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Worlds Apart

Unable to cope at college and plagued by black wisps when unhappy or stressed, Avery runs away to London with his younger brother Richey . There they briefly stay with their protective older brother Alan who is distracted by his final exams, and meet a motley crew of individuals. Avery finds himself attracted to gorgeous, doe eyed Callum and Richey becomes enamoured by the aqua-haired Anwen. However Avery still sees the Black clouds, in fact they might even be getting worse, and Richey's migraines start to get more and more severe.

Meanwhile Jack, Kay and Dale are stuck with each other, unhappy together but helpless to do anything about it until desperation forces Kay's hand...

Worlds Apart is kind of a real life fantasy with a tiny bit of romance, a smigeon of humour and a lot of nastiness thrown in. It starts off light but it will get dark and violent in places.

Worlds Apart contains m/m sex as well as other mature themes, violence and a lot of swearing. Also, Trigger Warning for rape. It will be as least graphic as possible, but it will happen.

I update every 3 days, although I occasionally do early updates just for fun.

Recent Comments

@Estiveo: They all like a drink. Some more than others.
@Quadrant: The don't behave like that because they're working class, though. Reece and Avery, Richey and Alan are all working class too and their families aren't like Owen's. (Neither is mine!)

The only middle class characters are Joey, and Dale. And yeah, then there's Callum the aristocrat.
@sstogner1: Yep, you got it. :)
@Quadrant: Why Owen's family of course!

I told them where to sit.
@Quadrant: I'd have to agree, as someone who is also working class, I wouldn't find myself or most of my family associating with people like Owen's family
Judging by the flushed faces, It looks like Owen's substance abuse issues may be hereditary.
So... as classist as this may sound, even coming from a working class background, I'm not sure his family are ones I'd associate myself with and given his expression, though it could also be added grief on his face from An, it's clear he doesn't see completely eye to eye and it's no surprise him and Anwen left. Probably recognised they needed a change of surroundings before they got dragged down a bad path or something.

On a side note, I like how the hair came out on this page.
Who the fuck turns up to a funeral wearing trackies and who wears massive loops to a funeral?

That some grade A seating arrangement by the boys though. :P
Owen seems to be behaving himself...who were those two? Mom and sister?
@JesBelle: I actually saw that in a show once, except it was the priest's bad-boy brother who was the victim
@JesBelle: If it's a Catholic priest that's probably not too far from the truth :P
That sounds like a night out in a lot of towns.

Be surprised what you can do for friends.
Mmm it's got that sinister and bucolic vibe. Like a murder mystery where we think it's the priest's bad-boy brother who did it, but it turns out it was the priest himself all along.
dat church. Is it zombie movie now?))
@I likea his haira: Nope. Reece and Kay are two completely separate people. Different hair colour, different eye colour, different personalities. Different accents. Different parents. And Kay is dead. XD
Also Reece washes his hair every day.
@Darkenadel: Ha ha! He got a couple.
It is so perty
Reece's hair looks really Kay-ish in that last panel. Not a sign of fates to come is it?
@Biscuit: you're cruel come oooon.
Aww, looks like Avery got brownie points with Reese.
@nirra: His hearts in the right place.