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Worlds Apart

Unable to cope at college and plagued by black wisps when unhappy or stressed, Avery runs away to London with his younger brother Richey . There they briefly stay with their protective older brother Alan who is distracted by his final exams, and meet a motley crew of individuals. Avery finds himself attracted to gorgeous, doe eyed Callum and Richey becomes enamoured by the aqua-haired Anwen. However Avery still sees the Black clouds, in fact they might even be getting worse, and Richey's migraines start to get more and more severe.

Meanwhile Jack, Kay and Dale are stuck with each other, unhappy together but helpless to do anything about it until desperation forces Kay's hand...

Worlds Apart is kind of a real life fantasy with a tiny bit of romance, a smigeon of humour and a lot of nastiness thrown in. It starts off light but it will get dark and violent in places.

Worlds Apart contains m/m sex as well as other mature themes, violence and a lot of swearing. Also, Trigger Warning for rape. It will be as least graphic as possible, but it will happen.

I update every 3 days, although I occasionally do early updates just for fun.

Recent Comments

Richey will need some grief counselling perhaps to help him get over this.

Avery can't keep him there though.
So next time I have a migraine, and I'm thinking things can't possibly get worse...
@nirra: But he failed his driving test!!! It's painful! XD
@Biscuit: no its coz its always painful shit going on there
@Quadrant: Richey would never kill Anwen, he really loves her. Richey wouldn't deliberately kill any one, it's not in his nature. He's not the type to default to suicide either, no matter how bad things get. (Now Avery, that's another story...)

The light bulb was early on: It will have happened more than once but I didn't feel the need to put them all in the comic. The broken kettle is mentioned but I honestly don't remember when now, and it was in casual conversation. I like to stick important stuff in casual conversational dialogue.

And sometimes I also like to distract readers with a popular culture reference so that they miss the significant thing and comment on the pokemon reference instead. Muah haha haahahahaahhahaha etc.

You remember the window, right?
@raephium: I wonder too.

(No I don't. I know! XD )
@Quadrant: You are so right. Richey is very worried. He shares a room with his bro after all.

They do both have problems and they do try to open up, but neither really believe they have 'powers' because it's so unlikely. Or at least Richey began to realise after the pigeon incident, but suspected no-one would believe him. (I know if I told people I'd done something like that they'd be recommending a psychiatric referral.)

Avery still has his head in the clouds. He doesn't even know he smashed that door because Callum got it fixed straight away. And the recent incident where he threw Joe one handed is just a depressed dark blur in his mind that he doesn't really remember.

The brothers are honest with one another, and the page where Richey tells Avery what he did has gone out now, but Avery doesn't believe it. Like Richey suspected, no one will think it's possible.
@JesBelle: He does and... what do you think? XD
@Evilfilia: He is. He feels so guilty.
@nirra: Nah, Owen has no idea that Richey can explode stuff with his mind. It's not the most logical conclusion to draw. He accepts the doctors verdict.
@Quadrant: Owen is so unpredictable that sometimes, he likes Reece being there but other times he hates it and will yell at Reece, or hit him. Reece doesn't know if he's coming or going half the time.

Owen has no reason to beat Richey up right now. He doesn't know that Richey has Carrie/Tetsuo/brain powers.
I mean... not that Owen needs a reason...
@sstogner1: I know, right? :( He's gutted.
@Auldr: Oh wow thanks for the saying that. It's good to know that I'm doing things right with my writing.
@I likea his haira: Is that some band or other? I have never heard of them.
@nirra: I'm sad about Anwen too. But...
@SkyWithFluffyclouds: >sob<
@Quadrant: I made him fail on that because that's one of the things I failed on, of the many times I failed my test, so it was better than me making something up.
If you touch the white lines in the middle of the road they can fail you. I like to think Jack was reversing around the corner on a very narrow road, and that it was the manoeuvre he practiced the least.

I was also told that there is a quota and only so many people are allowed to pass in a month, so form your own opinion on the unfairness of that one.

Jack also has many worries and distractions constantly running through his angry little head. However, SPOILERS he *will* pass next time.
@nirra: None at all? I didn't know the interludes caused you pain. Is it cuz you don't like them?
@AngryAngel: Jade's upbringing was ok. It wasn't perfect. Jade's mother does seem okay, but sometimes grandparents treat their grandkids differently to how they treated their own kids. Not that Jade was badly treated.

But Jack's nana isn't ideal either, she swearing in front of Jack and calling his mother stupid in his earshot, but then nana is understandably very upset.
@Quadrant: Jade isn't involved with the gang, nope.