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Everyday Heroes Redux

Everyday Heroes Redux

by Eddurd
The continuing adventures of Mr. Mighty, a minor-league superhero in Indianapolis. Also appearing are his wife Jane (a retired villainess), daughter Summer (teenager unhappy about developing superpowers), and son Steve (normal boy, just starting to notice girls).

Stories deal with both superhero adventures and domestic problems. Truth! Justice! Lawn care!
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Everyday Heroes Redux

The continuing adventures of Mr. Mighty, a minor-league superhero in Indianapolis. Also appearing are his wife Jane (a retired villainess), daughter Summer (teenager unhappy about developing superpowers), and son Steve (normal boy, just starting to notice girls).

Stories deal with both superhero adventures and domestic problems. Truth! Justice! Lawn care!


Recent Comments

December 8th, 2018
Hmmmm. A point of legality: As an unlicensed but underaged superbeing, would it be against the law if she should "accidentally" lose her protective goggles, and burn the legs off that powersuit?
When have we seen that before??
"When heroes thwart the villainous/With muscle or with brains,"

The beginning of Chapter 12, for a start... Dang, those first pages stick in the mind!

Mr Mighty really doesn't do well with knives (his costume certainly doesn't...)
December 6th, 2018
What's happening?
Mr. Mighty seems to be having difficulty with this opponent. And haven't we seen that giant mechanical thing before?

What will the next episode bring? Click on the TWC Vote button for a hint! (Not a very good one, but please click anyway.)

I have no other news. Talk among yourselves if you wish.
@Eddurd: I know what you mean about dream sequences. The one I did for Jenny took so darned long to make.
December 3rd, 2018
"What was that about a hat?"

"It....made the time...."
Eddurd (Guest)
December 1st, 2018
@reynard61: Good to see you too; spread the word!
December 1st, 2018
Wow! it's been a while! Nice to see you (and the whole E.H. crew) back!
Dream a little dream
I don't think I have. I've had a couple when I woke within the dream, then woke for real, and at least one where I went "oh, it's a dream...".

But that is a brilliant dream sequence - the slight difference in style plus the randomness of the images really sells it.
November 29th, 2018
Weigh cup
Ever have that happen, where you dream about what's waking you up? And then you can never remember what you were dreaming about. As for what's got Jane so upset, next episode will tell. (The TWC Vote preview isn't much help, but please vote anyway.)

Daaang, this took a while to draw. Doing the dream sequence without outlines was harder than I thought, plus this page was just plain long. There's a bit of foreshadowing (aside from the fact that Summer has a crush on Chris Hemsworth.)

We've survived Black Friday, now can we survive 24/7 holiday music?
@Mysterious Dark Lord v3.2: Hey, where's Perry?
Scientists named Flynn and Fletcher ...

I saw what you did there.
I'm thinking "supplement" would be a more accurate term....
Small Blue Pills?
@Eddurd: Well, he is getting to the middle of his life....
Ah, Memories...
Yes, he really is there! (And Comic 31 shows that Summer still joins in occasionally)

The one problem we never had with our daughter - a good lock on the bedroom door and the ability to get up long before her shirt-circuited most of these scenes.
Nothing out of the ordinary
Of course it's a simple ordinary package, containing nothing that would interest you. Like he said, vitamins ... or maybe tax documents.

But, as you may guess, ordinary packages can lead to extraordinary situations ... click on the TWC Vote button for a hint. (A totally misleading hint)
UPDATE: Oops, forgot to update the vote incentive earlier. It's good now.

For everyone in the USA, hope you're having a great extended Thanksgiving weekend. For everyone else, hope you're having a great regular day!
Ah yes, how to torture your children legally...
My daughter sympathises - of course, she has a parent who excels at embarrassing her. The less said about the meeting the boyfriends, the better...
November 15th, 2018
Mushy stuff
All these couples, sittin' in a tree ... and yes, in-comic Joan will still be around.

Romance abounds in this chapter, along with a few secrets revealed and a bit more backstory. If you want to know how some of the other kids feel, click on the TWC Vote button.

Here in Indiana we got a nice sheet of ice over everything (which is quickly melting). Folks on the East Coast, can you ship some of that snow to California? Everybody, wherever you are, stay safe.
Ah, some fine puns there...
Fine pictures!

I have to admit, Carrie's opposite also seems to suffer from the love of money...
November 11th, 2018
Inktober 2018
As requested, here's a collage of my #inktober drawings, on the theme of "Evil Opposites" (and a few "Good Opposites" of the villains). In some cases, they're shown out of their original order, so as to fit better onto the page.

Summer's opposite would of course be "Winter", who fires ice beams out of her eyes.

Ben T. Sharpley is "The Hunchback of IUPUI" (Notre Dame already had one).

Instead of becoming a civil rights lawyer, Lee Free Sr. turns to violent revolt (and mashes up Che and Arnold).

Mr. Mighty's sisters Marilyn and Monroe become the villain team of Emma and Stone.

Greta is shown as Grendel, from the Beowulf saga.

Insect-sized Julia Skimmer becomes the lethal Lena Hornet.

G-Nat's opposite is "Bee-He-Moth"; part bee, part moth. Don't ask me how that works.

The Evil Opposite of speedster Dot Dash is "Leadfoot".

Counterpart to Dolly Bird is "Jaws Harpy". I have to admit, I creeped myself out a bit drawing this one.

In contrast to shapeless Matt O'Morph, here's Mitt Miter. What's his angle? (About 45 degrees.)

A "Good Opposite" to villainess Dinah Might is heroic Dee Fuse.

Remember the S.A.V.E.U.S. admin, Shrinking Violent? Here's her counterpart, Climbing Rose. (Don't biplanes, just rent them.)

Mild-mannered Lee Free III becomes hot-tempered Sore Thor IV.

Carrie's dad, John Pelosi, used to play football. This is his opposite, Al O'Pecia.

The counterpart to charming Captain Charisma, here's Lieutenant Loathing.

Remember Mr. Mighty's old friend from Mexico, the red-costumed, insect-themed, size-changing superhero who may or may not have his own TV show? Anyway, here's his opposite, "El Mosquito Morado" (The Mauve Mosquito).

Evil opposite to Captain Obvious is Captain Obfuscation.

Zinger Sharpley is known for quick-witted insults. Her counterpart, T.D. Umm, is the most boring girl in school.

Reformed villain Professor Odious is replaced by unreformed villain Dr. De-Light, who delights in de-lighting domiciles.

Another "Good Opposite", emotionless Marilee Unpleasant becomes good-hearted but bad-tempered Charity Choleric.

Professor Odious's son, Mel Odious, loves music. Here's his opposite, Kay Koffinous.

Villainess "Dark" Ann Troubled is replaced by "Sweetness" Ann Light.

Uma becomes "Drac-Uma"!

Here's a villainous version of Carrie, who's very scary, stealing all she can carry.

Remember S.B.D., who turns invisible but emits a terrible odor when he does? Here's his counterpart, Belchin' Awffle.

Respectable mom Jenny B. Goode becomes Jenny R. Badde, who ... erm ... who likes ... *cough* ... excuse me, I have to go take a cold shower.

Steve plus evil equals "Stevil". A couple of notes: first, he's only 12, he can't rock the full villain goatee yet; and second, for an Indianapolis Colts fan, this is the most evil thing I can think of.

One last "Good Opposite", Dr. Unpleasant is replaced by helpful Dr. Ubiquitous and his Apprehendroid ®.

Bit of a spoiler ... these three are basically their own evil opposites. And they've all been in the strip before, guess away at your own leisure.

Imagine if Jane had started out as a hero but, after her friend Goldie was killed, became a Punisher-like vigilante. I just call her "Dark Jane".

And finally, counterpart to Mr. Mighty himself is "Mr. Meanie". I know how he feels, I can't stand pumpkin spice myself.

Thanks to Manga Shoggoth for the theme suggestion. New chapter starts Friday! (And please vote on TWC.)
@Manga Shoggoth: All questions will be answered at the proper time. And to answer one, yes, the next chapter starts with hideous rh ... wait ... with rhymes and cadence. (Hey, I don't want to have my poetic license revoked.)