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Cly's Dumping Ground of Extra Miscellany

Everyone else was doing it - this is basically a place for extra stuff.

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Oh hey I finally moved this over here.

The months are, perhaps obviously, based on their respective gemstones. Daima = April = diamond, for example.
On one hand, the current-as-of-this-writing KDLA arc should not have lasted nearly this long, but on the other hand, the time spent gave me easy access to this sort of Star Allies joke.
Two Face: Check it out! I'm the most obscure Kirby enemy to show up in Star Allies!

Buu-Robo: Hold my beer.

(I'm sorry for memeing instead of finishing KDLA pages)
So while I was playing Stage 4-3 in Dreamland 3 to script out the page, I discovered this secret area. It's past the normal exit, you can walk through the top of the wall.

Unfortunately, Layer 3 and my bad timing covered up Kirby and one of the Batamons partially, and since it's an autoscrolling room I couldn't wait for a better time. But I didn't want to play through that whole stage yet again.
Oh hey what could this be for.

But yes - following the unique designs for the earlier Dark Matters, I've made designs for the ones set to appear in the current KDLA arc as well. What's noteworthy is that I took the time to design them for their own sake, not necessarily connected to the bosses that they may end up possessing.

Dark Purple was designed around the Stone power. He's sorta like a ball-and-chain, if the ball were a semi-jagged rock with a triangle eye.
The only context strictly necessary here is that Touhou is a shmup series.

That said, there is a little more context as to what prompted this.
Months after the arc started, and only now I'm getting this up. Merry Christmas, I guess.

This is for the sixth arc, Less Than Three. And already it's got way more going on in it than any of the prior banners.

...And yet I got this up exactly as the site update rendered banners much less visible.
Whoops. I made this last week for Tumblr but forgot I could put it here too.

Specifically, the 7th of October was both the anniversary of the US release for Pokemon Black 2 and White 2... and the release date for Paper Mario: Color Splash. As such, I blew the dust off some old vector files and tweaked this Paper Mario-styled Rosa to her current state, even throwing it a few variants! A TTYD variant, a Color Splash variant, and one that's sort of a mix of the two.

Also the Luigi hat. That's just I think a think I put for self-use-avatar purposes.

Also also Color Splash is pretty dang great.
@CapedLuigisYoshi: Eh, good enough. None of it's canon anyway so I guess it doesn't matter. (pun intended)
@Nashew: I guess.

Though you could still say there's a thematic connection - Dark Swordsmith did state that he was the acting leader of the Dark Matter collective. (No telling if that's as self-declared a title as Dedede's.)
@CapedLuigisYoshi: Yeah, but they're generally themed around them. Dark Aqueous is water-themed.
@Nashew: You mean aside from the... whatever you call the part of his robe with the zigzaggy pattern? That is yellow and red according to official art, like Dedede's? :P

But actually, none of them are meant to really look that much like their possessees. Like, Dark Aqueous isn't a fish, for example.
Sweet designs.

Only problem is, the Dark Swordsmith was the one that possessed Dedede but his design isn't related to Dedede at all. =P
So this is the result of me wondering - we know what the true form of Dark Matter looks like, but what if the individuals of them had their own specialized designs like Dark Swordsmith? And so we have this sketch.

Dark Dizzy is the one who possessed <s>the Dizzy Tree</s> Whispy Woods. He looks the closest to the true form, on account of his relatively low power level, but it's a little different. What I didn't convey as well as I'd like was that the bits coming off the main body are actually intended to be flower-like petals.

Dark Herder has a fancy hat and a lasso. Not quite as cowboyish a hat as I wanted, but it looks fine. Of note is that the loop at her lasso's end is the bit accented with color.

Dark Aqueous is primarily based on Morpha, of course. I at least went with a weird sort of hollow-looking pupil for her.

Dark Frigid is sort of designed like a weird fat bird. I just sorta thought about it after drawing the ice crystals on their back.

Dark Twilight is a neat design, I think. Sun-like rays around his main body, and then the "hands" shaped like crescent moons.

Dark Engine is sort of simple, but I do like the idea of just the one gear, bizarrely off-center and rotating through her quasi-cuboid body.

Dark Swordsmith was obviously not designed by me.
(Whoops should've uploaded this yesterday. Had it finished and all, just forgot to post it here.)

So, here's a piece I did to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Rhythm Heaven series, going by the 8/3/06 release date of the original Japan-only GBA entry. I tried to include just about everything I could think of - all the mascot characters from the most recent entry, something for every single unique stage across all four games, and even a few endless stages here and there.

And, of course, the most recent entry (Rhythm Heaven Megamix) has been out in the US for the past month and a half, on the eShop. It's fun! Of course I would think so, I'm the one who took a week and a half doodling this, but still, I highly recommend it, whether you're new to the series or not!
This is basically a sheet of all the stuff I put together myself for use in the most recent arc of KDLA. Some of it is edits to existing stuff, some of it is just use of tilesets, and a few things here are actually partially or completely custom! It's all haphazardly slapped in here, which is better than before when they were in like a dozen separate files.
And now she's finally appeared in KA, so I can make this public!

More fun facts: I did plan at one point to have Pinkledoo be the cameo character, buuut that didn't really work with what little Ulti did tell me about the role.

Maybe he would've worked okay with the changed plan we've been getting. Who knows.
It was either this or Kirby Galaxy Warp 2 2.

Anyway, here's an April Fool's page! And yet it could technically be considered canon with KDLA proper. Portals and stuff.

The game this is based is called VVVVVV, an indie platformer where the idea is that instead of jumping, your character flips gravity. The specific location is one of the most infamous from the game, where the presence of that one block forces the player to go all the way up through a six-screen gauntlet of insta-death spikes and back again to get that shiny trinket.
This banner was used for KDLA during April Fool's Day of 2016.

I've already gotten into the practice of alliteration due to the many, many page titles of KDLA that are such, so this was fun to name. And better yet, it's in the fifth arc currently, meaning that it could be considered Arc V!
Oh hey it's an extra bit for a remake page, that's new.

I'm pretty sure I saw this joke somewhere else before, but I cannot remember where at all.