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Three years ago, Crystal Rose was a glorious city. A city that had became a worldwide hot spot where everyone enjoyed their stay and lived without a care in the world.

That is until the "White Wing Demon" incident that occurred in this city. Thousands had died in the incident and the city was almost in ruins. And to make matters worst, crime lords have now taken over the city and crime has risen to where murder and rape is an everyday occurrence in this once beautiful city. Now the government has declared the city to be closed off from the world, leaving the people who are trapped in there without any hope of escape. Crystal Rose has now become a living hell.

But there is still hope. One man has returned to the city after three years in order to gather a team of like-minded individuals to take back the city and restore it to it's former glory. This shall be a fight for the sake of it's future...and also redemption for one's sin.

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@Denny2De: I think that's actually impossible since the person who put the comic up has left the comic.

Although, not being a higher up in the comic, I'm not too sure about it.
And I am going to work on it as soon as Ult puts up his and I don't get distracted by work and FE Fates.
I honestly need to do another update...
Everyone else is at the prom. HURRY AND GET THERE BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE.
nice comice but can someone fix comice #24 A three of a Kind
Figured since I am on an updating spree, I update here too, considering no one else has...this place will live again!
And here, I was expecting a really good update, bah.
They didn't think he's dead. They were supposed to lock him up XD.

Tech, you gotta make sure people do what they're supposed to.
@kinny-man: yo kin
can you maybe fix this page?
Yay! It's alive!

...The comic I mean, not Mr Tron-Pants.
March 15th, 2016
Day 98, I wonder how long it'll take for Jeric to realize we're not feeding him
Kinda update.
Chivalry isn't dead? Guess the apocalypse was a few years late...
@TheHowlingStorm: This is a recording.
Almost forgot this comic was alive still. Thanks for the reminder.
I'm with Ratchet. I don't trust Blair
Now to sit back and watch chiv pull a haunted house.