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This series is a continuation of the well-known series Bar'd. It occurs in a parallel universe to the original, but is completely canon and may involve direct cross-overs with the original.


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At the very least it was a brisk walk.
You had a good run.

Well at least you had a run.

I guess.

Kind of.
this is teh short version bcoz teh stoodio thort my 1st 1 woz 2 complikatd
we shud du sumthing about 2 littl pollution it iz killing teh futor

sign teh petition below:

dejero owns the bar he does not always strip
that was a close one
plot holes r scaree
August 9th, 2014
shut up trey
omg u r totes stopping his rites he had rites from teh 823sth ammendment
trey talks about wot he iz scared of
I forget which are the good guys with guns and which are the bad guys with guns
So this is a one
@broblade12: i like all the comics
bar'd 2 is my faveourit tho
Talking animals r stupid
Omg that was way overline
i am stil duin nu comics an they wont b redy 4 a wile so here is a fanfic it is not canon cuz this is not vas this is NotVas