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Follow the adventures of young, naive Khajiit mage and her loyal Housecarl in the harsh lands of Skyrim.

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Awesome art!
This one quite enjoyed reading the comic about khajiit stories and hopes there will be more some day. :3
when fanfic is better than original work
That awkward moment to realize that the game does not allow much freedom - it is static and always will be the same. This comic series is better than the game itself. The drawing is beautiful and unique.

I also like Winterhold College and I wish you could draw few stories about it. The College is not well exposed/told about inside this game.

Killing khajiit enemies was of course a big disappointment at beginning too, but the game will never improvise however - thieves will always try to rob you, random enemy NPCs will spawn occasionally, and bandit camps will have random khajiit bandits too. For some, illusion tricks may work, but others are made in-game a higher level than you for no reason. By the end I left it with feeling that everything is scripted and annoying and you cannot overcome that. A sad feeling BTW. It killed my wish to play this game again.

And Inigo is a great friend. He is just nice despite the alien voice sounding in front of localized voices, and his story is truly incredible. smartbluecat invested a good amount into him, and it is only reason maybe to play Skyrim again for me. A moment when he spent his looted gold to trade with Ri'saad to buy me health/magicka potions was what I wanted that *every* NPC could allow himself to do, including companions and housecarls. Don't know however where he gets the looted gold since I was always gold hungry, and by the end, without cheating, I could buy all homes in Skyrim for my 400k scattered around.
I hope you’ll continue this comic soon, it’s real cool!
June 25th, 2018
@Wolf Davidson: Uhm sure, you can share my comics as long as you credit me back. Also my dA account is more up to date than Smackjeeves (although I'm on hiatus now) -
I've been an Inigo fan since SBC made him. This was an excellent comic and I'm a little old for them, lol. Like all things Inigo I found this link on Inigo's fan page. I'm glad I did. Makes me want to make a new Hero.
Hi SkadiErendra;

I went hunting for the author of the two cartoons a member of my FB group Friends of Inigo shared that he'd found elsewhere; and he had no idea who created them -

I'm glad you were easy to find; your cartoons are delightful :)

I am also very glad that I was not eating or drinking anything while reading!

I'm going back to add attributions now to those posts; however, I was not able to find what YOUR preferences are for your work being shared elsewhere.

Please let me know; if you prefer them not being shared, I will delete them from the group and let the group members know.

Also, if you are on FB, you are very welcome to join the group "Friends of Inigo"
Asa (Guest)
February 18th, 2018
What a coincidence
@NekoMaster: my name is Asa weird coincidence.
mew =3
Cant wait
I cant wait to see what happens next...
Great comic so far.
Great Comic! Hope to see more!
I really enjoyed reading this comic over the last couple of years.

I hope there will be more. This Comic actually inspired me to make my own female Khajiit mage, a silver haired immortal Battle Mage Khajiit who really likes books :P

Thanks for the fun and I hope to see more in the future :)

- NekoMaster
@SkadiErendra: Ahhh I wasn't aware there was a contest.
@Noob : yes I actually made a contest about finding out which quest it was back on my deviantArt page ;)
I didn't know
Well I just found out that story line was part of/inspired by side quest in the actual game oO.
Thank you for the chapter, lookin' forward to the next time when you have the chance to start it!
That's it, the final part of The Bravest! Thanks for sticking around everyone. See you next time!
An udpate
Yay new kitty fun, plus a big ass hamma!
Happy to see the update. Can't wait to see whom they 'annoy' or impress next.
I miss that spell... thats why I miss lydia, my loyal snarky pack mule
September 5th, 2017
Nothing sucks quite like being 1 point over capacity...
Even the dadric prince had to laugh at that hammerfall
Sorry for the long wait guys. Got some technical and health issues along the way :/