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Liars Go To Paradise?

Liars Go To Paradise?

by AvianSkies
Jason "Key" Sterling is a liar, and he knows that liars don't go to Paradise. So when he's pushed into a puddle and wakes up in a fantastical world called just that, he knows there's a catch. This Paradise is hardly heavenly.

Updates every Monday.
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Liars Go To Paradise?

Jason "Key" Sterling is a liar, and he knows that liars don't go to Paradise. So when he's pushed into a puddle and wakes up in a fantastical world called just that, he knows there's a catch. This Paradise is hardly heavenly.

Updates every Monday.


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Hugs & Levels?
Mirrasae: It just makes me wanna hug Key... :(


Miko: So much fun to paint! And I enjoyed the red to contrast the more muted colors.

Key's expressions so closely match and are just the right level of emotion that I may have to call this my current favorite page. Or at least in the top 5.

All in all, a delightful page!
Uh oh
It's like it all really was a dream
Moments & Back?
Mirrasae: I love moments like this. Moments when we get to glimpse a deeper side of Key. Just a glimpse, mind. But his conflict and his emotions here DO have a reason behind them.


Miko: Finally back!
Sleepy & Saturdays?
Mirrasae: Key really knows how to enjoy his bed. Makes me sleepy just looking at him... G'night!


Miko: Yeah... That's me on a Saturday morning...
Siblings & Flowers?
Mirrasae: Meet Jana, Key's older sister by two years. She's a bit overprotective, but then, most older sisters are. (I should know.) And with a person like Key, I imagine she's more so than most. She sees his vulnerabilities and doesn't buy into his bravado.

Key also has two younger brothers, making Jana the only girl of the siblings, so she's rather maternal towards all of them. She's also super tough, having survived the mischief of three younger brothers. You go, Jana!


Miko: So Key's mother has no real sense when it comes to interior decorating. She loves flowers to the point where the rest of the family hates them. An example of this is the bathroom in panel 4; it's the boy's bathroom.....

The family also really hates the color of the carpet. A lot.

It's been fun to do some modern stuff for a change. Although we had decided to do the 'real world' in muted colors, and that's hard to do and still make things look natural. I did the best I could.

In any case, all the flowers and such have been fun. (And just wait until you see the kitchen... ^^)
That dog is so cute!!!! Thanks for the update! :)
<3 Beastie's close-up
Changes & Moods?
Mirrasae: Trying a few new font techniques. Also, YES, Liars is back. Sorry for the delays... We'll try to be more consistent, though update schedules might change a tad. We're experimenting right now.


Miko: For all those dog people out there, I dedicate panel 2 to you! Sadly, some of the detail was lost in scanning, tho'...

It's fun to get back to the dim colors and thoughtful mood for a while, but this time I'm enjoying the subdued thought fonts particularly.
Home & Madness?
Mirrasae: Has Key returned home? Was he ever really in Paradise at all? Stay tuned to find out.


Miko: And we're back to the muted colors. I'll enjoy it for a few pages, then it'll drive me mad.
June 6th, 2017
Look, you can't send him back without his dog! OMG, rude.
June 5th, 2017
What?! Noooooo!
Water & Bubbles?
Mirrasae: Well, now you've done it, Key. Back into the water AGAIN.

(Psst. Kaleidoscope will update this week as well! Slooowly we're getting back on track.)


Miko: I played with different ideas for hair-in-water, and more or less liked how it turned out.

P.S. Bubbles suck to paint around......
Truth & Supplies?
Mirrasae: Don't hold back now, Key. Tell him how you really feel. (Guess even liars gotta tell the truth now and then.)


Miko: Key just looks tired. Maybe I'm projecting onto him...?

It seems like any more I live for coupons to the various art supply places in the area. And yet, I'm always running out of something. Why??
April 29th, 2017
@AvianSkies: ohh, well thought out~
@M-24: That they are! Paradise has two moons, so the light is very bright as it streams through the trees of the Realm of Yenen.
April 29th, 2017
What are those lights? Moon beams?
Warnings & Deadlines?
Mirrasae: As we warned, updates are sporadic for a little while, but we've finally got something to share.


MikoKa: Stupid nightscapes.... -_-

I didn't even bother with changing the shades for the night scene, mostly because of the many torches/bright moonlight.

And because I'm WAY too burned out right now... I just don't wanna think.

But maybe this lack of a definitive deadline will help with promo art. Maybe.
Bond & Depth?
Mirrasae: It seems Beastie and Jenen have forged a deep bond. Keeey, he's stealing your dog!

The real question here is: What happens next?


Miko: I find that Jenen likes to eavesdrop...

At this point, I also find myself wondering how our readers feel about our leading cast. We've set goofiness aside for a few pages now, and revealed depths and underlying emotions just a bit, and it makes me happy and excited for the future. I hope it does the same for you!
Core & Plot?
Mirrasae: I love humor. LOVE. But I also believe NO ONE is truly shallow*. Key is no exception, though he'd prefer others to think he is. His reluctance, his self-doubt, all have a beginning, a core reason. It will be very enjoyable to [eventually] reveal that reason.

*(I strongly feel an OC's depth should never be sacrificed on the alter of comedy in order to make a situation more humorous).


Miko: Every good story has a deeper plot to fuel it, and every reluctant hero needs to look at why they're truly reluctant.

I enjoyed working on this page very much. Complicated expressions and serious moments don't happen enough in this comic, and, as an artist, I love it when they do (though I'd probably curse it if that's all the story was...).
Reality & Realization?
Mirrasae: Honest-Key is much more angsty and uncertain than Liar-Key, who tries to get by with a lot of sarcasm and bravado. The question is, which is real?

And yes, this really IS Crenen in these panels. Being subdued, even thoughtful. And what's with his speech pattern, hm?


Miko: I'm really quite happy with this page all-round. The colors are rich, the expressions and stances are interesting, and Crenen's hair is down. Delightful!

It's fun to make the twins look more alike, now that their relationship is out in the open, and we felt it was very important that Key and Crenen have a serious moment, since Key and Jenen had.

The important thing is that Key start to realize that, just as this is all really happening, these people are real too...