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Everyday Heroes Redux

The continuing adventures of Mr. Mighty, a minor-league superhero in Indianapolis. Also appearing are his wife Jane (a retired villainess), daughter Summer (teenager unhappy about developing superpowers), and son Steve (normal boy, just starting to notice girls).

Stories deal with both superhero adventures and domestic problems. Truth! Justice! Lawn care!


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I'm voting! And when I'm at work I'll vote from there, too.
Nothing wrong with that!
I talk with a British accent (well, one of the British accents) at work all the time.

Never seen somewone wearing a white tie, though (dog collars don't count), although there was a fashion for "creative" ties a few decades ago. It wasn't all bad - I have an incredibly tasteful Mickey Mouse tie I bring out occasionally (The Mickeys are woven in to the pattern so you have to look to see them first time).

Given what happened with Mr Mighty's lunch on his first day, I am a little worried to think of what wull happen when the bad guys accidentally set off the mix of Coke and Mentos while retreating down a sewer filled with medical waste.
March 31st, 2017
It kinda depends in the company, and the employees. For blue collar workers, a white shirt and a necktie IS formal wear. :)
March 31st, 2017
Why does no company have Formal Fridays? I could do my job in a white tie & tailcoat, no prob. Although callers might wonder why I was talking with a British accent all of a sudden.

What will happen when various groups meet? Click on the TWC vote button to find out! (It's a new month, let's see if we can climb the charts a bit!)

Thanks for all your continued support, folks. All these stories in my head want to live, and I'm trying to accommodate them.
@Delta-v: They also 'reset' their counter in the afternoon, and each vote (if you're not logged in) counts based on location. I vote from the office, and from home, when I can... so that may count as two. Cheers!
I've never stopped, but Everyday Heroes is only getting about 12 votes per day, and we're getting kinda lonely out here.

BTW, TWC is allowing two votes per day if you space them far enough apart (about 10 hrs). Quick, vote before they fix it. >>
And that right there...
Yup - the best fight is the one you don't have, indeed.
Agreed. A week or two to deal with family is entirely reasonable, especially /THIS/ time of year, with the Christmas rush just over and thoughts turning to IRS bills.

(with all due respect/apologies to Andy Williams)
o/~ It's the cra~ziest time of the year o/~
With the family screaming and frustration gleaming in e-ver-y tear
It's the (most) craziest time of the year o/~

It's th'most frustrating season of all o/~
Expensive's the shopping; dead cars are all stopping, at your local mall!
The most frustrating season of all o/~

Pastangum (stopping now, before I get too depressed) Felinix
February 4th, 2017
I guess there are positive sides to not being close to one's family. LOL.
January 30th, 2017
No problem. See you next week (or even the week after). :)
To be honest? Concentrate on the family.

We can always wait, and I wouldn't want you to regret not spending more time with your father.
January 26th, 2017
Partial success?
It's been a busy couple of weeks. My Dad, God bless him is turning 90 years old. Last weekend, his friends tried to throw a surprise party (which he found out about, of course); this week, relatives are coming in from all over. It's going to be a busy weekend, but I'll try to get the page done in between family events.

UPDATE: Sheesh ... real life has been freakin' intrusive. Finally got the page finished, hope you enjoy.

'NOTHER UPDATE: I also got a new TWC vote incentive up. Hit the button, vote, let's get back up into the top 100!
... who said it was a look-alike? :-P

Anyway, there's (so far) three contenders. The Mentos bomb, the plutonium-powered lava lamp, and ... erm, this. It's anybody's guess which is going to be the most trouble.
So, which is the most dangerous, the Mentos bomb, or this hazardous material look-alike? :)
If you like puns you're going to lava this. [slapped]
this can only end badly.
Ah, I can see a bait and switch coming. And Switch. And Switch.

The only question is, who's going to end up with the lava lamp. This couldn't possibly be another pun in the making...
Nothing hazardous here
Purple liquid in a silver-topped container? Couldn't POSSIBLY be mistaken for anything else, now could it?

Running a bit late on this update, don't have a new vote incentive up yet. Please hit the TWC vote button anyway, it will bring you good karma and all that!

A happy Friday the 13th to all you triskaidekophobes out there ... don't walk under any black cats.
January 12th, 2017
Where did he get these long sleeves? :-D
January 12th, 2017
bruise are disappeared