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Ariane Eldar private

Just a selection of later, short comics in the "gag-a-day" style, featuring Ariane Eldar, known from Steamopunk Gorgon and Bad Moon Soho 69 and Bad Moon 1875.

Recent Comments

Inabsolutely love it!!
@SPG: il.missing her giantess pics tbh hopefully she does more of this stuff
@tus: Quite possible she did later!
I love it! Wish Ariane had crushed him
The pun can't be translated.
The pun can't be translated.
Erwin the Quantum Cat is a character borrowed from Microraptor's "Cryptida".
@ry:Quite right. As the game is made for real meanwhile (although not officially uploaded yet), you have question one.
If she swallows the cork, she has a second trick up her sleeve. Some guy around her gives her the kiss of life, and then he spits out the cork.
Great suction bet she gives the best BJs but that's a hell of a risk to get the cork caught in her throat.
Next time a guy dos this, she better put them not inside the heel but make them smaller and scotch him to her footsole. lol

Theyll enjoy the smell
@Taltal: Not after the tap dance contest!
What a lucky guy... I would give anything to be there!
i love it!
hahhaha That's excellent!!! I guess she's getting use to this method.
hahahahah that's brilliant. He better be thankful not for having been shrunk smaller..
@SPG: hahahahahaha, but then maybe Ariane would have crushed him anyway.
@Guest: Medusa would have petrified him, and with some minor adjustments, he could have been sold as garden gnome.
@SPG: I believe something he ate was the thing that was unhealthy enough to make him that tiny...

and we all know (including Ariane) that the first thing we want to do when something's pestering you, provided that that very thing's small enough to... well. XD

apparently, from what i have read, medusa didnt like it, but i suppose she would have done the same thing to him if he were annoying her, that, if she finds a way to make it at least a little less messy...