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Stupid short comics about two stupid guys.


Recent Comments

July 17th, 2014
Sorry for the wait!
Enjoy this...thing I guess... *rolls away*
July 2nd, 2014
Obviously a doubt about it...yup....
July 1st, 2014
Welcome all new readers~
Finally found some time to deliver a new page.

Next time we will finally see what is behind the door!
(or will we...)
June 12th, 2014
@Biscuit: Indeed, indeed~ ahhh the choices one needs to make...

I probably keep this one on first page for awhile...seeing as it is my 'flakey, practicing, sketchy-comic'.

Thank you for your input~

OH! YES! Lloyd is just a sweetheart~
And indeed Chad is that as well!
Ah... BFF's are wonderful -shot-
June 12th, 2014
Lloyd is the best at making funny jokes~
Such an innocent soul~
June 12th, 2014
ooh, i don't know. First page is annoying cuz I already read it but latest page is annoying cuz maybe I haven't yet read it.
I guess it's up to you. I have my comic set to latest just because the latest pages are more into the story and have better art XD.

Like your comic Lloyd is sweet and Chad is a torment!
June 2nd, 2014
Question time!
At the moment I have set the comic so that if you click it, it will take you to the start…BUT do you people like that?

Or would you prefer it would take you to the latest pages?

Just something I was wondering.
May 31st, 2014
May 28th, 2014
Such foul words!

Also...30 fans?!

Hello new people~
Hope you enjoy the ride.
May 26th, 2014
@Biscuit: Thank you! I shall try to add more stupid faces. ;)

@Mechanicalpenguin: Aw! Thank you! That's so kind! Also surprising to hear you could regonise my artsy stuff. xD
May 24th, 2014
I was all like, "Hey, this art style is oddly familiar..." Then I realized it was you.

(+1 fan!) These guys are funny.
May 24th, 2014
I like the stupid faces, they're funny.
May 24th, 2014
This page is so unnecessary...
But it is a good excuse to draw stupid faces...
I simply couldn't resist
May 22nd, 2014
Lloyd... you can never just open a door!
Don't you know about the dangers? : o !
May 21st, 2014
Another page!
I shall try to finish this short story soon.
April 18th, 2014
Sorry for the long wait!
I got the flu…
and when that passed so did my motivation. -shot-
March 17th, 2014
I came back to upload the next page... 17 followers? haha nice!
Welcome all.
Enjoy this... thing...

I can't promise this will make much sense, but I will try!
March 17th, 2014
@zacksims123: It happens more often then one might think... maybe... ; )
oh my god
March 13th, 2014
'Aight! Let's do this~