise is hardly heavenly.

Updates every other Friday (for now).


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Of Editing?
This week I finally got Photoshop to help with editing, so I'm playing with its settings to try to draw out more of the vibrancy that is usually lost when we scan these pages onto the computer. It did wonders for this page! I'll keep practicing and applying what I learn. <3
@M-24: Right?? lol
Ok now I'm a lil sad...but it's still hilarious x')
Yup, six months later and that gerani is still somewhat intact. Not quite a raisin yet. More important is Key's willpower not to eat the luscious "Paradisaical Purple Fruit" (in Crenen's words) in order to maintain proof of where he was. Impressive indeed for the li'l addict. XD
@M-24: That's cuz it IS hilarious. XD Though to be fair, there is a timeline jump involved in all this.
April 19th, 2019
Im sorry but I find this kind of hilarious that his parents think he's going crazy because he's crying over a grape xD
April 19th, 2019
Yayyy! Wow beautiful cover :)
The Journey Continues (at last!)
And here's the second page of our double-update kick-off for Book 2 of Liars Go To Paradise! In Book 2: Vendaeva, we'll revisit old friends and introduce a few new faces as well. Enjoy!!

As a side note, there will be at least three Books in this series, possibly even four (depending on how we decide to break things up).
Book 2 Starts NOW!!
Finally. FINALLY! Now begins book 2 of Liars Go To Paradise?, subtitled Vendaeva. The story continues with a double update to kick things off!

We've been pushing for an April 19th release since January, largely because we needed time to plot out book 2 and also because it felt like an appropriate way to celebrate Key's birthday. Happy birthday, Key!!

We sincerely hope you enjoy our comic series as we journey on! <333 Thank you for your ongoing patience as we strive to release more consistence updates. For now, we'll be rotating between Liars and Kaleidoscope every other Friday until we can manage juggling both in a single week. *dreamily stares into the distant future*
@Aiyse: Right? XD

Thank you!! It's great to be back! <3
@claudeb: Thank you! <333
Welcome back!
bwahaha. totally a skirt.

Also welcome back!
Surprise Update!
Surprise!! We're back!

If you can't remember the context of this bonus comic, refer to page 10 of chapter 4, when Key "compliments" Lon in panel 1.

Man, it's been too long. But we're still alive, still artsing, still trudging along, just at an exceptionally slow rate. That's what comes of remodeling a house and yard, working strange hours, and tackling the edit of three novels, juggling two comics, plus multiple other art projects all at the same time. Still, we plan to continue. Liars Part 2 will begin hopefully by Spring. We're still just figuring out how to tackle it. Some things just don't translate well from novel form into proper comic pacing.

Speaking of which, if you're interested in reading the novel, it's now available through Kindle on Amazon. Happy reading!
@M-24: For real!~ Like, he looks like a younger brother type~
March 13th, 2018
Aww yay!!
Oh he's got younger brothers too, he doesn't seem like the older brother type xD
Scheduling & Desks?
Mirrasae: Yeah, we were seriously that close to the end of this chapter and, consequently, the end of part one, too. And it takes us how long to get it up? The page has been done for two months now, but we've been in the midst of moving, and we're still in transition, so I honestly have no idea how things will continue with updates for the next little bit. We should be able to manage one update a month at a minimum, once we get part two ready to go. Just hang tight a little longer, and we should be able to get back on schedule sometime soon. Ish. We hope. Thanks for staying with us! You're all the best!! <3


Miko: I think I hate that bloody kitchen as much as Key's family does... -_-

My younger sister has been generous enough to let me set up my art desk at her home while we continue our search for the appropriate abode, and I finished setting it up today, so yay!

Incidentally, my work is less than a block from her house, so I'll be able to stop there after work nearly every day. (This is all to reassure you that something WILL be done!)
December 15th, 2017
Pockets & Tyranny?
Mirrasae: What does he have in his pocketses, Precious?


Miko: May I just say that I hate the color of the carpet? Key's stupid mom and her bad taste...

I think it's safe to say that Key likes blue... or does he? He may have no say at all about the interior decorating - even of his own room. What a scary tyrant-mom...