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by Hulk_Smash
Chances are your life is lacking a feminist manifesto against the expectation that women procreate! Fix that by reading "Tied."
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Chances are your life is lacking a feminist manifesto against the expectation that women procreate! Fix that by reading "Tied."


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Elise (Guest)
April 4th, 2014
This comic is awesome
This is kinda my little 'struggle' (struggle makes it sound way more depressing than it is)
I like kids. I think I want to have one or maybe two of my own someday..
But I'm also kickass at my studies, and hopefully my future job. And I love to sleep whenever I can. And I love to randomly plan trips, and doing whatever I want on those trips, without anyone giving a damn.
Maybe I should just get a lot of cats. Or adopt 'older' kids who I can leave home alone every now and then. Or I have to find a guy who wants to be a house-dad so I can pursue a career. But whenever I voice these options I get a reaction similar to 'If you're not all-in, you shouldn't get kids at all'

In any case, it is super interesting to read about your story about your decision :D I'll be waiting with anticipation for the rest of it!
Have her go on the pill
Why not have her go on the pill?
Liz (Guest)
March 31st, 2014
As a high school student, I attend a very poor school. One with a bit of weed-dealing, a large number of in-school arrest and detentions, many gang members, and if you guess it, a bunch of pregnant or already-mother teens. I walk down the halls of my school and I swear, in one out of 3 days of the week, I see about 10 pregnant girls. And when I pass by the daycare on the first floor (yeah, the school has a daycare. It's THAT bad here), I see over 20 little babies from newborn to toddler in there. And these girls that get pregnant? Sometimes they're older than me, yeah, but mostly, they're just one or two or even three years younger than me. It's just so crazy.
I just want to tell you that I completely understand you. And in some way, agree with you. Being a mom is such a huge step in a female's life, especially bearing our own kids. Over millions of years before you and I were even born, we supposedly had a "traditional role in life." We were "meant" to have the kids, keep the house tidy, not worry our pretty little head about the world, not have a say in anything, shit like that. I don't go at least two days before someone mentions of how delicate a girl is or what rights a woman has in our government.
Your full choice and complete right to not be a mom should be praised and okayed with, not rejected or casted off as some phase you're going through. Only you should have a say in any part of your life, not some people who are baby-crazy. (yeah, I met those kind. They started arguing the shit of themselves when I told them my plans in life.) And about that part of not having them but working around them and liking it, that completely exist. My friend Dalia, who's not in anyway a teenage mom, thank God, loves her little niece who she takes care many times and wants to work with kids someday. But she has the complete guts to say it straight up and not dress it up that she refuses to have kids of her own. Taking care of her niece makes her tired and sometimes sick of babies and childbirth freaks the fuck out of her. I respect her and love her so much.
Since I'm a girl with very fertile parts (regrettedly), I have plans for my future too. Really huge plans. And some days, I'm so scared that one day, something would come along to ruin my chances to get the fuck out of this town. No, I'm not having any sex or whatever. Because of my full belief in my plans, I refuse to ruin this with just meaningless sex or being in some relationship. And I have a slight fear in childbirth too. But later on in life, when I'm about 40 or 50, I'll want to adopt some little kids. Maybe teenagers. I mean, they need a parent too, right? Of course, maybe I should like one child of my own biological coding but after I'm done with my career. And I refuse to be a housewife. I refuse to live the "standard role" people have set us in. I want to work and to smoke my cigarettes and be out in the evening and to also sleep as much as I want. Yeah, traveling would be nice too. And I want to move out of the states. I can't tell you how much I want to leave my town.
My mom became a mom at a young age of 19. She had to quit school and never attend college because she had to stay at home taking care of us. She has 5 kids, including me. My dad didn't really like my mom that much and so worked alot and went out alot too. But my mom wasn't given that luxury. When they divorced, my mom got custody of us and had to be both a mother and work two jobs. One day, I asked her what she wanted to be or what career she wished for. She just blinked and said that she doesn't remember. Another day, I asked her if she will go back to get her GED and go to college when we all leave the house. She said she is too old for school and goes back to doing her cooking. To be blunt, she is mainly the reason why I refuse to make the same mistake of being a mom too early and not following my dreams. I mean, I love my mom sometimes but looking at her... it's like looking into a mirror of if I was as stupid as her. And we actually have the same face so it's just so terrible.
Maybe you have the same relationship as you and your mom and maybe she just wants the same for you because as we all know "a mother knows best", right? I told my mom my plans and she got a bit scared of not being a grandmom through me. Somedays, I think my mom idolize me more than my other siblings. I'm the one that's going somewhere and the one with the drive to do things. My sisters; one has sex with guys that don't give a shit about her and the another one is already a housewife minus the kid. My mom looks to me to be intelligent, to give strong advice, to be a strong and gifted young woman. It's nice to see that she wants the best for me but I look at the woman in my family and I'm just so scared shitless of ending up like them. I'm almost going to gaduate high school. I'm going to have to pick my colleges and my majors and soon and hopefully move out of my childhood home. Somedays, I just want that day to finally come and to get out of this shithole. To finally be my dreams and to know the downfalls and the perks of being an adult on my own.
I'm sorry if this is a bit of a long coment and such, but you don't know how many times I've wished for media like this to finally exist. Just in short, I honestly agree with you and go nuts as you go off being an adult without kids. And have a nice long nap at your afternoons.

Jay (Guest)
March 26th, 2014
Thank you!
Thank you for not continuing your genetics :D
March 15th, 2014
The format you're using is excellent! The comic style does entertain the reader, but having panels that only consist of paragraphs of course helps tell the story.
I really do love the topic this comic is about. It's very interesting and controversial whenever a woman discusses simply the idea of not reproducing, and is even more heated when she takes surgical action to guarantee she cannot whatsoever. It's unfortunate female reproduction is made to be a public discussion where the actual woman in question's wants are disregarded.
I have a lot of respect for your decision and look forward to the next page! :)
March 5th, 2014
I'm a guy who had a vasectomy at age 23. Never regretted it. People in my family didn't understand it but I didn't really care... :)
March 2nd, 2014
Is this a story or reproductive rights?