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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon : "Dream" Team Saga

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon : "Dream" Team Saga

by #403
In times of need, humans are sent to the Pokémon world to save it ... That's the case for most Pokémon Mystery Dungeon stories.

This story is no different, as a human-turned-Shinx is thrown in this world, with no memories, and with only his name and belief that he's a human ... or was a human.

But ...

Unlike most heroes, he's a complete idiot.

Yep, this world's doomed.

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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon : "Dream" Team Saga

In times of need, humans are sent to the Pokémon world to save it ... That's the case for most Pokémon Mystery Dungeon stories.

This story is no different, as a human-turned-Shinx is thrown in this world, with no memories, and with only his name and belief that he's a human ... or was a human.

But ...

Unlike most heroes, he's a complete idiot.

Yep, this world's doomed.


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June 8th, 2018
Ok I'm like months late to the scene but I'm here to show my support! I've watched you grow in progress from the beginning and I'm so amazed by the way your writing has evolved! I know you'll do great whatever you decide!
It has to be some sort of challenge.
How do you type that much?
@M.W: you...are so mean.
I know you might not read this but your story inspires me to make one,it is truly amazing.Someday, I wanna make one like yours.
When is the absol coming?
I’m noticing a pattern with the spelling of Ammy’s’s spelt “Zoroua” not “Zoura”. I don’t mean to sound rude, just wanted to help clarify...I am a self-titled Pokémon Professor.
I’m noticing something now of all times....this seems like a time after a certain comic I know that has a human and Pokémon war.....
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Mitigation anyone? Because this story COULD take place after that war...but Mitigation isn’t finished, just a thought...
I will miss dream team saga, but I will accept it, I'll be looking for your new work when you do it, also I really appreciate it because I loved dream team saga
@#403 I appreciate you not deleting this comic, because I want to keep reading it because your characters are so humorous and inspiring, thank you so much for everything over the years!
why is there a different colored houndour in the top right you spoon

wow look at how supportive I am 10/10 comment
Jk I said what I wanted to say in our call tonight and it would be weird to suddenly go typing it all out when you already know what I say and think and that I support you :3
March 26th, 2018
bad image source
March 26th, 2018
BtV will be posted on a different site?
By that do you mean not Smackjeeves?!
Oh you guys won’t be disappointed the new one is going to be so much better
Like for example remember DTS Crystal the bland old eevee
He’s writing BTV Crystal so much better, in my opinion, she’s so much more interesting!
Seriously we were RPing once, to help practice thinking in the minds of our characters in preparation for our new comics, and the new Crystal he’s written out was so much more fun to play with!
Not to mention all the bonds and themes and my gosh BTV is already off to a better start than DTS, thanks to 403’s improved skill
You fans likely won’t be disappointed! :D
And you likely won’t be disappointed either once you get really into writing it, Jackie
Don’t deny it >:3

But yeah, I’m glad you finally got the courage to say this! You go!
Silly Taco you can't improve Quartz
But Maze...
ehhh...*attacked by Maze*


I have a question
What's up with them
tell meeeeee

Does Registeel commit suicide in the end ;^;
I must know

And if you could PM me a basic plotline of the comic it would totally boost our friendship or something kyek
*sidles up to pedestal so she's really loud*
congrats fren
it's a fantabulous story don't kid yourself
The world needs more Quartz

(And Registeel needs that tea party)
(So I'mma jump in there and break out the Earl Grae)
March 26th, 2018
If anyone, who just read through DTS or has been a longtime fan, has ANY questions about DTS (which can be spoiler related, I have no problem discussing what was planned to happen) or the reboot/successor, go ahead and ask them here!

To go ahead and state some information about the latter ...

>Pretty much every main character in DTS will be in BtV, or in the least, serve as the basis for another. I want to make it so that you don't have to say goodbye to any of the pieces of cardboard that I call characters that you may have liked XD
Obviously, I'm going to rewrite some so that they're better, but Quartz and Maze, aka the two characters that everyone seemed to like, are going to be pretty alike how they were before, just (hopefully) written better

>BtV's plot will be completely different from the plot of DTS, and it's not going to be a PMD comic as well

>I have no ETA on when BtV will begin, but I'll try to post some updates on that if needed
Very little written planning has been so far, and most of what I've done is large scale brainstorming and discussion with my girlfriend XD

>This site won't be deleted nor will the pages, and BtV will be posted on a separate site
I just can't let go of the memories, okay????

I think that's all for now, so if any of you have any questions, go ahead and shoot! ^^
Once again, and for the final time, thank you all so much.
You've been a great community ^^
March 26th, 2018
It's been almost a year since I've done any work regarding DTS.
The news post that I posted all the way back then still kinda wraps up what's been going on since then ...

And in all honesty, I don't know where I want, wanted, or planned to go with DTS at the moment, or even in the long run of it.
I just don't have any motivation for it.

After a pretty long period of thinking about it, I've thought about rebooting DTS.

It's not particularly a decision I'm 100% happy with, but I think it's for the best.

Personally, and hypocritically, I would always dread seeing when someone deleted/rebooted their comic, especially if I've been invested in it for quite a long period time ...
And when I first started EOD/DTS, I always vowed and promised that I would never do that ...

So again, I'm definitely conflicted on the issue.
In the end though, I've grown as both a spriter and a writer.
I have so much potential for crafting a better story ...

While I am content with DTS, as I said before, I don't want to be railroaded to a plot point, climax, or conclusion because of the decisions I made when I was younger and less skilled ...
I know people enjoy DTS, but I want to further entertain people with a better story, as well as not disappoint anyone.

I've thought about this for a long time, and once again, I've been so conflicted over it, but I believe that it's the better choice in the long run ...

... So let's start anew, should we?...
I'm (somewhat) happy to officially announce DTS' spiritual successor of sorts: "By the Victors".
I hope to see you all there, whenever I get off my lazy butt and start on that and whatnot X'D
March 26th, 2018
<s> ... I know this is kinda dumb, but I had no other ideas :'3 But yes, this has EVERY character plus all background characters (minus cameos) in it. I've spent way too long on this XD </s>

tl:dr - Thank you guys so much for where you've gotten EOD/DTS and where you've gotten me! You have all seriously changed my life, and I am beyond thankful for it.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------

It was over 4 years ago when I started what was originally known as Explorers of Dreams, and it has been a (mostly) wonderful time since then ...
I've made friends, I've learned lots of new things, and I even gotten a lover somehow ... ^^"
All because of this silly little comic and all of you guys ...
So thank you all ... Really, thank you.
Your continued support and enjoyment of this comic is what's gotten me this far, so thank you all so much.

From Day 1, I never imagined I would get this far. I never really expected it all to work out.
But I did keep going because people enjoyed this, for whatever reasons they had XD
I remembered that only minutes after posting the first page, I had two fans and one of them (warriorcats1000, who I sadly think isn't on the site anymore) commented, which, while normal to others, was an absolute and wonderful surprise for me.
... And now, 4 years later, I have over 100 fans and so much more.
It's kind of a dream come true to me, in some way.
While 100 isn't as high as 200 or 1,000, the amount of fans other comics get, 100 is still a 100.

A pretty important quote to me (if you know who it is, wow, only wow) can be applied to this ...
"They’ll say, oh, this video only got 100 views. That’s huge! Imagine you’re standing on a pedestal with 100 people listening to what you have to say about a videogame. That’s awesome."
While this is about Let's Plays, I believe the same can be said about comicmaking, or really any form of entertainment.
Imagining that 100+ people were/are listening to me telling this story that I started creating when I was only 12 is amazing in my eyes.
100 individual people, standing in front of me.
All listening.
It's truly a source of inspiration to me.
And truthfully, for anyone else who has comics or plans to make one, I hope you find a similar source of inspiration.

In the end, I'm happy.
I'm happy and content with my work.
I know it's far from the best, and honestly, the first half is really, really bad ...But I wrote when I was 12 - 13.
And while I'm sure other 12 - 13 years could write better, I did mine with minimum writing skills. no spriting skills, and pretty much no plan.
Nothing but hope and devotion XD
Yet, I got this far, and I'm happy with that.
Even if this was just a small step in the grand scheme of things, I'm happy I took the step.
I'm happy I made this comic and what it has all done for me can't really be summed up in words.

... At this point, I think I might as well just wrap this up with one final thank you, as I'd rather not waste your guys' time with a large, convoluted, and messy wall of text ^^"

So thank you all.
Thank you to all those who fanned.
Thank you to all those commented.
Thank you to all those who supported and reassured me.
Thank you to all those who gave me hope.
Thank you to all those who drew fanart. (i know this is kinda breaking the mood and tone, but really!!!! Thank you M.W, Wiisp, and Mid!)

And special thanks to Midnight, my love, and Wiisp, my great friend and pretty much first person I regularly talked to, who helped shared their own love of DTS, among all the other things they've done for me.

In the next page, I'll detail what will happen in the coming future ...
Vaporeon is cool
February 27th, 2018
When reading the title I thought of mario and Luigi dream team
<s>when will you finally make By the Victors you spoon</s>