Brandon in Maidsland

Brandon in Maidsland is the story of a young man named Brandon who has come to the Island nation of Freeside from the states in order to start a new better life, everything changed for better or worse when he begins working at the Edens Cafe along side a Group of Busty Maids.

Script Writen by: Seth Lionheart
Artwork by: Sakura02
Character Desgins from Mogudan's Bankanyuu Maid Kari

Updates Every Other Saturday (No Garantees though)

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It May Continue Soon
@Flik_Deathstalker: Good news then, I Recently Started a Patreon that when my First Milestone has been Reached, I can Personally Take up and Continue this Comic, I Really Want to Continue work on this, I just need time away from Work to work on Each Page, Im thinking it Maybe Bi Weekly but it depends on how long it will take for me to Draw Each page.

Please Vist my DeviantArt Page or my Patreon Page for more info

Until then please stay Patient
Love this comic and i wish to see it keep going. Hope your doing well with the game and can't wait to see more
Last Page til Further notice
Well I told ya guys before that this is going to be the last page til further notice. Sakura has stopped doing comic works for other people so that means i need to start practicing myself, if it picks up again you'll notice a difference in artworks. But thats not going to be any time soon as Im currently working on my RPG Game based off Kuroniu, Kuroniu: Rebellion. If you love this series your going to love that, oh and it will be free on release. I am going to continue this series Im dead serious i just have to make the time and effort to make it, I want my work to have quality like so. So until then this is Seth Lionheaty signing off.
Infrequint updates ahead
Yay new comic!

But bad news
Sense im juggling working on the game and this and Retail job I dont think i can update as frequent as usual...
So it maybe on Prolonged Hiatus.

Silver lining if you love Kuroniu then you will love the game >w<
Sakura and I Are out of town for the Holidays after next update just a warning
Sorry bout the Delay update
Been Uber busy with making the game, as well as holidays and such
Happy Halloween
Little late but
Happy Halloween
Sorry no sexy halloween pic this year
or heck maybe an entire chapter to it =w=
Yay Were back
And Hanako's Checking out Brandon's Resume....yeah its awful <.<;

Also Check out my Devart Page Were making a Hentai Game ;)
The gang has been Introduced!
And we come to the final maid of our story, Yuzuki!
oh and Read the text on the books....pretty much sums up college
@LionheartXIII: Agreed it is the worst way to die but what an way to go oh what an way to go
Worst way to Die EVER
Anywho incase you havent realized it the new Schedual is every other Saturday due to RL stuff....
And yes Gentlemen this IS the worst way to die ever O_O;
@LionheartXIII: Hey every other sat is better then nothing at all... and what other projects hmmmmm
@Rubi1124: good to be back, however our new scheduled is it'll be updated every other Saturday mostly due to RL Stuff and other comic projects
WOOT welcome back thank youuuuuu !!!!!!
And we are back!
And Brandon in Maidsland is back!
Chapter 2 has began and we shall be updating every other saturday
Sakurachan02 if yah see this thank you for all your hard work, time and effort into this...

yah both got an fan for life
@Rubi1124: hehe NP
Dont forget to Thank Sakurachan02 This would not be possible without her help ;)
@LionheartXIII: Can not wait till the next Chapter thank you for doing all this hard work
@Rubi1124: Well As a Short Preview to things to come, Brandon's Room slowly gets better as time goes on, In Chapter 2 you can clearly tell Brandon has spruced the place up quite nicely in a short ammount of time
LOL This reminds me of my first place... thank you for all those fond memory's flooding back