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Project O

by ryuuenx
What if man made it to the moon decades before that fateful trip in 1969?
What if the 60's were a lot more like those pulp science fiction novels wanted them to be?

Project O is a sci-fi drama that takes retro-future elements and runs with them. Set in an alternate reality where life is quickly turning The Patty Duke Show into The Jetsons, it follows the lives of several young people on Earth, and off, as they try to make names for themselves.
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2 Years Ago
What if man made it to the moon decades before that fateful trip in 1969?
What if the 60's were a lot more like those pulp science fiction novels wanted them to be?

Project O is a sci-fi drama that takes retro-future elements and runs with them. Set in an alternate reality where life is quickly turning The Patty Duke Show into The Jetsons, it follows the lives of several young people on Earth, and off, as they try to make names for themselves.


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February 12th, 2018
Someone's cruising for a good beatdown here!
February 11th, 2018
Hello, again. Finally able to update PO with another page. Hoping to add more of them more frequently (but once again, I don't want to set up a regular update schedule right now).

I'm sure you can tell where this scene is going, and as it continues, I will be able to perhaps shed some light on some things.

As always, thank you for your support and your patience.

Future pages will be posted on my Patreon first, over at:
October 14th, 2015
A slight bit of a slow start, but once I get more pages uploaded, it will all fall into place. Thank you to all who are coming back to start this next chapter! And hello to any new subscribers.

I'm debating on an update schedule--I originally said I would update on Mondays, but I'm wondering if Wednesdays (or a combination) would be better. If I were to do a once-a-week update, you'd generally get 2-3 pages at a time. If I did twice a week, you'd get one page per update. Which do you guys think is best? Let me know in the comments! Thanks!
October 9th, 2015
Chapter 8 has officially started! As you can see, we'll be meeting some new characters in this one. A couple of sketches of them were posted on my Patreon a little while back (

The first few pages of the chapter will be posted next week. See you then!
Character profiles for the main antagonists of the series! It's been a long time coming, and while their descriptions are super brief, I hope they help readers get a feel for them.

You'll notice that I've included their origins--when Klaus 'founded' Venus, a small group went with him, and since then people from all over Earth have defected and settled there.

This is just part of a very tiny tip of the iceberg that is this story, and I appreciate everyone who has stuck with it up until now (and hello to any new subscribers!).
And so the week of new Project O starts now! In addition to this piece, I'll be posting some much-needed character profiles, and the start of chapter 8. I wanted to post it all in one day, but it's just not possible with my work schedule. Please check back again tomorrow and later on in the week! See you then!
September 18th, 2015
Another piece to get the readers (hopefully!) excited for the upcoming new chapter of PO on October 5th. Nate wants to make sure justice is served...
September 4th, 2015
Project O will officially be returning on October 5th! I'll be posting some art and some more character profiles soon to get things rolling. Malcolm's definitely ready, are you?
Music montage!
The following pages are what I would like to call a music montage. As there is no text, I've posted 4 pages instead of one.

Here's a link to The Byrds' "Turn! Turn! Turn!" which can be played to get that 'montage' effect going.

Project O will be going on hiatus for the rest of the summer after this chapter is finished--I've got some other series I'd like to work on. PO will be back in the fall, just in time for Penny to start college. One more update to go--see you then!
Sorry for the delay in updates! I had to go out of town.
Author's note
For those of you who may be wondering, in this reality, members of the US and other countries' armed forces have the opportunity to join IAF after a certain amount of time serving on Earth.
March 1st, 2015
The world lost a brilliant man this weekend, and it wouldn't be right if I didn't do something to honor him. Leonard Nimoy was a great actor, photographer, writer, and director. The world is a much better place with him having been in it.

Star Trek was a big part of my life growing up, and definitely an influence on Project O. It's with this tiny drawing that I salute Mr. Nimoy and such a revered franchise. His work will live on, and the Enterprise will as well. He truly did live long and prosper.
Happy 1st anniversary, Project O!
Another piece done in commemoration of Project O's 1st anniversary this month. Featured in this, of course, is Nathaniel, Malcolm, and the ever-mysterious leader of Venus. There will be a lot more on all of these characters in the future.

The original idea for this piece was to create something a bit more retro and dynamic, like a sci-fi movie poster (think Stark Trek:TOS movies). Unfortunately(?) I couldn't figure out what method to use to color it, so I decided to open up Manga Studio and add some screen tones instead. I usually use screen tones for my comics, but for PO I branched out and used color themes, instead. It was fun to use the tones for this, but I'm glad I chose the colors for the comic pages this time around.
Happy 1st anniversary, Project O!
February marks Project O's first anniversary, and while the month is halfway over now, I still wanted to post some commemorative art in celebration of it. PO came about from several different comic ideas I had lying around--each one was decent, but I wanted to try something different, to challenge myself, so I dumped all the ideas in a brain blender and came up with this. I've never done a full-blown sci-fi story before, and, well, for a first attempt, I think I'm doing alright. I appreciate each and every one of you guys stopping by and checking it out; every subscription, every like, every comment. It means a lot! And I hope you'll continue to stick around and see what's next in store.

This particular piece showcases some of the more memorable moments from on Earth, and three of the main characters. We haven't seen much of Penny, Brian, and Isak lately, but they'll be back soon--and I'll have some more art posted later this week. Regular updates will resume next week. Thank you again for reading!
The Heart Collector.
The Heart Collector is a new short story I've started posting over at Tapastic. It's an experimental comic in the form of an illustrated free verse poem. There's creepiness, a little blood, and probably a bad pun or two. Check it out!
January 4th, 2015
Happy New Year!
This is a painting of Penny that was done in late 2013 that was originally going to be the cover of the first chapter. The next chapter will start later this week.
The Long Con (teaser)
Hi, guys. Project O isn't the only comic I work on, but it may be the only one of mine you've seen. I've started a special section on here that will showcase other projects I'm working on, and information regarding them.

We'll start with The Long Con!

The Long Con is a new short story being created by myself and the talented writer Mario Candelaria. Three yahoos embark on a crazy journey to the biggest comic convention in the world...and hijinks ensue before they even set out on the road. Cosplay! Hotel shenanigans! Crazy celebrity encounters...?!?!

Everyone has a con story, and this is theirs.

The Long Con will be my first Kickstarter project. For those of you who may not be familiar with Kickstarter, it's a crowdfunding site that helps many a project get off the ground, and here's hoping it will do the same for this. There will be a lot of exciting incentives for those who donate. Much, much more information will be posted in the near future.

I hope you guys are as excited as I am! Also, check back next week for the next chapter of Project O. Happy New Year!
One of the final teaser images I did for the comic, back in November of 2013. This time Penny looks more like she does in the comic. You'll also notice the presence of characters yet to be introduced. It erroneously states the comic would be starting in January, but I needed more time to get things together for it (it started in February instead).
Another piece done to help promote the series on my other web sites before it started--this one was primarily a test for how I wanted the colors to look, and you can see the characters' appearances were still evolving. That's Penny's older brother Robbie in the bottom right.
The comic will start back up the first full week of January 2015. Until then, I'll be posting some art that was done for the series, before it started.

This particular piece was done in 2013 as a teaser image, and posted on various social media sites. SInce the comic was still in the planning stages, characters looked a bit different than they do now. Penny originally had short hair; Nikki's hair changed as well. The other two ladies featured in this will be showing up in the comic a bit later.