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The Charoe Chronicles

A community comic about creatures called "charoes", and many different stories about the many different characters here(but not too many now) it short story, diary entry, or a long(ish) story. This happens before a certain charoe is born...way before.

We'll do our best to...make these stories happen!
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Accepting Author Applications

1. In order to be accepted, you would have to make yourself a charoe or any other creature in this webcomic.

2. Unless we have sprites, you might need some decent art skills-and no, you can't use the method of drawing on your computer, copying that drawing, and just paste it in a different form or pose. Unacceptable.

3. This one's a must: you must either have a nice reputation, or you have to be nice to others; remember, some people may be a lot more stressed/sensitive/etc. than you think.

4. Remember: anything the manager, who is Ecaroh914, says, it goes. Any comments about that can be PMed to him.

5. PLEASE, to maintain order, remember this is NOT a spam website. Art/links may be displayed somewhere else on this comic, or on your own sites. Sorry!

If you feel like adding in some rules, or if you have questions, send Ecaroh914 a PM. Also, authors, PM Ecaroh if you have anything to add to the extra content.

Gosh, that's a ton of letters and words, but very important letters and words.
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A community comic about creatures called "charoes", and many different stories about the many different characters here(but not too many now) it short story, diary entry, or a long(ish) story. This happens before a certain charoe is born...way before.

We'll do our best to...make these stories happen!

Recent Comments

February 22nd, 2015
Oh noes its a arrow monster
Okay I did it again but with color this time.
January 3rd, 2015
Meet the felinosaur, a "reptimal". More often than not, they're called cats, but are actually a mix between a raptor (I think that's how you spell it), and a domestic cat-but they have feathers that seems to be mistaken for fur.
They're deemed loyal to anyone willing to be loyal to them, but will go away if one can't continue this act. However, it's worth it to keep one, as they're smart enough to learn to speak one language-as well as read, write, and everything else.
They're big enough to ride on, but small enough to be carried (not by humans!). Of course, they can't actually be found in cold climates, but they can be found anywhere else-hilariously, they can be found in Aquas Domain and in Pipe Mountain.

...they're teased for being airheads.
December 16th, 2014
So basically they're mysterious helping ghosts? Cool.
December 16th, 2014
Here we have a laughing esprit.

Esprits are everywhere-in the animals, in the air, in the food, in the plants, in the toilets, EVERYWHERE.

You just can't see them, because they're just spirits with a soul. However, sometimes (in certain areas or events or whenever they want), they'll appear-sometimes as different animals, indicating that they were indeed different animals before this form. Befriending one may enable it to lend you a hand when you die.

Does it give you it's soul? D:
Hey, you're submitting something at last! Starting off interesting! I like it!

But yeah, you're doing it right. Just be sure to make a colored version with outlines. It'll give a clean reference.

'Course, in your author's comment, be sure to type in the info (where are they found, their behavior, and other things you wanna put in).

But I can get a representative image in my head!
The one in blue is a Veptor. A new beast of my... inspiration!
"Get the point?"

Habitat-Nests nearby dormant or active volcanoes, generally hard-to-reach places.

Biology- With a large basis on volcanoes in general, they often have a rocky exterior with a blazing core. Those in the peak of their lifespan 'erupt', mostly having the common attributes of a Phoenix. All cannot fly or swim, and there have been reported sightings of these rocky fellows getting stuck in ponds and creating hot springs and natural saunas. There is not much known, as there are few known specimens of Igneous Avia.

Diet- Presumed to be predatory, may literally eat rocks for digestive purposes or as dietary supplement.

And that's pretty much all I have. Gosh, its so fun to make mythological creatures much more logical.
One side describes it's normal phoenix phase, the other describes it's stone state.

This creature, as you can see, is made by Divide, so she will do the gritty information-short and sweet and to the point.

In the meantime, this is how we create a beast/animal page everyone. Cope please.
Ohey, this updated...for some...reason...
I know, I know...

"Why aren't you following your own rules?" I know, but because nobody's really doing anything for a tab here yet, we'll have to make do.

"What do you mean by beasts?" I mean the animals that are found on the Great Spirit Island, the main setting. Anyone can contribute to this, but they must PM me to get full permission to post it.

There's no limit to the way it looks, or acts, as long as it's not stupidly OP, or has all the abilities known to man.

By the way, the Danodaku (smaller, furry thing with cyber shades) belongs to DanodakuOutback (Vesuvi), the Yami (weird thing going LOL) belongs to me. The rest will be explained...soon...

Cool story bro
Low quality...looooooooooooong history...
So, by now, you can see that this comic here shows a (weird version of a) charoe (pronounced KĀR-oh)...or at least a representation of one walking through Limbo...meaning...
But that's not the point. Rather, I'm trying to explain, so please bear with me...ahem...

A very long time ago (perhaps a few hundred years back), there was this island (which existed much longer). Said island was the destination for these charoe, who were weakened already from a savage war on their own home island, which was just devastated and ruined-like, serious looked like a bunch of rocks jutting out of the you could say that they've been through a lot. However, not too long after the charoe even reach the shore of the island, they begin to grow ill...and some just die on the spot.
Feeling like safety in numbers and bunches could help, these creatures started to travel in a pack-not too big to compete, but not too many thanks to their condition...still, through grueling simoons and the dangerous wild, this pack traveled on...for a complete month.
It was then that out of complete intolerance of dealing with any of this unruly living came forth a young cub from the mass. A bright, expeditious 5-year old charoe cub who went by the name of Ingene Codoge Enviro.
"I'm getting sick of this kind of travel...going everywhere, being weak! Isn't there yet another way of living, like, I don't know, ADAPTING? Or NATURAL SELECTION?"
Everybody just laughed, despite their pain in their gullets and paws, but Ingene, enraged by now, continued. "Seriously! We could just go off in different parts of this new land and maybe live in those parts! In fact, we shouldn't huddle up so much, 'cause that's how we get sick so much faster! Come on, can't we try it?"
Even though the said idea was rather ridiculous, the whole pack decided to amuse him anyways (some thought this was plausible). So, the pack actually split up-and were surprised by the results. For the first ten years of the seperation, they developed a tolerance to most of the fruits, vegetables, and meat there. Another ten, and each began to have built-in "tools" for catching their prey an moving around (the tools were different body parts). Then...after an added fifteen years, these adaptations were admitted...halfway. But...better than nothing. Also, the subspecies of charoe began pronouncing themselves to their environments respectively (i.e: the new pyronic to incredibly hot climates). But they "began", so they still weren't ready...but Ingene was satisfied anyways. It was then that when Ingene was finally dying, the charoes were nearly ready for their new home. "I remember back then when I was a little cub that nobody, not even my own brother, accepted my idea of adapting to this new land, of splitting up and going off to stay in certain environments here." he wrote. "But look! Everyone is now happy with their new traits, and everything is fruitful within our land...we have even named the subspecies! But alas, no matter what, I cannot live any longer to see the true harvest of this Spring of our I finally have to give in to my disease...but I predict of one of my descendants being a rather spunky little thing...spunky and very smart...and brave. Until then, my life is no more."
Ingene healthily lived to the age of 119...

Now, we see the results of all that, on the charoes themselves...But now...they cannot go any further, as they're already adapted to their environments respectively...

Eh, still not satisfied? Well...

To get to the general point, a charoe is, well...a two to four feet tall (one-and-a-half to three feet tall for a certain subspecies) biped-anthropomorphic, if you may-covered in fur corresponding to it's subspecies. These creatures are remarkably intelligent (though some don't actually show it...), and can have their ears showing or not-as floppy, pointed, or narrow...or they don't have to show at all. They could have three fingers (including the thumb) or four (also including the thumb), but they all have three toes...and fashion!
Yes, these are primates, but please...don't judge me...

So yeah, they have their weapons, their claws, their special traits, their society, their humor...all that stuff. So...meh.

If you have any further questions, don't forget to PM me (or comment if yoou're a guest). Otherwise than that, I hope this explained a tiny bit of sense...
Ecaroh (Guest)
February 19th, 2014
@PokefanZ: *sigh*
I shall explain soon...
February 15th, 2014
so, that leaves a question, what is a charoe? X3
February 10th, 2014
I should comment on this.

But I don't really have anything to say.

So I guess I won't.

Too late.
February 10th, 2014
Hello, and welcome, I say, to the Charoe Chronicles, a community comic meant for the imaginative! We must say, we are thankful that you stopped by to read our comics!

Of course..."What is a charoe?" A charoe (kar•õ) is a fantasy creature made by yours truly, living an advanced lifestyle, but still, similar to that of a human's-with exceptions and additions. "What does that have to do with this?" This comic is about those who are interested in the charoes and such-or who may want to introduce their own species that may fit within this. This webcomic is, as it betrays from the profile, a collection of different stories, from different perspectives, all in the same year...or so on, if we can do this with strides in our step. No, this is not a spam comic-I'm sure there's more in some page connected to this, but...
We may not be much at the very moment, but over time, we'll blossom and show the very delicious fruit of progression! In the meantime, prepare for action, adventure, romance, possible horror, and more! All from varying authors!