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by n4ut
"I'd like to say we're functionally dysfunctional, but in reality we're just dysfunctional."

A webcomic about a bunch of weirdos working at some restaurant.

[Updates twice a week.]
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5 Years Ago
"I'd like to say we're functionally dysfunctional, but in reality we're just dysfunctional."

A webcomic about a bunch of weirdos working at some restaurant.

[Updates twice a week.]


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December 22nd, 2014
I don't know why I never posted this page ...
Hmm... they don't look entirely sure of the new kid. Still, the interview seemed to go well enough.

I've also uncovered your Tumblr and seem to be interested in your nsfw tag. Can't help looking for adult art XD

@n4ut Would've replied to you last update but I forgot. -_-

Anyway, I live in a relatively largish town in the north of the UK. It's half-devoid of culture. Other than that restaurant, the only Asian cuisine comes mostly in the form of Indian and Chinese takeaways (although some restaurants of those exist as well), the rest is Eastern European.... except when the continental market is on for all of one weekend of a year then we get some more Central European and Mediterranean stalls.
Aaahh those cutiesssss
I love them both <3
April 14th, 2014
PAGE 20!!! One more page and the chapter is over.
I'll be posting it early this week [Wednesday instead of Friday], since I'll be at Wondercon Fri-Sun [come visit me!! Table AA-014]

@renn - stay strong under the wilting gaze of mr. ueno boy
stay strong
Ohhhhh shit boy you're being stared down
April 12th, 2014
@quadrant - If you don't mind me asking, where do you live? That sounds like a bummer, and a serious drought in terms of available Asian food.
I would but there is only one place that sells what I'd call proper Japanese food but it's actually pan-Asian cuisine instead of just Japan. Plus it's a restaurant that needs to be booked in advance iirc. I'd prefer something I could have on the go.
@Renn - dude yeah drawing these and looking at ref pics makes me starving

@quadrant - YOU MUST! the ones in the supermarket are nothing in comparison to the real thing
That food looks damn scrumptious. II'd love to try proper sushi/sashimi some day, instead of those cheap supermarket packs.
Oh my god I'm so hungry now nrrhdsdhf
@renn - I s2g I redrew the food in that page like 5 times [I think I'm getting the hang of it tho]
You are better at drawing food than you have any right to be.
March 31st, 2014
iiiiintroducing color!

@renn - mmmmmmyup
Cause Kaede's gonna ruin your life. <3
March 24th, 2014
please excuse the delay <3
@Renn - hashtag accuracy

@Quadrant - You're pretty spot on. This place was [very] loosely modeled after one of my previous jobs - a small, family-owned rather informally [read: poorly] run businesses who didn't do things quite ... traditionally.
Wish it really was that easy for interviews... He's not even dressed for one XD

Play well? It's a kitchen... That's gonna be hard since most of what it seems like is the head chef shooting shouting a lot at others. In other words, take orders. Easy to say yes to them.

Since they're making it easy for him to get the job, makes me think there aren't a lot of people willing to work there. I'm sure there is more than sushi chef on the job market.
Except that nobody else here plays well with others so you're all fucked, really.
March 17th, 2014
Sorry for the late post, midterms ate me whole.

@quadrant - Pretty much haha
Comes down to two things?

1) don't give anyone food poisoning
2) make sure it tastes fucking nice
March 10th, 2014
@quadrant - I've spent many a month suffering through applications and interviews. Perhaps I'm a little jaded on this subject, but I think they're all pretty full of bullshit. |D Might help to throw some bs back at 'em

@renn - this is true omf